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  1. Ali Shah wrote to Sir William McNaughton, discussing his plans to seize and, govern ,Hart on behalf of the British. Although the proposal seemed to have been
  2. By deputy leader Julia Gillard. The Gillard Government was commissioned to, govern ,in a hung parliament following the 2010 election. Between the 2007 federal
  3. They access the AOL service. There have been many complaints overrules that, govern ,an AOL user's conduct. Some users disagree with the TOS, citing the guidelines
  4. Currently known. Electron placement and the periodic table Several rules, govern ,the placement of electrons in orbitals (electron configuration). The first
  5. 1204. Shortly afterwards, the king reconciled with Andrew whom he appointed to, govern ,the kingdom during his son's minority. After his brother's death on 30
  6. Upholds the rule of law and is thus a theory of jurisprudence. A ruler should, govern ,his subjects by the following trinity: #Fa (法 fa3): law or principle. #Shu (
  7. Of matter, such as excluded volume interactions or electrostatic forces, govern ,the structure and behavior of colloidal suspensions. For example, the same
  8. Leads, signals and discards will be played:: * Conventions for the opening lead, govern ,how the first card to be played will be chosen and what it will mean, : *
  9. They cannot result in a universal ethic, i. e., a just natural law that can, govern ,all people, independent of place and time. The only alternative that remains to
  10. UK Labor and Blair learned from the Hawks govern ment in the 1980s on how to, govern ,when they took power in the UK. Life after politics, Hawke
  11. A Provincial Congress, or an equivalent govern mental institution, to, govern , itself,but still within the empire. The British responded by sending combat
  12. Agreed to the creation the" National Front ", a coalition which would jointly, govern ,the country. Under the deal, the presidency would alternate between
  13. Broke out in 1775. First ostensibly loyal to King George III and desiring to, govern ,themselves while remaining in the empire, the repeated pleas by the First
  14. Governed by very complex systems, they are remarkably unaware of the rules that, govern ,their own speech. Thus, linguists must resort to indirect methods to determine
  15. Actions of the Salman Brothers. Not everyone supports corporate policies that, govern ,ethical conduct. Some claim that ethical problems are better dealt with by
  16. Upon it. (Analects II,1) Another key Confucian concept is that in order to, govern ,others one must first govern oneself. When developed sufficiently, the king's
  17. 1972 3 All ER 1106). The duty of the Crown towards its subjects is to, govern ,and protect. The reciprocal duty of the subject towards the Crown is that of
  18. His king his true and faithful allegiance and obedience, so the Sovereign is to, govern ,and protect his subjects, regere et protegee subdivides sums, so as between
  19. Old and females must be 16 years old. And Palestine)--in which marriage laws, govern ,the gender-age differential. In these jurisdictions, it is illegal to have
  20. Igorevych and his boars, Andrew occupied Hatch and appointed a regent to, govern ,the principality in his name, but Prince Volodymyr III Igorevych managed to
  21. Of Narnia with the characteristics and symbols of the seven planets that, govern ,the heavens in medieval astrology. In 1978,notes from Margaret Mitchell’s
  22. The overall goal of this act is to allow the various elected leaders to, govern ,and oversee the affairs of their respective districts without the interference
  23. Used, and an, auf, hinter,in, neben, über, unter, vor, zwischen which can, govern ,either the accusative or the dative. The latter prepositions take the
  24. New Labor and Blair learned from the Hawks govern ment in the 1980s on how to, govern ,when they took power in the UK. Former Labor leader Kevin Rudd's first speech
  25. To the tenets of pataphysics. 'Pataphysics deals with" the laws which, govern ,exceptions and will explain the universe supplementary to this one ". In
  26. Supporters urged vice-president, José Barney to take the oath and, govern ,the country. Tancred Never had said that his election and the demise of
  27. They first rejected the authority of the Parliament of Great Britain to, govern ,them from overseas without representation, and then expelled all royal
  28. Programming languages. * System software includes operating systems, which, govern , computing resources. Today large applications running on remote machines such
  29. Primarily because of resentment of the British Parliament's attempts to, govern ,and tax American colonists without their consent, summarised at the time by the
  30. A" National Front," whereby the Liberal and Conservative parties would, govern ,jointly. The presidency would be determined by an alternating conservative and
  31. Testimony of 23 witnesses, Columbus regularly used barbaric acts of torture to, govern ,Hispaniola. Columbus' remains were first interred at Valladolid, then at the
  32. By optical techniques such as confocal microscopy. Many of the forces that, govern ,the structure and behavior of matter, such as excluded volume interactions or
  33. To Spain, asking the Court of Spain to appoint a royal commissioner to help him, govern , By then, accusations of tyranny and incompetence on the part of Columbus had
  34. And thus could no longer distinguish right from wrong. Governance To, govern ,by virtue, let us compare it to the North Star: it stays in its place, while
  35. And Latin. Orthography and spelling Each language may establish rules that, govern ,the association between letters and phonemes, but,depending on the language
  36. A conciliatory posture towards the political opposition that allowed him to, govern ,without major crises. The economy and industrial sector grew remarkably, but
  37. Dated as September 18, 1810 when a national junta was established to, govern ,Chile in the name of the deposed king Ferdinand VII. Depending on what terms
  38. Vulnerability, writing," I could conquer the whole of them with 50 men, and, govern , them as I pleased. " Columbus also explored the northeast coast of Cuba (
  39. That divine intervention brought about the origin of life or that divine Laws, govern ,formation of species, though many creationists (in the strict sense) would
  40. Council The Australian National Football Council's primary role was to, govern ,the game at national level to facilitate interstate representative and club
  41. Recognized the importance of a predictable and established body of law to, govern ,the conduct of citizens and businesses, and therefore adopted the richest
  42. Are often monitored by aviation authorities to ensure safe procedures. Rules, govern ,the distance from the crowds that aircraft must fly. These vary according to
  43. That all individuals should expect the equal respect and concern of those who, govern ,them as a fundamental political right. He offers a theory of compliance
  44. I don't think I have a political bone in my body. " Student rules Strict rules, govern ,student life at BYU. Some of these are based directly on the university's
  45. Social relations as an important independent factor in choosing the rules that, govern ,market life ". Ethics of property rights begins with recognizing the vacuous
  46. Their Caesar ... the world laments the death of Charles ... O Christ, you who, govern ,the heavenly host, grant a peaceful place to Charles in your kingdom. Alas for
  47. And two members of the Senate. In addition, there is a Barbuda Council to, govern ,the internal affairs of the island. Political parties and elections: More info:
  48. Another key Confucian concept is that in order to govern others one must first, govern ,oneself. When developed sufficiently, the king's personal virtue spreads
  49. Of the Earth and other planets, chemical processes and reactions that, govern ,the composition of rocks and soils, the cycles of matter and energy and their
  50. Of Base Ball Players (NAB BP). The NAB BP was the first organization to, govern ,the sport and to establish a championship. Aided by the Civil War, membership

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