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  1. One of several indicators of the state of acid-base physiology in the body. The, parameter ,standard bicarbonate concentration (SBC) is the bicarbonate concentration in
  2. Controllers and gesturing (for example, MIDI-driven software synthesis and, parameter ,control). Until recently, however,the musician/composer rarely had the
  3. And with just one quadratic nonlinearity, which exhibits chaos for certain, parameter ,values. Zhang and Handel showed that, at least for dissipative and conservative
  4. 1996–1998) Discography Studio albums} Note: User must define 'Artist' search, parameter ,as" Big Audio Dynamite II ". Live albums * Ally Pally Paradise (CBS/Columbia
  5. Sensors generate an error signal that evokes a response that causes the, parameter ,to shift back toward its optimum value. The hypothalamus is a collection of
  6. The evidence that pro-globalists present. For example, concerning the, parameter ,of per capita income growth, development economist Harpoon Chang writes that
  7. Away message. To add a buddy, the add buddy message is used, with the screen name, parameter ,aim: add buddy? Screenname=notarealuser This type of link is commonly found on
  8. Admit multiple coexisting instances of the ADT, by adding an explicit instance, parameter ,(like S in the previous example) to every operation that uses or modifies the
  9. Liquid; super fluid; composite fermions; super solid ** Phase phenomena - order, parameter ,; phase transition; cooling curve ** Domain growth - nucleation; spinal
  10. Parameter μ are left–right mirror images of more recent plots in terms of the, parameter ,c. ) In 1982,Mandelbrot expanded and updated his ideas in The Fractal Geometry
  11. Polynomials In terms of the Daguerre polynomials L_k and arbitrarily chosen, parameter ’t,the Bessel function can be expressed as: \franc= \franc \sum_ \franc \franc.
  12. And types of arguments prior to C99 when the function declaration has an empty, parameter ,list. (This provides backward compatibility with K&R C, which lacked
  13. Must label an appropriate encoding in the Content-Type header, missing char set, parameter ,results in acceptance of ISO-8859-1 (so HTTP/1.1 formally does not offer such
  14. Investigating how the topology of these Julia sets depended on the complex, parameter ,μ he studied the Mandelbrot set fractal that is now named after him. (Note
  15. Substitution is strictly by name: at macro processing time, the value of a, parameter ,is textually substituted for its name. The most famous class of bugs resulting
  16. If function div stands for the division operation x / y, then div with the, parameter ,x fixed at 1 (i.e., div 1) is another function: the same as the function in
  17. Proposed that this would modify the London equations via a new scale, parameter ,called the coherence length. John Bardeen then argued in the 1955 paper
  18. Passed from function to function without having to appear as an extra function, parameter , This is especially useful when the control transfer has to pass through layers
  19. A result of evaluating the main function, is an integer. The keyword void as a, parameter ,list indicates that the main function takes no arguments. The opening curly
  20. For Internet uses of ASCII. One often finds this in the optional" char set ", parameter ,in the Content-Type header of some MIME messages, in the equivalent" meta "
  21. Inverse popular sentences appear to play a sharp role in setting the pro-drop, parameter , In Italian, for example, in sentences of the type Noun Phrase verb Noun Phrase
  22. N = 1. Additionally, the notation is simplified by erasing the reference to the, parameter ,n.: Here the expression m 0 has the value 1 if m 0 and 0 otherwise (Iverson
  23. Is as follows: *HEADER section – General information about the drawing. Each, parameter ,has a variable name and an associated value. *CLASSES section – Holds the
  24. Or constant b would be used to multiply" a ". If foo is called with the, parameter ,a-c, the macro expansion of load a-c*b occurs. To avoid any possible ambiguity
  25. Functions: simple one-line functions written in BASIC, with a single, parameter ,* Error-trapping, allowing BASIC programs to handle unexpected errors by means
  26. Send/IN"> notarealuser">Send Message To specify a message body, the message, parameter ,is used, so the link location might look like this: aim: grim? Screenname
  27. Particular sodium bicarbonate contributes to total dissolved solids, a common, parameter ,for assessing water quality. Biochemical role Bicarbonate is alkaline, and a
  28. Function: f (x; x_0,\gamma) = \franc = \left \right, where x0 is the location, parameter , specifying the location of the peak of the distribution, and γ is the scale
  29. One moment to the next are stable: the rate of expansion, called the Hubble, parameter , is nearly constant, and the scale factor of the universe is proportional to ex
  30. For its name. The most famous class of bugs resulting was the use of a, parameter ,that itself was an expression and not a simple name when the macro writer
  31. With a" measure ",i.e. a well-defined" density of universes" ( so, for, parameter , X,one can calculate the prior probability P (X0) DX that X is in the range
  32. Move apart),while \Lambda can stay approximately constant (see deceleration, parameter ,). Few inhomogeneities remain Cosmological inflation has the important effect
  33. Value, gets smaller, which allows a more precise estimate of the unknown, parameter ,p. Poisson's approximation The binomial distribution converges towards the
  34. A string s whose complexity is at least n0. By an auspicious choice of the, parameter ,n0 we will arrive at a contradiction. To choose this value, note s is described
  35. Notarealuser&message This+is+my+message To specify an away message, the message, parameter ,is used, so the link location might look like this: aim: go away? Message=Hello
  36. Unit, ε,is approximated by the expression. F is a constant and D is a, parameter ,that Richardson found depended on the coastline approximated by L. He gave no
  37. And did not disambiguate macro processing from assembly and execution. Macro, parameter ,substitution is strictly by name: at macro processing time, the value of a
  38. And marking q elements among those selected. The right side counts the same, parameter , because there are \minor n q ways of choosing a set of q marks, and they occur
  39. Usual meaning but passing the address of a short subroutine to recalculate the, parameter ,each time it was mentioned). It featured explicitly typed variables
  40. The possible precision achievable by a harmonic oscillator is measured by a, parameter ,called its Q, or quality factor, which increases (other things being equal)
  41. While the product NP remains fixed. Therefore, the Poisson distribution with, parameter ,λ = NP can be used as an approximation to B (n, p ) of the binomial
  42. The basic principle that underlies homeostasis is negative feedback: any time a, parameter ,diverges from its set-point, sensors generate an error signal that evokes a
  43. Of the formula z2 + c, so Mandelbrot's early plots in terms of the earlier, parameter ,μ are left–right mirror images of more recent plots in terms of the parameter
  44. No option for such a universe not to support life. Probabilistic predictions of, parameter ,values can be made given: (i) a particular multiverse with a" measure ", i.
  45. By referring to the more general definition and by reintroducing the erased, parameter ,: writing BM (0) in the first case and BM (1) in the second will
  46. Statistical and mathematical techniques, ranging from exact, heuristics,fixed, parameter ,and approximation algorithms for problems based on parsimony models to Markov
  47. This program calls GenerateComplexString as a subroutine and also has a free, parameter ,n0. This program outputs a string s whose complexity is at least n0. By an
  48. To Unicode support) * CALL (and function) prototypes (for compile-time, parameter ,checking) * Pointers and syntax for getting and freeing storage * Calling
  49. For assemblers. This was because many programmers were rather confused by macro, parameter ,substitution and did not disambiguate macro processing from assembly and
  50. Input/Output) facilities. ALGOL 60 allowed for two evaluation strategies for, parameter ,passing: the common call-by-value, and call-by-name. Call-by-name had certain

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