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  1. In 1956. Like the Oscars, the Film fare awards are frequently accused of, bias ,towards commercial success rather than artistic merit. As the Film fare, the
  2. Lord" or basing the world's dating system on the life of Jesus are forms of, bias ,towards the Christian religion. Attempts to use the more secular year
  3. Carter's anthropic principle just warns us to make allowance for anthropic, bias , that is, the bias created by anthropic selection effects (which Bottom calls
  4. Church. Bede was a Northumbrian, and this tinged his work with a local, bias , The sources he had access to gave him less information about the west of
  5. Preferences. The re-evaluation of the evidence has not necessarily slowed the, bias ,towards prescribing the atypical, however. Common antipsychotics Commonly used
  6. Agrippina's death are uncertain due to historical contradictions and anti-Nero, bias , All surviving stories of Agrippina's death contradict themselves and each
  7. Of acupuncture may be as a result of poorly designed studies or publication, bias , Edward Ernst and Simon Singh state that (as the quality of experimental tests
  8. Weights in one side of the bowl. This is no longer permitted by the rules and, bias ,is now produced entirely by the shape of the bowl. A bowler determines the bias
  9. One meta-analysis reviewing human brain lesions has shown a left hemisphere, bias ,during tool usage. Abstraction in art Typically, abstraction is used in the
  10. And that there was a decline in treatment response over time, and possibly a, bias ,in which trial results were published. In addition, a 2010 Cochrane
  11. Which seems to lack clinical relevance and cannot be clearly distinguished from, bias , Whether needling at acupuncture points, or at any site, reduces pain
  12. Period, where it touches Merovingian affairs, he often" allowed his religious, bias ,to determine his interpretation of the events. " Peter Heather agrees with Wood
  13. Also the family profession. The early years of Canola were passed in study. The, bias ,of his mind was to sculpture, and the facilities afforded for the gratification
  14. S reign, it increased. Amidst these and other contradictions, the validity and, bias ,of Manual and Khaki Khan's work is being questioned. Another instance of
  15. In ordinary people, and that the effect cannot be explained by data selection, bias , Carlson's experiment A different approach to testing astrology quantitatively
  16. Hallo effect Ad hominem arguments work via the halo effect, a human cognitive, bias ,in which the perception of one trait is influenced by the perception of an
  17. To leave it uncorrected, thereby giving the benefit of the slight predictive, bias ,to the presumably disadvantaged group. Pointing out that" many of Jensen's
  18. All of these techniques are extremely noise-prone and/or subject to, bias ,in the biological measurement, and a major research area in computational
  19. Because it is difficult to measure extreme temperatures precisely without, bias , both have been cited in the literature as having the higher boiling point. The
  20. Reported for acupuncture can be explained by placebo effect and publication, bias , There is general agreement that acupuncture is safe when administered by
  21. But the authors subsequently retracted this conclusion due to a publication, bias ,in Asian countries that had skewed their results. An updated Cochrane Review
  22. As a form of placebo control, etc.) the" more that researchers eliminate, bias ,from their trials, the greater the tendency for results to indicate that
  23. Explained in the population. As the sample size gets larger the amount of, bias ,gets smaller, : \eta ^2 = \franc. Partial η2 (Partial eta-squared): Partial
  24. Sunclipse ", replacing " sunrise" and" sunset" to overturn the geocentric, bias ,of most pre-Copernican celestial mechanics. Fuller also invented the word "
  25. To discriminate (that is, reveal actual differences) on the basis of ability;, bias ,constitutes error. Jensen defined any test as bias ed for a particular group if
  26. A particular position. Ad hominem circumstantial constitutes an attack on the, bias ,of a source. This is fallacious because a disposition to make a certain
  27. This system has low power efficiency. * Control Grid Modulation. The operating, bias ,and gain of the final RF amplifier can be controlled by varying the voltage of
  28. Many years. Politics and criticism The ABC has often been accused of having a, bias ,to the left wing of politics. Coalition members of parliament and some right
  29. Honor, not death with the white color being associated with death. * Black-dog, bias ,is a veterinarian and animal shelter phenomenon in which black dogs are passed
  30. Drug trials. Some critics, however,argue these drugs trials are subject to, bias , More broadly anti-psychiatry and anti-medication perspectives are commonly
  31. To reduce distortion. * Clamp Tube (Screen Grid) Modulation. The screen grid, bias ,may be controlled through a“ clamp tube” that reduces voltage according to
  32. The experimenter or the participant to mitigate the placebo effect or observer, bias , The expression" blind leading the blind" refers to incapable people leading
  33. Faith in astrology could be psychologically explained as a matter of cognitive, bias , Skeptics say that the practice of western astrologers allows them to avoid
  34. 16-bit signed integer value to be stored in a variable representing horizontal, bias ,caused a processor trap (operand error) because the floating point value was
  35. Suggested that this phenomenon is a consequence of life history, rather than, bias , and that fossils of juvenile Albertosaurus are rare because they simply did
  36. This book, psychologist Kenneth Kaye endorsed Jensen's distinction between, bias ,and discrimination. The purpose of tests is to discriminate (that is, reveal
  37. Election" unfree" because of the opposition parties' poor results and media, bias ,in favor of the government. In the country's 2006 presidential election
  38. Images of an individual atom are visible. It confirms that for low, bias , the microscope images the space-averaged dimensions of the electron orbitals
  39. Bias of bowls are designed to travel a curved path because of a weight, bias ,which was originally produced by inserting weights in one side of the bowl.
  40. By the Chronicle, which is generally thought to be because of the anti-American, bias ,of the Chroniclers. The Annals of Wales continued to recognize the kings of
  41. Evidence improperly, acting outside the court's jurisdiction, injecting, bias , into the proceeding or appearing to do so, juror misconduct, etc. The failure
  42. OLD) assumption that the error terms are uncorrelated. While it does not, bias ,the OLD coefficient estimates, the standard errors tend to be underestimated (
  43. Principle just warns us to make allowance for anthropic bias , that is,the, bias ,created by anthropic selection effects (which Bottom calls" observation "
  44. South Australian state treasurer Kevin Foley accused ABC Radio of right-wing, bias ,in February 2008 for its reporting of state economic issues, claiming that it
  45. They are instead self-selected. There are two opposing types of self-selection, bias ,: (1) drinkers may be motivated to stop drinking before they participate in AA
  46. States that the universe's ostensible fine-tuning is the result of selection, bias , i.e. in the long term, only survivors can report their location in time and
  47. Sampling of members. Research on AA is therefore susceptible to sampling, bias , Study Studies of AA's efficacy have produced inconsistent results. While
  48. Richard was shaped by scholar Thomas More, whose writings displayed extreme, bias ,against the Yorkist king. The result of these influences is a script that
  49. Navy, able to project power on the high seas. Given its" blue-water ", bias , the navy is even less inclined to become involved in counterdrug operations
  50. Efficiency cannot exceed 25 % for a class A amplifier that is supplied drain, bias ,current through resistors (because RF signal has its zero level at about 50 %

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