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  1. Traditional archers (shooters of longbows and recurves). In either the split, finger ,or three finger s under case, the string is usually placed in either the first or
  2. Note. The fundamental technique used in the fretting hand is known as" a, finger ,per fret ", where each finger in the fretting hand plays one fret in a given
  3. Held with three finger s, or with a mechanical arrow release. Most commonly, for, finger , shooters,the index finger is placed above the arrow and the next two finger s
  4. Were twice as likely as other age groups to engage in anal stimulation (with a, finger ,or dildo). Health risks General Anal sex exposes participants to two principal
  5. Above the arrow and two finger s below the arrow is the most commonly-used, finger ,shooting method amongst English and modern North American archers who do not
  6. Bassist from the Motown era, played intricate bass lines using only his index, finger , which he called" The Hook. " There are also variations in how a bassist
  7. And three-under. Split- finger aiming requires the archer to place the index, finger ,above the knocked arrow, while the middle and ring finger s are both placed below
  8. Crutch also keeps the right hand from tiring and enables the player to keep the, finger ,pads flat on the finger holes and keys. An aspect of bassoon technique not
  9. The arrow with a finger tab, whereas the split- finger approach, having one, finger ,above the arrow and two finger s below the arrow is the most commonly-used
  10. Shooters of longbows and recurves). In either the split finger or three, finger ,under case, the string is usually placed in either the first or second joint of
  11. With a mechanical arrow release. Most commonly, for finger shooters, the index, finger ,is placed above the arrow and the next two finger s below, although several
  12. Must be provided by extending the third valve slide with the third or fourth, finger , and the first valve slide with the left-hand thumb (see Trigger or throw
  13. Use a release aid to hold the string and release it precisely, although, finger , tabs are also popular with compound bows, especially among older archers who
  14. Portion of the string is in direct contact with the flesh of the player's, finger , The fretless bass allows players to use the expressive devices of glissando
  15. 72,Range #115. It is unmarked (no headstone). His complex and intricate, finger ,picking has inspired Reverend Gary Davis, Jorma Keystone, Ry Cooper, Ralph
  16. The code was unable to give the orthography of the words; two, the human, finger ,could not encompass the whole symbol without moving, and so could not move
  17. Itself over the Internet. The program exploited was a service on Unix called, finger , Later, in 1995,Thomas Optic independently rediscovered the buffer overflow
  18. 5,base 4 abaci in the Yucatán that also computed calendar data. This was a, finger ,abacus, on one hand 0 1,2,3,and 4 were used; and on the other hand used 0,1
  19. Launching is performed crisply using a whip-like flick with their index, finger , at the end of the throw, to cause quick counter-clockwise spin (seen from
  20. Verb used of the partial dipping of a morsel held in the hand into wine or of a, finger ,into spilled blood. A possible additional use of the verb baptize in to relate
  21. To fully pressing down a string is to gently graze the string with the, finger ,at the harmonic node points on the string, which creates chime-like upper
  22. Used in the fretting hand is known as" a finger per fret ", where each, finger ,in the fretting hand plays one fret in a given position. The fretting hand can
  23. Both hands in a stationary position, the left above the right, with five main, finger ,holes on the front of the instrument (nearest the audience) plus a sixth that
  24. Is sometimes seen when a patient is asked to reach out and touch someone's, finger ,or touch their own nose. And various other recreational drugs (e.g. ketamine
  25. Banjo retuned to open G tuning DGD'g' or lower open D tuning Add' ( three, finger ,picking, frailing) are explored by Mired Patel. Eddie Peabody was the greatest
  26. And curator, A. W. Franks, was followed by an immense bequest of 3,300, finger , rings,153 drinking vessels,512 pieces of continental porcelain,1,500 netsukes
  27. Of bowls already in the head. For a right-handed bowler," forehand draw" or ", finger ,peg" is initially aimed to the right of the jack, and curves in to the left.
  28. Indians center fielder Coco Crisp. However, Crisp fractured his left index, finger ,in April and would end up missing over 50 games in. In January 2006,Epstein
  29. The ancestral mace games, and even the modern cueless variants, such as, finger ,billiards, for historical reasons. " Cue" itself came from queue, the French
  30. Taunt someone may pull an Kane face (by pulling an eyelid down with a, finger ,to expose the red underside). Characters may also have large" X" eyes to
  31. Nock, is likely to be less than if finger s were used, although,if a consistent, finger ,tab release is performed, the differences are often negligible in terms of
  32. Also popular with compound bows, especially among older archers who have used, finger ,tabs when shooting recurve bows. The release aid attaches to the bowstring just
  33. Typically off the backboard (the backboard-free, underhand version is called a, finger ,roll). The most crowd-pleasing and typically highest-percentage accuracy shot
  34. Have also been wanting. In the forelimb, the upper and lower series of carpal (, finger ,) bones scarcely alternated, but in the hind foot, the straggles overlapped
  35. To suit the need. Otherwise, dulcian technique was rather primitive, with eight, finger ,holes and two keys, indicating that it could play in only a limited number of
  36. Senegal). The ambiguous digraph" NG" represented both the sound of English ", finger ," and the of" singer ". The 1966 Bamako spelling conventions render the latter
  37. Negative pressure. (Some archers prefer three finger s under the arrow with a, finger ,tab, whereas the split- finger approach, having one finger above the arrow and
  38. Clutch ". The trigger may be an actual trigger lever which is depressed by a, finger ,or thumb (positive),or held then released (negative) but there are
  39. Vividly his unwonted happiness over it ... He ceased to speak, and put his, finger ,on the note D in the second stanza where the words 'O clouds unfold' break his
  40. On the prime, where it is used to form chords. The side of the index, finger ,of the right hand is used to sound notes on the prime, while a plectrum is used
  41. Of contact on the string instead of three finger s as most commonly used with, finger ,tabs. This allows less deformity in the string at full draw, as well as
  42. But may be able only to approximate the hand shape, for example, using one, finger ,instead of three in signing water. Deaf children from deaf families will often
  43. From their point of observation. * 1° is approximately the width of a little, finger ,at arm's length. * 10° is approximately the width of a closed fist at arm's
  44. Been plucked or picked, by " hammering on" a higher pitch or" pulling off" a, finger ,to pluck a lower fretted or open stringed note. Jazz bassists use a subtle form
  45. Uses palm-muting; but often does so without a pick, using the thumb and first, finger ,to pluck. Fretting techniques The fretting hand—the left hand for right-handed
  46. Drug candidate. He accidentally discovered its sweet taste when he licked his, finger , which had become contaminated with aspartame, to lift a piece of paper. In
  47. Australian Rules footballer Daniel Chick elected to have his left ring, finger ,amputated as chronic pain and injury was limiting his performance. Rugby union
  48. Also had a finger removed. NFL safety Ronnie Lott had the tip of his little, finger ,removed after it was damaged in the 1985 NFL season. Legal punishment *
  49. Hand from tiring and enables the player to keep the finger pads flat on the, finger ,holes and keys. An aspect of bassoon technique not found on any other woodwind
  50. Injury was limiting his performance. Rugby union player One Awake also had a, finger ,removed. NFL safety Ronnie Lott had the tip of his little finger removed after

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