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  1. And address. If the list to be searched contains more than a few items (a, dozen , say) a binary search will require far fewer comparisons than a linear search
  2. Of general stores, two saloons, a school, a Methodist church, and about a, dozen , houses. (Ben Dykes, who owned the land on which the prison was built, was both
  3. Claiming to have elected a pope in a" conclave" of perhaps half a, dozen , laypeople,as in the case of David Baden, they hold that, because of their
  4. And are not used for collation where a definite order is required. However,a, dozen , Ugaritic tablets from the fourteenth century BCE preserve the alphabet in two
  5. Pucci's concept for“ Beastie” was to distribute a mixture of both a half, dozen ,16 mm Bell and Howell Film cameras, and 16 mm Rolex cameras to audience members
  6. Masala, whose 2,925-metre peak is the highest in any Balkan country. About a, dozen , other peaks in Riley are over 2,600 meters. The highest peaks are characterized
  7. Research professor. ASCII has since grown to include researchers from nearly a, dozen , universities in The Netherlands, Belgium,and France. ASCII offers Ph.D. level
  8. And 25 % Aymara-speaking. The largest of the approximately three, dozen , native groups are the Quechua's (2.5 million),Aymara's (2 million),then
  9. Battles, as in the battle of Nikolayevka. The German 6th Army was only a few, dozen , kilometers from Stalingrad, and 4th Panzer Army, now to their south, turned
  10. States and the IUCN lists the species as vulnerable, with a range of about a, dozen , cave streams. The White River, flowing east to west south of Bedford, Indiana
  11. Sank U-27,which had been preparing to sink a nearby merchant ship. About a, dozen , of the crewmen managed to escape the sinking submarine, and Lieutenant Godfrey
  12. Kilometers from the main camps, with prisoner populations ranging from several, dozen , to several thousand. Name "/NP"> Gutman17"/> The largest were built at
  13. Second was at the Restoration in 1660. Most subsequent abeyance (only a few, dozen , cases ) were settled after a few years, to the benefit of the holder of the
  14. Can be won uncontested. In the 2011 local elections the party picked up over a, dozen , or more uncontested seats at the Parish level. There are currently between 60 -
  15. And Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Phoenician script consisted of only about two, dozen , symbols. This made the script easy to learn, and Phoenician seafaring merchants
  16. Script was probably the first phonemic script, and it contained only about two, dozen , distinct letters, making it a script simple enough for common traders to learn.
  17. But family groups are common in the late summer and winter roosts may have two, dozen , or more birds in a single covey. Reproduction These are generally monogamous
  18. And The Galena Interior Learning Academy in Galena. There are more than a, dozen , colleges and universities in Alaska. Accredited universities in Alaska include
  19. The region between the forest and the Danube on the other hand included about a, dozen , settlements,or" cantons ". Ptolemy's view of Germans in the region indicates
  20. Or perennial lifespans. However, around the Mediterranean they include also a, dozen , woody shrubs 1 m - 3 m tall,e.g. in northern Africa (Villa Spinoza and
  21. Walnut Ridge, Little Rock, Malvern, Arkadelphia,and Texarkana. About two, dozen , railroads carry freight in the state. Public transit and community transport
  22. Both had early origins from leaked WWII BBS source code. There were several, dozen , other BBS programs developed over the DOS era, and many were released under the
  23. A operations center campus and a $400 million dollar data center. Nearly a, dozen , smaller banks are also headquartered in the Birmingham, such as Superior
  24. Was available only in a few major cities in Belarus. In Minsk there were a, dozen , privately owned ISP's and in some larger cities Beltelecom's broadband was
  25. 121 Hermione (268×186×183 km),and 87 Sylvia (384×262×232 km). Only half a, dozen , asteroids are larger than 87 Sylvia, though none of them have moons; however
  26. Naval design. In 896,he ordered the construction of a small fleet, perhaps a, dozen , or so longships, that,at 60 oars, were twice the size of Viking warships. This
  27. Indeed, late in the war many panzer" divisions" had no more than a few, dozen , tanks. As the end of the war approached, Germany also experienced critical
  28. Cost. As with the rail process above, the BTK process is continuous. A half, dozen , laborers working around the clock can fire approximately 15,000-25,000 bricks a
  29. Enough to direct his research to celestial mechanics. In 1840,he presented a, dozen , papers on this topic to the Academy. The confounded membership of the Bureau
  30. Lost trees at an unprecedented rate. For example, Piedmont Park lost about a, dozen , large,historic trees in 2009,compared to two or three during normal years.
  31. At somewhere between 20 and 40,mostly in North America, but fewer than a, dozen , of the churches popularly called Continuing churches can be traced back to the
  32. Palace (1748–1808),nowadays hosting Graving Museum of Fine Arts. There are a, dozen , museums in Alicante. On exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (
  33. Cable television service provider; the company also publishes over a, dozen , daily newspapers in the United States, including The Atlanta
  34. Expensive and comparatively rare. Smaller monasteries usually had only a few, dozen , books,medium-sized perhaps a few hundred. By the 9th century, larger
  35. Categories to choose from. Between a pure black and a very light mulatto over a, dozen , racial categories would be recognized in conformity with the combinations of
  36. Established in Italy by St. Benedict of Núria circa 529 was the first of a, dozen , monasteries founded by him. Even so, there is no evidence to suggest that he
  37. To produce protection or susceptibility ". They also report that fewer than a, dozen , alcoholism-related genes have been identified, but that more likely await
  38. it is as accurate. " With this check-reading system," an author might produce a, dozen , or more copies from a single reading," and with two or more readings," more
  39. Opposite another at Burgenland in Sandwich. In Orkney there are more than a, dozen , on the facing shores of Shallow Sound, and many at the exits and entrances of
  40. 2005 there were many authors dedicated to write prolifically, at least half a, dozen , novels per year, and in some cases based on own experience as practitioners of
  41. As a result, the traditional koan disappeared and large villages of several, dozen , families were formed around the fishing grounds. Koan houses were made of
  42. Number of imaginary friends and paralysis. One of them," The School ", with a, dozen , or so imaginary young women of widely varying temperaments, lasted well into
  43. That forms a slender waist. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few, dozen , predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organized
  44. Scientific and other personnel working on tours of duty at the several, dozen , research stations maintained by various countries. However, the region is
  45. Senegal. The two final genera, Acaciella and Marissa, only contain about a, dozen , species from the Americas each. Classification The traditional circumscription
  46. To the 1998 al-Qaeda bombings of U. S. embassies in East Africa that killed a, dozen , Americans and hundreds of Africans, Clinton ordered cruise missile strikes on
  47. The family Halictidae, or " sweat bees ". Colonies are typically small, with a, dozen , or fewer workers, on average. The only physical difference between queens and
  48. Of supplies into the room: two cases of Mexican beer, four quarts of gin,a, dozen , grapefruits,and enough speed to alter the outcome of six Super Bowls. ...
  49. Moved to Manila. There he began developing the Soyinka Plot plans to implode a, dozen , American airliners simultaneously, to assassinate Pope John Paul II and
  50. Martial law in El Alto after 16 people were shot by the police and several, dozen , wounded in violent clashes which erupted when a caravan of oil trucks escorted

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