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  1. Local grants to fortify. Conquest of Malacca,1511 In February 1511,through a, friendly ,Hindu merchant called Nina Chat, Albuquerque received a letter from Run de
  2. Thermal design. There have been a number of advances in more environmentally, friendly ,technologies, including insulation advancement, geothermal cooling, and the
  3. Radar. These sensors allow the gunship to visually or electronically identify, friendly ,ground forces and targets in most weather conditions. The AC-130U is equipped
  4. A low profile, staying in Kabylia, at the camp of a NAFTA Berber chieftain, friendly ,to their plight. In Habit dispatched spies to look for the wayward Umayyad
  5. 15 had previously served as the backup crew for Apollo 12. There had been a, friendly ,rivalry between that prime and backup crew on that mission, with the prime
  6. After its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. *1994 – In a U. S., friendly ,fire incident during Operation Provide Comfort in northern Iraq, two United
  7. They are submits dates; (c) Gigantic locals, by operation of law, when a, friendly ,alien enters the country, because so long as they are in the country they are
  8. In extreme conservation. An autonomous structure is not always environmentally, friendly , The goal of independence from support systems is associated with, but not
  9. Local allegiance was due by an alien while in the protection of the Crown. All, friendly ,resident aliens incurred all the obligations of subjects (The Angelique (1801
  10. And respond to the character: characters with good stuff will often receive, friendly ,or helpful reactions, while characters with bad stuff are often treated with
  11. History In 1974,a film crew and anthropologist Trilokinath Pandit attempted, friendly ,contact by leaving a tethered pig, some pots and pans, some fruit and toys on
  12. Ranked Alaska as having the 4th most" business friendly " tax policy. More ", friendly ," states were Wyoming, Nevada,and South Dakota. Federal politics In
  13. Of biodegradable polymers. These materials have applications as environmentally, friendly ,packaging and in medicine in drug delivery and the construction of prosthetic
  14. And the plan was never executed. *As one of the many pranks pulled during the, friendly ,rivalry between the all-Navy prime crew and the all-Air Force backup crew, the
  15. Armenia has maintained a policy of complementarity by trying to have, friendly ,relations both with Iran, Russia,and the West, including the United States and
  16. Soliciting help from the Frankish kings and bishops, Gregory helped to assure a, friendly ,reception for Augustine in Kent, as Æthelbert was unlikely to mistreat a
  17. Society of London. Later that year, he visited Darwin at Down House, and became, friendly ,with both Charles Lyell and Herbert Spencer. During the 1860s,Wallace wrote
  18. The question of how to respond to the conflict. Though a few tribes were on, friendly ,terms with the Americans, most Native Americans opposed the United States as a
  19. They are already on patrol overhead, they are usually not quick enough to save, friendly ,forces from damage. More often, ground-based counter-battery fire would
  20. Own brother Mutakkil-Nusku and forced to flee to Babylonia which had maintained, friendly ,relations with Sheridan I. Mutakkil-Nusku himself died in the same year (1133
  21. Brodsky's colleague and co-founder of the Ludovic technique. He appears, friendly ,and almost paternal towards Alex at first, before forcing him into the theater
  22. To move away from petroleum based plastics and utilize more environmentally, friendly ,alternatives. In statistics, analysis of variance (ANOVA) is a collection of
  23. And gave a check to the reconquest of the country by the Christians. After, friendly ,correspondence with the caliph at Baghdad, whom he acknowledged as Amir
  24. To ensure that fire from any weapon cannot inadvertently hit any other, friendly ,unit (this is known as crossfire). Waiting Having set up the ambush, the next
  25. PAC-3 effectiveness against those was untested. Patriot was involved in three, friendly ,fire incidents: two incidents of Patriot shootings at coalition aircraft and
  26. Born in 1241. A threat of invasion by Henry in 1243 for a time interrupted the, friendly ,relations between the two countries; but the prompt action of Alexander in
  27. Opinions in the ensuing years would test Darwin's patience, they remained on, friendly ,terms for the rest of Darwin's life. Over the years, a few people have
  28. Enabling the assault of the Point Salines Airfield via airdrop and air-land of, friendly ,forces. The AC-130 aircrew earned the Lieutenant General William H. Runner
  29. Of petroleum alternatives such as bioasphalt that are more environmentally, friendly ,and less toxic. Bitumen can now be made from non-petroleum based renewable
  30. From 1 Kings do not view Ahab unfavorably, there are others which are less, friendly , Essentially,1 Kings 16:29 through 20:40 is the story of Ahab's reign. This
  31. Of them using AIM-120 missiles (the kill by the F-16C may have happened due to, friendly ,fire, from SA-7 MANUAL fired by Serbian infantry). As of mid 2008,the AIM-120
  32. Next door neighbors. Wilburn is the Commerce Bank's tightwad president and the, friendly ,bumpkins' confidant. The haughty Mrs. Drysdale touts a heritage that traces
  33. Adjustment because of inaccuracy in locating the target, the proximity of, friendly ,troops or the need to engage a moving target. Target location errors were
  34. That would extend their influence in Kent. Clothes, in particular, needed a, friendly ,realm across the Channel to help guard his kingdom's flanks against his fellow
  35. Were arrested and thousands were injured. Three policemen were injured by, friendly ,fire, and one by a thrown rock. Some protesters destroyed the windows of
  36. That he was familiar with the Hellenic world but never edicts, which talk of, friendly ,relations, give the names of both Antioch us of the Seleucid empire and Ptolemy
  37. In 2008 the Tax Foundation ranked Alaska as having the 4th most" business, friendly ," tax policy. More" friendly " states were Wyoming, Nevada,and South Dakota.
  38. And reached Fort Zeeland (Dutch Formosa) and Yeshiva. In 1642, he signed a, friendly ,trading treaty with the Sultan of Palembang, Sumatra offering military
  39. The Andalusia autonomous football team is not in any league, and plays only, friendly ,matches. In recent years, they have played mostly during the Christmas break of
  40. The Tank Farm incident, in which an American F-16 pilot killed several, friendly ,Canadian soldiers on the ground, was blamed by the pilot on his use of
  41. Alphabetically. It also gave the message that the Amiga computer line was 'user, friendly ,' as a pun or play on words. History Development of the Amiga began in 1982
  42. Antarctic region and to show that biofuel can be a viable and environmentally, friendly ,option. Water transport Antarctica's only harbor is at McCurdy Station. Most
  43. His scientific reputation. It strained his relationships with previously, friendly ,scientists such as Henry Bates, Thomas Huxley, and even Darwin, who felt he was
  44. Gulf War friendly -fire incident During the Gulf War, the HARM was involved in a, friendly ,fire incident when the pilot of an F-4G Wild Weasel escorting a B-52 mistook
  45. Political allies. In 1947,during the Second Red Scare, Rand testified as a ", friendly ,witness" before the United States House Un-American Activities Committee. Her
  46. Films, The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939). The film centers on a, friendly ,match between Arsenal and an amateur side, one of whose players are poisoned
  47. Tunes the Cuba was sent to Peru (Burma),from where king Binary sent back a, friendly ,emissary to Koch in 1514 and Sumatra, Sumatran kings of Tampa and Indragiri
  48. Was able to crush those empires that went to war against him. Still, he was on, friendly ,terms with kingdoms in the South like Colas, Pandya, Keralputra, the post
  49. Immensely successful, and relations with the Avers were almost uninterruptedly, friendly ,during the lifetime of the Lombard Kingdom. A further cause of the Lombard
  50. Persecution, but then nearly starved to death due to the unfamiliar land. Some, friendly ,Native Americans (including Squanto) helped the Pilgrims survive through the

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