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  1. S, where stars of the stage were born. Tony himself, in dress clothes and top, hat , sang his ballads, a gallant trouper introducing Lillian Russell and others to
  2. Anime on DVD wonders if this was head writer" Konaka's attempt to throw his, hat ,into the ring for creating one of the most confusing and oblique endings of any
  3. Playing a guitar and singing. His wavy black hair is partly covered by a black, hat ,tipped at a rakish angle. He wears a striped flannel work shirt. His black
  4. They said they had then cut out the cardboard figures and supported them with, hat ,pins, disposing of their props in the beck once the photograph had been taken.
  5. On the admission of a candidate by secretly placing a white or black ball in a, hat , If upon the completion of voting, there was even one black ball amongst the
  6. Record is held by Jimmy O'Connor, an Irish player who notched up his, hat ,trick in 2 minutes 13 seconds in 1967. Between 1980 and 1984,Fulham rugby
  7. Kontos (or cavalry lance),and sword. They wore leather armor or mail and, hat , They were medium cavalry, rather than heavy cavalry. Furthermore, they were good scouts
  8. Step from one room to another, ( carrying a heavy chest) Charlie loses his, hat ,in one room then it is instantly back on his head as he goes into the next room
  9. However, the copula may optionally get omitted in colloquial language:, hat ,Ora (van)," it is six o'clock. " Hungarian uses a copula to say ITT van
  10. May have been the result of exposure to mercury, an element commonly used in, hat ,manufacturing. It is so well known for this side effect t hat it has given rise
  11. And dignity of a gentleman. Ar buckle contributed his father-in-law's bowler, hat ,('derby' ) and his own pants (of generous proportions). Chester Conklin
  12. Were scenes shot t hat appear in publicity stills of Edward Dogma with a hard, hat ,helping with the construction of his headquarters on Claw Island. This scene
  13. The horn of a dairy cow reclining by a stream, or the tip of a peasant's, hat ,are all caught in a bath of yellow ocher light. The richly varnished medium
  14. As" Cindy Lou," but Holly later changed it prior to recording as a tip of the, hat ,to Crickets drummer Jerry Allison's girlfriend (and future wife),Peggy Sue
  15. Previously required by CBS and NBC for his live audience shows (he preferred a, hat ,). He could also record short promotions for his latest investment, the world
  16. Prevent Wildfires" ) has been a symbol of preserving woodlands. Smokey wears a, hat ,similar to one worn by U. S. Forest Service rangers; state police officers in
  17. Of his sect by advising his disciples to locate a boy to inherit the black, hat , His instruction was based on the premise t hat Buddhist ideology is eternal
  18. On Casey's face.: And when, responding to the cheers, he lightly doffed his, hat ,: No stranger in the crowd could doubt 'twas Casey at the bat.: Ten thousand
  19. A shirt t hat hangs down to their knees. They also wear leather huaraches and a, hat ,decorated with ribbons. The women wear a red or blue skirt a short pupil as a
  20. Pope named a new cardinal, he would bestow upon him a distinctive wide-brimmed, hat ,called a Galeão. This custom has been discontinued, and the investiture now
  21. The other two clown types, sometimes wearing the ruffled collar and pointed, hat ,which typify the stereotypical" clown suit ". Character. The white face
  22. For Career Achievement (winner) Adrian Lamp is a threat analyst and" gray, hat ," hacker. He first gained media attention for breaking into several
  23. Granted prelates of the greater presidency the privilege of wearing a, hat ,with purple band, which right they hold even after they have ceased to be
  24. In Radiohead's Kid A (2000) album, writing single lines, putting them into a, hat , and drawing them out at random while the band rehearsed the songs. William S.
  25. He was called up mid-season to play 31 games with St. Louis. He scored three, hat ,tricks in those 31 games. In the 1978–79 NHL season, Federko developed into a
  26. Had three scenes in the film, including one in which he appeared with a straw, hat , He said," If I see anyone touch it,I'll knock his teeth in! " The teammates
  27. Least one dimension of the order one micrometer or smaller Other *Conical Asian, hat , a simple style of straw hat originating in East and Southeast Asia *Ice cream
  28. Boldsymbol) where \bold symbol is the force accelerating the object and the ", hat ," variables are unit direction vectors (\bold symbol points in the centrifugal
  29. The team leader is identified by two pieces of crossed tape on the hard, hat , * Safety Officer. Checks team members prior to deployment to ensure they are
  30. Toque (also spelled tuque or torque): a knitted winter hat . A similar, hat ,would be called a beanie in the western U. S. and a watch cap in the eastern U.
  31. Their bombed home, the smiling Queen, as always, immaculately dressed in a, hat ,and matching coat seemingly unbothered by the surrounding damage. It was at this
  32. Paradigm, as in the sentence Bitter travel EcoRI AIO (" The, hat ,fell from grandfather's head" ). Each verb t hat can be taken transitively
  33. Hanging in holsters like bandoliers; and stuck lighted matches under his, hat ,", the latter apparently to emphasize the fearsome appearance he wished to
  34. Teeth in! " The teammates convinced young Gehrig (Gary Cooper) to chew up the, hat ,; he got away with it. In the second scene, the players go to a restaurant
  35. Would use an image associated with their trade such as a boot, a suit,a, hat , a clock, a diamond, a horse shoe, a candle or even a bag of flour. Fruits and
  36. My proclamationand divide the proceeds thereof among the families of the wool, hat ,boys, the Confederate soldiers, whom these men forced into battle to protect
  37. On the left end of which stands a little angel wearing a priest's, hat ,and playing the violin. The Marcello family claimed ownership of the Metro
  38. Shoulders. He wore knee-length boots and dark clothing, topped with a wide, hat ,and sometimes a long coat of brightly-coloured silk or velvet. Johnson also
  39. Who have completed three hill races, and runners must carry waterproofs,a, hat , gloves and a whistle; anyone who has not reached the summit after two hours is
  40. Running shoes ". * Toque (also spelled tuque or torque): a knitted winter, hat , A similar hat would be called a beanie in the western U. S. and a watch cap in
  41. Beard and fearsome appearance; he was reported to have tied lit fuses under his, hat ,to frighten his enemies. After parting company with Marigold, Teach formed an
  42. Emberek a Harlan Anna," the people are in the house," and for stating time:, hat ,Ora van," it is six o'clock. " However, the copula may optionally get omitted
  43. And Hobbes (after the social philosopher Thomas Hobbes) as a" tip of the, hat ," to the political science department at Kenyon College. Early career In 1980
  44. Raided and seized The Private Sector BBS, which was the official BBS for gray, hat ,hacker quarterly 2600 Magazines at the time. The notorious Rusty n Edie's BBS
  45. Coolidge shaving in front of a mirror with nothing on but long underwear and a, hat , After a more formal introduction sometime later, the two were quickly
  46. S cap on arrival in the desert, he briefly wore an Australian broad-brimmed, hat ,before switching to wearing the black beret (with the badge of the Royal Tank
  47. One micrometer or smaller Other *Conical Asian hat , a simple style of straw, hat ,originating in East and Southeast Asia *Ice cream cone, an edible container in
  48. The cap worn with the Red Jerseys is the same color scheme as the standard game, hat ,but has a red A with a tomahawk across the A. Both home jerseys are worn with a
  49. Tiara offered to create a poem on the spot by pulling words at random from a, hat , Collage, which was popularized roughly contemporaneously with the Surrealist
  50. S04E01" Lord of the Flies ", At one point, Clark picks up a blue Buffalo Bills, hat ,with the Charging Buffalo emblem in the center and uses it to help disguise

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