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  1. Spiral structure, and are characterized by some open respiratory pores in a, row ,near the shell's outer edge. The thick inner layer of the shell is composed of
  2. This alternative structure allows ragged or jagged arrays, where each, row ,may have a different size — or, in general, where the valid range of each index
  3. Intermediate cord. In the left part there were four beads, which in the first, row ,have unitary values (1,2,3,and 4),and on the right side there are three
  4. Grove. Adelaide's inhabitants occupy 341,227 houses,54,826 semi-detached, row ,terrace or town houses and 49,327 flats, units or apartments. High
  5. Frank Samuelson and George Harbor from Norway became the first people to ever, row ,across the Atlantic Ocean. *On April 15, 1912 the RMS Titanic sank after
  6. 1999. The factory-supported Jest Racing team won at Le Mans three times in a, row ,with the Audi R8 (2000–2002),as well as winning every race in the American
  7. In The Albanians the hero confronts the arc hon baseless, sitting in the front, row , and demands to be awarded first prize for a drinking competition, which is a
  8. A tile and places it on the board. The player whose tile is in the topmost, row ,(closest to row A) goes first. If more than one player selects a tile in that
  9. Index the vector of row pointers) and one extra memory access (fetching the, row ,address),which may be worthwhile in some architectures. Meaning of dimension
  10. From May 26 through June 3,the Braves longest since 2000 when they won 16 in a, row , On May 31,the Atlanta Braves defeated the then-first place Philadelphia
  11. Fed the same 40 bytes of data for every display scan line of every character, row , the LA would read a different set of 40 bytes for every display scan line in
  12. Court) * Brian Williams (Former CL, Creator of the Online Strike (known as, row ,800) and with Kelly Ballista in May 1999 launched a class action lawsuit
  13. Would be a vector of pointers to vectors, one for each row . Thus, an element in, row ,i and column j of an array A would be accessed by double indexing (AIJ in
  14. For an obstacle formed (in the modern era) of the branches of trees laid in a, row , with the sharpened tops directed outwards, towards the enemy. The trees are
  15. Respective beads of the upper row s, it is enough to multiply by 20 (by each, row ,), the value of the corresponding account in the first row . Altogether, there
  16. Cyclically shifts the bytes in each row by a certain offset. For AES, the first, row ,is left unchanged. Each byte of the second row is shifted one to the left.
  17. It means that, within an expression containing two or more occurrences in a, row ,of the same associative operator, the order in which the operations are
  18. The center of Reweigh is a commemoration plaque to Don Album, the first man to, row ,across the Atlantic Ocean in both directions. He landed close to the memorial
  19. Terminology, these players wait for substitution" on the bench"—an area with a, row ,of seats on the sideline. Players must interchange through a designated
  20. Offset. For AES, the first row is left unchanged. Each byte of the second, row ,is shifted one to the left. Similarly, the third and fourth row s are shifted by
  21. But one season in the early 50s (1951–52). For their 60th season in a, row ,(79th overall),Roma are competing in Serie A for 2011–12. Roma have won
  22. In 2010. The Eels were formed in 2006 by Scottish club national second, row ,Martin Welsh, Club Sponsor and President of the AE RFC Ms Acquire Run, and
  23. By 20 (by each row ),the value of the corresponding account in the first, row , Altogether, there were 13 row s with 7 beads in each one, which made up 91
  24. Diatonic scales in a few keys. The keys are often arranged in one, row ,for each key scale available * Piano accordions use a musical keyboard similar
  25. According to a lookup table. ## Shifts—a transposition step where each, row ,of the state is shifted cyclically a certain number of steps. ## Columns—a
  26. Be quickly formed in forested areas. This can be done by simply cutting down a, row ,of trees so that they fall with their tops toward the enemy. An alternative is
  27. Alternative structure would be a vector of pointers to vectors, one for each, row , Thus, an element in row i and column j of an array A would be accessed by
  28. Omega Chassis CTS-V, gave them a run for their money. After four victories in a, row , the Audi's were sanctioned with several negative changes that deeply affected
  29. Had been restructured by Seaborg to its present layout, containing the actinide, row ,below the lanthanide one. This led to americium being located right below its
  30. Authors noted that Allosaurus itself has no modern equivalent, that the tooth, row ,is well-suited to such an attack, and that articulations in the skull cited by
  31. Early 1940s. Roma finished in the lower half of Serie A for five seasons in a, row , before eventually succumbing to their only ever relegation to Serie B at the
  32. Following table. Each cell represents a subshell with n and \ell given by its, row ,and column indices, respectively. The number in the cell is the subshell's
  33. Step operates on the row s of the state; it cyclically shifts the bytes in each, row ,by a certain offset. For AES, the first row is left unchanged. Each byte of the
  34. It on the board. The player whose tile is in the topmost row (closest to, row ,A) goes first. If more than one player selects a tile in that row , then the
  35. Report ranking of US colleges and universities; and, for the fourth year in a, row , ASU was ranked as one of the top" Up and Coming" universities in the US, for
  36. Name, and seems to contain the Arabic definite article morpheme all- twice in a, row ,(anomalous in terms of Arabic grammar). The more proper Arabic form might be
  37. Conductor without harming the insulation on the neighboring wires. The center, row ,of contacts are all connected to the common ground bus and attached to the odd
  38. Scale consists of two row s. The third row is a repetition of the first, row , So there is the same fingering in all twelve scales. These accordions are
  39. Closest to row A) goes first. If more than one player selects a tile in that, row , then the player whose tile is in the leftmost column (closest to 1) goes
  40. As the first of its kind for an online environment and was nicknamed for the, row ,of the arena it was held in; Row 800. Following the protest, AOL terminated the
  41. In March 1963. It broke Kurosawa's box office record (the third film in a, row ,to do so),became the highest grossing Japanese film of the year and won
  42. No buildings designed by Speer in the Nazi era remain in Berlin; a double, row ,of lampposts along the Stress DES 17. June designed by Speer still stands. The
  43. Just had to eat something, and he asked the students on the seats in the front, row ,if they would also like a biscuit. A few students took a biscuit. " Nice
  44. Block, the first row is unchanged and the shifting for second, third and fourth, row ,is 1 byte,3 bytes and 4 bytes respectively—this change only applies for the
  45. With three row s of buttons. The chromatic scale consists of two row s. The third, row ,is a repetition of the first row . So there is the same fingering in all twelve
  46. Column address increment) replacing it by a bit shift (to index the vector of, row ,pointers) and one extra memory access (fetching the row address),which may
  47. Spinning out of control (Mahler),and atonal music using the twelve-tone, row ,method of composition (Berg, Bartok and others) to create an angst ridden
  48. Have slightly different offsets). In the case of the 256-bit block, the first, row ,is unchanged and the shifting for second, third and fourth row is 1 byte,3
  49. To the Temple, situated on the top of the cliff, several houses built in a, row ,dating to the Hellenistic period have been discovered. In the east and west
  50. Then with their medial or final form. Additionally, the letter in the last, row ,may connect to the letter on its left, and then will use a medial or initial

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