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  1. For growth and repair of body tissues. Nucleic acids are important for the, manufacturing ,of DNA, RNA and transmission of characters to offspring through genes. Carbonic
  2. Industrial history is reflected in dozens of 19th- and early twentieth-century, manufacturing ,sites in the city. Economy Aachen has many spin-offs from the
  3. In Group such as Bentley and Seat had suffered considerable losses. Audi has 7, manufacturing , plants around the world: Ingolstadt, Germany since 1969,Neckarsulm, Germany
  4. Light and fuel for the people, and a number of industries using the gas for, manufacturing , In fact a large glasswork was established at Radcliff. When Rudyard Kipling
  5. With an intermediate-power cartridge effective to 300 meters. To reduce, manufacturing ,costs, the 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge case was shortened, the result of which
  6. Of his brother, investment banker Dan Case. In May 1983,Jim Kinsey became a, manufacturing ,consultant for Control Video, which was near bankruptcy. Kinsey was brought in
  7. To launch from earth may someday be mined from asteroids and used for space, manufacturing ,and construction. Fiction Asteroids and the asteroid belt are a staple of
  8. It in other banks, land sales, canal construction, cotton production, and, manufacturing , boomed. Then, in 1836,Jackson issued the Specie Circular, which required
  9. The suggestion that Babbage's designs could not have been produced using the, manufacturing ,technology of his time. Swedish engineers Georg and Edvard Schultz had made a
  10. Under the Play ford Government, which advocated Adelaide as a safe place for, manufacturing ,due to its less vulnerable location. Seventy thousand men and women enlisted
  11. Replaced the ferries. Today, tourism,Astoria's growing art scene, and light, manufacturing ,are the main economic activities of the city. It is a port of call for cruise
  12. Eli Whitney is sometimes credited with developing the armory system of, manufacturing ,in 1801,using the ideas of division of labor, engineering tolerance, and
  13. 95 per cent of the Azerbaijani economy. Diversification of the economy into, manufacturing ,industries remain a long-term issue. Business environment In 2008,Azerbaijan
  14. Can also be due to certain texture patterns which are often produced during, manufacturing ,of the material. In the case of rolling," stringers" of texture are produced
  15. 10, 1997,Apple introduced the Apple Store, tied to a new build-to-order, manufacturing ,strategy. 1998–2005: Return to profitability On August 15, 1998,Apple
  16. Innovation, pursued research and development and Access Business Group handled, manufacturing ,and logistics for Amway, Quixtar, and third party clients. The main difference
  17. Health care, and banking, and various heavy industries, including automobile, manufacturing , mineral extraction, steel production and fabrication. According to the United
  18. Components of the specific alloy, but also as a result of heat treatments and, manufacturing ,processes. A lack of knowledge of these aspects has from time to time led to
  19. Against Me!, a punk band sometimes referred to as AM. In engineering * Additive, manufacturing , a collection of techniques used to make objects from 3D data, usually layer
  20. Is a field of engineering that combines aerodynamics, materials technology, and, manufacturing , methods to achieve balances of performance, reliability,and cost. The main
  21. The remains of the U. S. automobile manufacturer Rickenbacker, including the, manufacturing ,equipment for eight-cylinder engines. These engines were used in Audi Zwickau
  22. Have allowed Alberta to develop many other industries. Oilpatch-related, manufacturing ,is an obvious example, but financial services and government services have also
  23. Glass production, nonferrous metal alloys, and electronic semiconductor, manufacturing , Inorganic arsenic is also found in coke oven emissions associated with the
  24. Car market while Audi held only 0.1 %. Post–World War II Like most German, manufacturing , at the onset of World War II the Auto Union plants were retooled for military
  25. Most Alabama's economic growth is due to the state's expanding automotive, manufacturing ,industry. Located in the state are Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Hyundai
  26. Events, as found by the Apollo 13 Review Board investigation, based on detailed, manufacturing ,records and logs. Tanks storing cryogenic, such as liquid oxygen and liquid
  27. Wheatley. The South Australian Government in this period built on former wartime, manufacturing ,industries. International manufacturers like General Motors Holden and Chrysler
  28. Are the largest employers in Ames. Other area employers include a 3M, manufacturing , plant; Sauer-Danfoss, a hydraulics manufacturer; Marilla, a pasta manufacturer;
  29. To export markets, namely textiles, metallurgy,or transportation-related, manufacturing ,(automotive, ships,or train cars). Agriculture has the been a key industry
  30. Shoes, silk fabric, chemicals,trucks, instruments,microelectronics, jewellery, manufacturing , software development, food processing, brandy. Agriculture - products: Fruit (
  31. The Ptolemies made commerce and revenue-generating enterprises, such as papyrus, manufacturing , their top priority. Greek culture did not supplant native Egyptian culture, as
  32. Clocks” and for its“ market Triplet ”, it is also a district of workshops and, manufacturing ,plants. * Edge of sea: from 1840,the architects Pierre-August Guiauchain and
  33. Is the site of most oil-and-gas related industry including refining and, manufacturing , Trends Alberta has always been an export-oriented economy. In line with Inns
  34. Hastened to profit by opening its ports. By 1787 Congress was unable to protect, manufacturing ,and shipping. State legislatures were unable or unwilling to resist attacks
  35. Of the oil processing business is minimal. The size of the agriculture and, manufacturing ,sectors also remains minimal. The GDP per capita for Aruba was estimated to be
  36. Competition, impeded or prevented small and medium-sized business’ entry into, manufacturing ,and thereby sharply deepened social polarization in the republic. Following the
  37. Process for the mass production of tool steel. Huntsman's process was used for, manufacturing ,tool steel until the early 1900s. With the introduction of the blast furnace to
  38. Thus, considered safe on that count, but " their products are exempt from good, manufacturing ,practice requirements related to expiration dating and from finished product
  39. Of gunpowder, Washington asked for new sources. Arsenals were raided and some, manufacturing ,was attempted; 90 % of the supply (2 million pounds) was imported by the end
  40. Is the oldest club in Ankara and associated with Ankara's military arsenal, manufacturing ,company ME. They were the Turkish Cup winners in 1972 and 1981. Their rival is
  41. Contain 5 % Sb, in pewter, and in hardening alloys with low tin content in the, manufacturing ,of organ pipes. Other applications The second main application is as a catalyst
  42. Most especially in Great Britain and in New England, led to a proliferation of, manufacturing ,and invention. Many industries, notably textiles, firearms,clocks and watches
  43. Over the next 25 years, with 14 stores by 1901,expanded from retail into, manufacturing ,baseball equipment and is still a going concern. In 1900 Spalding was appointed
  44. Thermally induced stress relief. Controlled stress relief can be done during, manufacturing ,by heat-treating the parts in an oven, followed by gradual cooling—in effect
  45. At Gone preferred. An assembly line is a, manufacturing ,process (sometimes called progressive assembly) in which parts (usually
  46. State in the country behind Indiana and Pennsylvania. Alabama's industrial and, manufacturing ,plants includes BF Goodrich Tire Manufacturing, GAF Materials Corporation, Hunt
  47. S largest employment sector is health care and social assistance, surpassing, manufacturing , in SA as the largest employer since 2006–07. The retail trade is the second
  48. Became Atari's best-selling game of all time. Atari had been in the process of, manufacturing ,another vector game, Lunar Lander, but demand for Asteroids was so high" that
  49. Of the state transitioned from agriculture to diversified interests in heavy, manufacturing , mineral extraction, education,and technology. In addition, the establishment
  50. Line Artistry (1968). Today Amway manufactures over 450 products, with, manufacturing , facilities in China, India and the United States, as well as Nutritive organic

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