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  1. Choose a single aperture setting for interiors and another for exteriors, and, adjust , exposure through the use of camera filters or light levels. Aperture settings
  2. g., for software development). In particular, management can identify ways to, adjust ,and adapt the process to particular projects without measurable losses of
  3. Skills. The primary goal is to help the individual and those closest to them, adjust ,to changes and limitations in communication. The main advantage of using
  4. Have the ability to bond to many surfaces, and media can be used to, adjust ,their binding characteristics. Acrylic can be used on paper, canvas and a range
  5. In the same position will fall on the same point. This allows the archer to, adjust ,aim with successive shots in order to achieve accuracy. Modern archery
  6. Expanded from 4096 to 16.8 million colors. The Amiga chipset can gen lock —, adjust ,its own screen refresh timing to match an NTSC or PAL video signal. When
  7. For frequently occurring usage patterns or requests, some DBMS cans, adjust ,themselves to improve the speed of those interactions. In some cases the DBMS
  8. In the fermentation industry as a source of nitrogen for microorganisms and to, adjust ,pH during fermentation. Minor and emerging uses Refrigeration – R717 Because of
  9. Workable. These active compensation circuits use the deflection yoke to finely, adjust ,beam deflection according to the beam target location. The same techniques (
  10. Valve slide. They are operated by the player's fourth finger, and are used to, adjust ,the lower D and C. Trumpets typically use throws, whilst cornets may have a
  11. Program to be loaded starting at location 123 instead of 0,the assembler will, adjust ,all references to suit. Assembly language has many more such advantages over
  12. Using valves (notably 1st + 3rd and 1st + 2nd + 3rd) requires compensation to, adjust ,the tuning appropriately, either by the player's lip-and-breath control, via
  13. From a window overhead. Usage Its most common uses in dramatic films are to, adjust ,the pace of the main action, to conceal the deletion of some unwanted part of
  14. From the sale of their wheat. However, the aristocratic landlords did not, adjust ,the rent they were charging the for the land they rented to the farmers for
  15. Of Clausewitz's theoretical approach remain valid, but that our thinking must, adjust ,to the realities of particular times and places. Knowing that" war is an
  16. For example, if the robot's arm releases a weight),the controller will, adjust ,itself consequently in order to ensure the correct performance.; Analysis
  17. The centrifugal and gravity forces, which means the surface of the water must, adjust ,so its normal points in this direction. (A very similar problem is the design
  18. Of the same language. All CPLP countries were given from 2009 until 2014 to, adjust ,to the necessary changes. Minority languages are spoken throughout the nation.
  19. Propulsion system of the CSM Casper caused concerns about firing the engine to, adjust ,the CSM's lunar orbit, and nearly caused the Moon landing to be aborted. After
  20. What they are likely to do and so on. They can recognize unusual situations and, adjust ,accordingly. A machine without strong AI has no other skills to fall back on.
  21. And embouchure and reed profile. Players can also use alternate fingerings to, adjust ,the pitch of many notes. Similar to other woodwind instruments, the length of
  22. Speed—are sent from the launch aircraft to the missile, allowing the missile to, adjust ,its course so that it is able to close to a self-homing distance where it will
  23. In a capsule manufacturing company in Aladdin county. As Croatian businesses, adjust ,to EU accession, other niche opportunities for Indian investors could come up
  24. Number of times the pedals went round and would get off the bicycle in time to, adjust ,the chain by hand. Another of his eccentricities is that he chained his mug to
  25. Razor blades, others specialized double-ended utility blades. The user can, adjust ,how far the blade extends from the handle, so that, for example, the knife can
  26. Some drugs have a better side effect profile than others, enabling doctors to, adjust ,treatment regimens to the advantage of patients in certain situations. As
  27. Separate from the OS level ones. The tuner has wizard and advanced modes that, adjust ,the same parameters visually or by direct selection: #Cleartype on/off #RGB or
  28. Whichever members are responding at the time. Additionally, members may need to, adjust ,team roles due to stress, fatigue,injury, or other circumstances. CERT
  29. The first valve slide. They are operated by the player's thumb and are used to, adjust ,a large range of notes using the first valve, most notably the player's
  30. Returned to Rome only very cautiously. Caesar pardoned him and Cicero tried to, adjust ,to the situation and maintain his political work, hoping that Caesar might
  31. That presents a challenge to the ice maker, who must constantly monitor and, adjust ,the ice and air temperatures as well as air humidity levels to ensure a
  32. Pathophysiology The currently accepted theory states that the brain cells, adjust ,their osmolarities by changing levels of certain isolates like inositol
  33. Autonomous houses may require some differences in behavior. Some people, adjust ,easily. Others describe the experience as inconvenient, irritating,isolating
  34. Once production had started. Though conceived as a whole, it was necessary to, adjust ,the plot line to accommodate external influences. Each of the characters in the
  35. Complex nervous systems have a greater capacity to learn new responses and thus, adjust ,their behavior. Behaviors can be either innate or learned. However, current
  36. Rule used for the Canadian championships and the winners then having to, adjust ,to the four-rock rule in the World Championships, the Canadian Curling
  37. In to Japanese schools. Unlike the other Ainu groups, the Purple failed to, adjust ,to their new surroundings and by 1933 only 10 individuals were alive (plus
  38. For iPhone, iPad and Mac that uses Photoshop Lightroom technology for users to, adjust ,and fine-tune images on all platforms. As of February 2007,Adobe's market
  39. Species, such as salmon and eels, giving them time to form social groups and to, adjust ,to the changes in salinity. Salmon are anadromous, meaning they live in the sea
  40. To not only hit" mistake" pitches farther, but it also enables hitters to, adjust ,to" good" pitches such as a well-placed fastball, slider,change up, or
  41. Perform a few operations on four bits, such as the DAA (decimal, adjust ,) instruction, and the auxiliary carry (AC/NA) flag, which were used to
  42. Properties make it possible to delete and insert new values into a B-tree and, adjust ,the tree to preserve the B-tree properties.; The root node: The root node’s
  43. Five of them were born before he left the fur trade. The family did not, adjust ,easily to life in Eastern Canada and two of the children, John (aged 5) and
  44. Such as Colors will measure a monitor's color temperature and then, adjust ,its settings accordingly. This enables on-screen color to more closely match
  45. An oppositions draw shot. The challenge in all these shots is to be able to, adjust ,line and length accordingly, the faster the delivery, the narrower the line or
  46. Was that the advanced Calligrapher handwriting recognition software needed to, adjust ,to the user's handwriting; this process could take anywhere from two weeks to
  47. Specify a 6,500 K color temperature. Most video and digital still cameras can, adjust ,for color temperature by zooming into a white or neutral colored object and
  48. To help 1930s audiences, who were out of the habit of watching silent films, adjust ,to not hearing dialogue. Modern Times was the first film where Chaplin's voice
  49. Describes techniques where the hands are used to manipulate, massage,mobilize, adjust , stimulate, apply traction to, or otherwise influence the spine and related
  50. Correction can be too quick, not allowing enough time for the brain's cells to, adjust ,to the new tonicity. With a rise in extracellular tonicity, the cells

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