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  1. Something Ventured which premiered in 2011. 2011-present: End of Steve Jobs, era ,On January 17, 2011,Jobs announced in an internal Apple memo that he would
  2. In contrast to post meridian (p. m.," after noon" ) * Anna Funds, a Calendar, era ,counting from the creation of the world based on calculations from Old
  3. Original red-and-blue costume. Other notable issues of the Michelinie-McFarlane, era ,include #312 (Feb. 1989),featuring the Green Goblin vs. the Hobgoblin; and
  4. To social and political change. The film marked something of an end of an, era ,for its creator. The director himself recognized this at the time of its
  5. It remains the most acclaimed of all the artist's films set in the modern, era , In December 1952,Kurosawa took his Kirk screenwriters, Shinobu Hashimoto and
  6. Licensed from Peugeot) models were manufactured. Audi's cars of that, era ,were luxurious cars equipped with special bodywork. In 1932,Audi merged with
  7. The American Revolutionary War is unknown. As was typical in the wars of the, era , disease claimed more lives than battle. Between 1775 and 1782,a smallpox
  8. The K70 for its own range, spelling the end of NSU as a separate brand. Modern, era ,The new merged company was known as Audi NSU Auto Union AG, and saw the
  9. And Atropine. Ancient Azerbaijanis spoke the Old Atari language. Feudal, era ,The Sassanian turned Caucasian Albania into a vassal state in AD 252,while
  10. Team to win Le Mans since the Gulf Ford GT's in 1967. This also ends the long, era ,of the R8; however, its replacement for 2006,called the Audi R10 TDI, was
  11. Music, painting,drama, fiction,etc. Chinese styles vary greatly from, era ,to era and each one is traditionally named after the ruling dynasty. So, for
  12. Building in different nestles. Most Gothic style buildings date from that, era ,and are therefore said to be built in a neo-Gothic style. At the end of the
  13. Of Jugendstil. The last style that was popular in Amsterdam before the modern, era ,was Art Deco. Amsterdam had its own version of the style, which was called the
  14. In 1250 by heating soap together with arsenic disulfide. In the Victorian, era ," arsenic" (" white arsenic" trioxide) was mixed with vinegar and chalk
  15. Moon before the end of the 1960s. Crew This crew was unique among pre-shuttle, era ,missions in that the commander was not the most experienced member of the crew.
  16. To Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to and during the Stalin, era ,before World War II. Orwell, a democratic socialist, was a critic of Joseph
  17. And the film proved a major influence on its genre in Japan, ushering in a new, era ,of ultra-violent samurai films, known as" cruel films" ( Bangkok age). The
  18. Men under arms at one time. Armies were small by European standards of the, era , largely attributable to limitations such as lack of powder and other
  19. Dedication of the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall in Washington. In the New Deal, era ,lib era ls honored Lincoln not so much as the self-made man or the great war
  20. Music, painting,drama, fiction,etc. Chinese styles vary greatly from era to, era ,and each one is traditionally named after the ruling dynasty. So, for example
  21. The extent of her troubled childhood. Other notable issues of the DeFalco-Frenz, era ,include #252 (May 1984),with the first appearance of Spider-Man's black
  22. S freelance photography career at the newspaper The Daily Bugle. The Lee-Ditko, era ,continued to usher in a significant number of villains and supporting
  23. Same class as Irma Rush, whom he married in April 1957. The early Khrushchev, era ,offered unique opportunities for young film directors. Before 1953,annual film
  24. Sunni's population, as it was battling against the Sunni Ottoman Empire. Modern, era ,After the Safavid's, the area was ruled by the Iranian dynasties of Afghan and
  25. Especially following the collapse of the And dynasty and in the early Qatar, era , The brief and successful Russian campaign of 1812 was concluded with the
  26. Then the plans and photographs. No buildings designed by Speer in the Nazi, era ,remain in Berlin; a double row of lampposts along the Stress DES 17. June
  27. The full restoration of the Union was the work of a highly contentious postwar, era ,known as Reconstruction. The war produced about 1,030,000 casualties (3 % of
  28. Cursives. The Hebrew and Bataan alphabets, as they stood by the Roman, era , were little changed in style from the Imperial Aramaic alphabet. A Cursive
  29. Popular 1977 space op era , Star Wars. Birth of a company and the end of an, era ,(1959–1965) Starting with Fashion,Kurosawa's productions had become
  30. Agriculture was considered part of the set of seven mechanical arts. Modern, era ,image of the above farms. To the untrained eye, this image appears a
  31. The most important supporting character to be introduced during the Romina, era ,was Mary Jane Watson, who made her first full appearance in #42,(Nov. 1966)
  32. To 1913. *Inter-war, sometimes called the Golden Age,1919 to 1938. *Postwar, era , also called the jet age,1946 to the present day. Methods of lift Lighter than
  33. This effort was in-line with the company's heritage from the 1930s racing, era ,Silver Arrows. Through the early 1990s,Audi began to shift its target market
  34. The emergence of Audi as a separate brand for the first time since the pre-war, era , Volkswagen introduced the Audi brand to the United States for the 1970 model
  35. Of City Lights, the list does not contain any films of the early silent, era , The reason is that Tchaikovsky saw film as an art as only a relatively recent
  36. Alexander has figured in works of both high and popular culture from his own, era ,to the modern day. In the Middle Ages he was created a member of the Nine
  37. Superhero series Daredevil. Other notable first appearances in the Lee-Romita, era ,include the Rhino in #41 (Oct. 1966),the Shocker in #46 (March 1967),the
  38. In Buenos Aires. Football The club was the most successful team in the amateur, era ,of Argentine football, winning 10 of the 14 league championships contested.
  39. Education, most notably in scientific and technical subjects. In the Soviet, era , lit era cy and av era ge education levels rose dramatically from their very low
  40. Which were received skeptically at first. In another major paper from this, era , Einstein gave a wave equation for de Bogie waves, which Einstein suggested
  41. Heroic-looking than Ditko's – became the model for two decades. The Lee-Romita, era ,saw the introduction of such characters as Daily Bugle managing editor Robbie
  42. Ἀπόλλων had almost superseded all other forms by the beginning of the common, era , but the Doric form Απέλλων is more archaic, derived from an earlier *Απέλjων.
  43. Would become one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters. The Conway-Andru, era ,also featured the first appearances of the Man-Wolf in #124-125 (Sept. -Oct.
  44. Major-Gen era l AZI Aslant was awarded twice Hero of the Soviet Union. Republic, era ,Following the politics of glasnost, initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev, civil
  45. Alchemy continued in this way through the dawning of the Renaissance. The, era ,also saw a flourishing of con artists who would use chemical tricks and sleight
  46. The native of Harm ", a city that was part of the Greater Iran during his, era ,and now is in modern day Uzbekistan He wrote a treatise in the Arabic language
  47. Peaked in the early twentieth century, especially during the Modernist, era , and waned somewhat thereafter. Nevertheless, a number of recent publications
  48. The provisional government that ran the American Revolutionary War. It was an, era ,of constitution writing—most states were busy at the task—and leaders felt the
  49. 19th and 20th centuries. Programs of ethnographic study originated in this, era ,as the study of the" human primitives" overseen by colonial administrations.
  50. Diaries, provide a unique and personal look into the personalities of the Nazi, era , and have become much valued by historians. Speer was aided in shaping the

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