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  1. Participant in the ratification fight who argued that the Constitution did not, authorize ,judicial review of Federal statutes. This silence in the face of the numerous
  2. Fear of a British attack from the north, eventually persuaded the Congress to, authorize ,an invasion of Quebec, with the goal of driving the British military from that
  3. Statehood On February 28, 1845,the U. S. Congress passed a bill that would, authorize ,the United States to annex the Republic of Texas. On March 1,U. S. President
  4. Has stated that:" Likewise is not behind these efforts. Likewise does not, authorize ,them. Likewise is complying with the Court’s October 26, 2010 injunction. "
  5. Requested a seat in the front row of the airplane. Their credit card failed to, authorize , and after being told the agency did not accept personal checks, the pair left
  6. Landing. Across the Atlantic, European ministers met in Belgium in 1973 to, authorize ,Western Europe's manned orbital project and its main contribution to Space
  7. Curiae. When the Attorney General determines that an emergency exists he may, authorize ,the emergency employment of electronic surveillance before obtaining the
  8. Issued by Parliament. Still, Parliament may, through a rehabilitation law, authorize ,the executive to issue ordinances (ordinances),with legislative value, in
  9. Advisers wanted to save Vicksburg, but Lee persuaded Davis to overrule them and, authorize ,yet another invasion of the North. The immediate goal was to acquire urgently
  10. Offences in the months preceding the election. Such an amnesty law may also, authorize ,the president to designate individuals who have committed certain categories of
  11. It had strayed into Soviet territory, causing U. S. President Ronald Reagan to, authorize ,the then-strictly military Global Positioning System (GPS) for civilian use.
  12. Of that of the States. It would not be contended that it extends so far as to, authorize ,what the Constitution forbids, or a change in the character of the government
  13. As required. They determine the University’s financial and investment policies, authorize ,the budget, supervise the endowment, direct the management of the University’s
  14. Aware that many Haitians did not speak French, he was the first president to, authorize ,the use of Creole in the education system. Sisal fiber cultivation was
  15. Best fighters from all AAF manufacturers, the War Production Board refused to, authorize ,P-38K production due to the two-to-three-week interruption in production
  16. In the Republican Party controlled the US Congress. They passed legislation to, authorize ,the railroad, and created financing in the form of government railroad bonds.
  17. An employee who submits a request for reimbursement should not also be able to, authorize ,payment or print the check. An applications' programmer should not also be the
  18. International peace and security and is the only body of the UN that can, authorize ,the use of force. It has been criticized for failing to take action to prevent
  19. Treaty ", by subscribing to it, the governments of the member countries, authorize ,their representatives to legislate through agreements on the economic issues of
  20. Is allowed by Conservative interpretations of Falasha. Conservative Rabbis will, authorize ,it only under the condition that the child be raised as a Jew in a single-faith
  21. Has little or less significance. Some countries, such as the UK and Canada, authorize ,non-partisan organizations to set constituency boundaries in an attempt to
  22. From acting as the church's president, and,thus, George had no authority to, authorize ,Pace to open a health center. Shortly thereafter, Pace had a falling out with
  23. Before the strike, after the union voted against the proposed contract and to, authorize ,the strike, the company shut down all production at the plant. The York
  24. And canal creation, therefore proposing a constitutional amendment in 1824 to, authorize ,such undertakings. The next year, however,he took ground against them. He
  25. Requested a seat in the front row of the airplane. Their credit card failed to, authorize , and after being told the agency did not accept personal checks, the pair left
  26. Of Cameroon. Political background The government adopted legislation in 1990 to, authorize ,the formation of multiple political parties and ease restrictions on forming
  27. Faith of our churches today; * continue to recognize each other’s Baptism and, authorize ,and encourage the sharing of the Lord’s Supper among their members; recognize
  28. Data protection is also monitored by the CNIL, a governmental body which must, authorize ,legislation concerning privacy before them being enacted. Although there are
  29. A draft of the Nicaragua proposal, Congress was considering the Spooner Act, to, authorize , the Panama Canal. In addition to the promise of earlier completion of the
  30. To build the plant at Oak Ridge. Delays in establishing Argonne led Compton to, authorize ,construction of the first nuclear reactor beneath the bleachers of Stage Field
  31. From trading within the areas he discovered as well as the sole right to, authorize ,expeditions beyond Cape Border. He also held various valuable monopolies on
  32. And territories that use SECAM This is a list of nations that currently, authorize ,the use of the SECAM standard for television broadcasting. Nations that have
  33. Janus Award for his achievements. Awards and honors In 2004,Congress voted to, authorize ,the President to promote Yeager to the rank of major general on the retired
  34. This is the last use of lethal gas in the U. S., although Arizona and Maryland, authorize ,executions by lethal gas if the conviction took place before specified dates in
  35. Colorado River Compact was signed on November 24, 1922. Legislation to, authorize ,the dam was introduced repeatedly by Representative Phil Swing (R-Calif. ) and
  36. That he would be making the targeting decision, and that he would not, authorize ,the bombing of Kyoto on the grounds of its historical and religious
  37. The only signed copy of a presidential covert-action finding that sought to, authorize ,CIA participation in the November 1985 Hawk missile shipment to Iran.
  38. A),of 3 November 1950,the Assembly declared that it has the power to, authorize ,the use of force, under the terms of the UN Charter, in cases of breaches of
  39. E10),and most vehicle warranties (except for flexible fuel vehicles), authorize , fuels that contain no more than 10 percent ethanol. In parts of the United
  40. And Louisiana, and all branches of the U. S. uniformed services currently, authorize ,medical psychologists to prescribe medications. In Louisiana, the term of
  41. Liberal Prussian Diet. A crisis arose in 1862,when the Diet refused to, authorize ,funding for a proposed re-organization of the army. The King's ministers could
  42. Of National Defense Art Angleton advised Governor General Adrienne Clarkson to, authorize ,more than 100 Canadian Forces members serving on military exchange programs in
  43. Is received from the person holding the lawful right in Canada to transmit and, authorize ,decoding of the signal. This means receiving the encrypted programming of
  44. That the Qur'an may be lost or corrupted, Umar requested the Caliph Abu Bakr to, authorize ,the compilation and preservation of the Book in written format. After initial
  45. Candidacy. The Supreme Court suggested that the Knesset pass a law that would, authorize ,the exclusion of racist parties from future elections, and the Anti-Racist Law
  46. Funds from tamper by un authorize d parties. In special cases, a government may, authorize ,its use in protecting semi-private funds which are liable to tamper. The terms
  47. Copy of a single manuscript. In the check reading method, only " authors could, authorize ,copies, and this was done in public sessions in which the copyist read the copy
  48. After Robinson's commander in the 761st,Paul L. Bates, refused to, authorize ,the legal action, Robinson was summarily transferred to the 758th
  49. About its constitutionality, signed new legislation on March 28, 1973 to, authorize ,the death penalty for murder, rape and other offenses, and to implement trial
  50. Rights to this person, the owner of the copyright, exclusive right to do or, authorize ,any production or distribution of their work. Any person or entity wishing to

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