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  1. ALC/VOL depending on year of release. Available from the distillery, from some, bottle ,shops in the Bundaberg region or by mail order in Australia. *Bundaberg Rum
  2. For over 1,000 years and is famous for its use of the Bocksbeutel wine, bottle , The production of wine forms an integral part of the regional culture, and
  3. Highest in Europe. Germany has imposed an extra duty of 0.80 to 0.90 euro per, bottle ,effective August 1,2004. To circumvent higher taxation, some German producers
  4. Will be pronounced as a syllabic consonant (as in the English words" butter, bottle ,bottom button" ). **When a doubled consonant occurs before another consonant (
  5. Paige Powell dropped a copy of Interview magazine, an Interview t-shirt, and a, bottle ,of the Esteem Lauder perfume" Beautiful" into the grave. Warhol was buried
  6. Kane and another man break into the room, while simultaneously the medicine, bottle ,and a glass with a spoon in it are in closeup in the foreground. The shot was
  7. Of whom reigned about 620 BCE. Israel is mentioned in an inscription on a, bottle ,found at Tel Iran, Jordan along with his son, King Amminadab II, who reigned
  8. 0.880" ) solutions can develop a significant pressure inside a closed, bottle ,in warm weather, and the bottle should be opened with care; this is not usually
  9. May be added. The resulting fermentation generates CO2 which is trapped in the, bottle , remaining in solution and providing natural carbonation. Cask conditioning
  10. Alcopops contain 1.4 to 1.5 units per bottle . For example, a regular 275ml, bottle , of WKD contains 1.4 units, whereas Bacardi Breeder and Smirnoff Ice both
  11. The" counter" spells out Y-E-S (or N-O) ): And you are it!: Ink in the, bottle , you stink!: Where did it come from? From you!: When did it happen? Last night!
  12. And served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide ". It is applied to, bottle ,conditioned and cask conditioned beers.; Pale Ale is a beer which uses
  13. Contain 20 % ABV or more, which is 15 units of alcohol per bottle . * A 750 ml, bottle ,of 14.5 % ABV wine contains 10.88 units. Fortified wines *A small glass (50 ml
  14. Zane reads a myth about mermaids being attracted to ambergris and purchases a, bottle ,of it. In the movie" Hannibal ", a film adapted from Thomas Harris' third
  15. Of these promotional programs are represented only on the 16 ounce aluminum, bottle ,container. However, many major league baseball and NFL teams in the United
  16. Made of brown leather,well-worn and contain a warm drink in a thermos and/or a, bottle ,of liquor. Bandy is most often played at outdoor arenas during winter time, so
  17. And sent them away. The two wandered the wilderness of Beersheba until her, bottle ,of water was completely consumed. In a moment of despair, she burst in tears.
  18. Now are largely replaced by synthetic glues. Casein are mainly used in glass, bottle ,labelling. Starch based adhesives are used in corrugated board production and
  19. Moving about and encountering all manner of morphing objects, such as a wine, bottle ,that transforms into a flower. There were also sections of live action where
  20. Are cleared of yeast by filtering when packaged in bottle s and cans. However, bottle ,conditioned beers retain some yeast—either by being unfiltered, or by being
  21. Of vessels, such as a glass, a beer stein, a mug, a pewter tankard, a beer, bottle ,or a can. The shape of the glass from which beer is consumed can influence the
  22. The bottle may be inverted prior to opening. Glass bottle s are always used for, bottle ,conditioned beers. Many beers are sold in cans, though there is considerable
  23. Vowels (as in butter, party ) and syllabic, though not before syllabic (, bottle ,vs button),as well as at the end of a word or morpheme before any vowel (
  24. Calves of dairy cows are reared artificially, being fed formula milk from a, bottle ,or bucket from soon after birth. Purebred female calves of dairy cows are
  25. In which a guitar is fretted with a knife blade or the sawed-off neck of a, bottle , The slide guitar became an important part of the Delta blues. The first blues
  26. Music was a 'Kitchen band ', which was composed of a fiddle, drum,spoon and, bottle , washboard, and possibly a harmonica or guitar. There is currently a band of
  27. To alveolar tap before unstressed vowels (as in butter, party ) and syllabic (, bottle ,), as well as at the end of a word or morpheme before any vowel (what else
  28. Numbered and Limited Release. Then released as standard non-limited release in, bottle ,shops,40.0 % ALC/VOL *2010 Bundaberg 100 Proof,50 % alcohol content, released
  29. States also promote 24 ounce cans marked with team logos. Bottle The Budweiser, bottle ,has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1876. The top label
  30. Discovered McTell playing in the street for quarters and enticed him with a, bottle ,of corn liquor into his store, where he captured a few final performances on a
  31. 1.4 units of alcohol. Alcopops *Most alcopops contain 1.4 to 1.5 units per, bottle , For example, a regular 275ml bottle of WKD contains 1.4 units, whereas Bacardi
  32. Liqueur (usually three parts vodka to two parts coffee liqueur, per the Kahlua, bottle ,'s label, or five parts vodka to two parts coffee liqueur, per IBA specified
  33. Develop a significant pressure inside a closed bottle in warm weather, and the, bottle ,should be opened with care; this is not usually a problem for 25 % (" 0.900 "
  34. To suspend the sediment before pouring it into the glass. Alternatively,the, bottle ,may be inverted prior to opening. Glass bottle s are always used for bottle
  35. Less hazy product. Bottle fermentation Some beers undergo a fermentation in the, bottle , giving natural carbonation. This may be a second or third fermentation. They
  36. Some port wines may contain 20 % ABV or more, which is 15 units of alcohol per, bottle , * A 750 ml bottle of 14.5 % ABV wine contains 10.88 units. Fortified wines *A
  37. 37.0 % Al's/Vol. Pre-mix (RTD) *Bundaberg Rum & Cola – can (375ml),stubby, bottle ,(345ml and 250ml). *Bundaberg Dark and Stormy RTD (Bundaberg Rum with light
  38. A higher alcohol content (on average 12.5 %, sometimes up to 16 %). *A 750 ml, bottle ,of 12 % ABV wine contains 9 units. Some port wines may contain 20 % ABV or more
  39. That the beer be poured slowly, leaving any yeast sediment at the bottom of the, bottle , However, some drinkers prefer to pour in the yeast; this practice is customary
  40. Fermentation which can take place in the brewery, in the cask or in the, bottle , Brewing specifically refers to the process of steeping, such as with making
  41. Fraction of 1). Thus, 75 centiliters of wine (the contents of a standard wine, bottle ,) at 12 % ABV contain: 75 \times 0.12 = 9\box Quantities It is often stated
  42. Institution. Bombay Sapphire is marketed in a flat-sided, sapphire-coloured, bottle ,that bears a picture of Queen Victoria on the label. The flavoring of the
  43. Happens to like the person singled out by the" stink" ): Ink-a-Dinkado: A, bottle ,of ink: Cork fell out, and you stink: My mother told me to pick the very best
  44. Of the current" Bundy Bottle ". It originated from the Bushels Coffee Chicory, bottle ,that Bundaberg folks sold to his grandfather at the firm for one penny a bottle
  45. Rare. * The realization of intervocalic as a glottal stop (as in for, bottle ,). This change is not universal for British English and is not considered a
  46. Bottle that Bundaberg folks sold to his grandfather at the firm for one penny a, bottle , after which they were washed and filled with the famous spirit. The shape
  47. Serdyukov unofficially had admitted to weapons transfers" after the second, bottle ,of vodka" that evening, although officially it was denied. Collective Security
  48. The flavoring of the drink comes from a recipe of ten ingredients (which the, bottle ,'s label boasts as" 10 exotic botanical" ): almond, lemon peel, liquorice
  49. Using only 48 small mirrors, was able to melt a 3 kilogram (six pound) tin, bottle , and ignite wood from a distance of 46 meters (150 ft). These recreations
  50. Rum - Aged 5 years to" Mark" where the flood water peaked. And each, bottle ,numbered. " The Mark of Resilience ". 37.0 ALC/Vol *2011 Bundaberg Five -

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