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  1. Like its predecessor, the 747X family was unable to garner enough interest to, justify ,production, and it was shelved along with the 767-400ERX in March 2001,when
  2. Escobar). Pascal denounced casuistry as the mere use of complex reasoning to, justify ,moral laxity and all sorts of sins. The 18-letter series was published between
  3. Minister chose someone not on the panel's shortlist, they would be required to, justify ,this to parliament. The ABC Chairman would be nominated by the Prime Minister
  4. Your Life (1991) placed his lead character in the afterlife, put on trial to, justify ,his human fears and thus determine his cosmic fate. Critics responded to the
  5. With orthodox Islam. He also cited passages from the Qur'an in order to, justify ,his refutation of astrology on both scientific and religious grounds. However
  6. Height:665 Plataea = width:300 height:640 left:80 bottom:20 Aligners =, justify ,Colors = ID: time value: RGB (0.7,0.7,1) # ID: period value: RGB (1,0.7,0.5
  7. The Centurion, who converts. Peter baptizes the centurion, and later has to, justify ,this decision to the other Christians. Paul's ministry Paul of Tarsus, also
  8. As higher growth due to global mobility, outweigh the microeconomic losses and, justify ,continuing government intervention. A historically high level of government
  9. Oriented towards an astronomical target. Brown archaeoastronomy may, justify ,this assumption through reading historical or ethnographic sources, while Green
  10. Others, such as Rothbard, do not express a preference either way but, justify ,employment as a natural occurrence in a free market that is not immoral in any
  11. Nature later" concluded that the evidence available is not sufficient to, justify ,the publication of the original paper. " However, there still remains a
  12. Group are capable of obtaining wealth and power. Proponents of academic elitism, justify ,this belief by claiming that this is just a by-product of capitalism. African
  13. Were so far ahead of any enemy armored cruiser that it was difficult to, justify ,building more or bigger cruisers. This lead was extended by the surprise both
  14. With the waging of war, that a Christian church should never support or, justify ,war and that our Christian witness should include opposing the waging or
  15. Many waste traders sought to exploit the good name of recycling and begin to, justify ,all exports as moving to recycling destinations. Many believed a full ban was
  16. War The U. S. Government used questionable intel from Abu Zubaydah in order to, justify ,the invasion of Iraq. U. S. officials stated that the allegations that Iraq and
  17. Bush personally used Abu Zubaydah’s perceived“ value” as a detainee to, justify ,the use of the CIA's harsher interrogation techniques as well as Abu
  18. That these problems had been rectified, NASA administrators could not, justify ,risking a manned mission until additional unmanned test flights proved that the
  19. Involving the murder of children) were widely used during the Middle Ages to, justify ,Antisemitic persecution. Vampire legends Vampires are mythical creatures that
  20. Of polygamy into practice. It was reserved for his biographer Karl Beneath to, justify ,him, and to represent him as a fervent evangelist and at the same time as a
  21. Height:105 Plataea = width:720 height:75 left:65 bottom:20 Aligners =, justify ,Colors = ID: time value: RGB (0.7,0.7,1) # ID: period value: RGB (1,0.7,0.5
  22. The giving away of his money," commented biographer Joseph Wall," he would, justify ,what he had done to get that money. " Andrew Carnegie represents to somewhat
  23. Later (in the Lenses) used a probabilistic argument,Pascal's Wager, to, justify , belief in God and a virtuous life. The work done by Fermat and Pascal into the
  24. As" the decree of God by which, of Himself, from eternity, He decreed to, justify ,in Christ, believers,and to accept them unto eternal life. " God alone
  25. Rarely were" sent" down to the minors if they failed to perform. Who could, justify ,paying a slumping player millions to sit in Toledo where the major league fans
  26. Period = from:01/01/1998 till: now Time Axis = orientation: for Align bars =, justify ,Legend = orientation: vertical position: bottom columns:4
  27. Height:115 Plataea = width:720 height:90 left:65 bottom:20 Aligners =, justify ,Colors = ID: period value: RGB (1,0.7,0.5) # ID: age value: RGB (
  28. Theme in 1512. Indeed, complaining that painting did not make enough money to, justify ,the time spent when compared to his prints, he produced no paintings from 1513
  29. Height:60 Plataea = width:720 height:35 left:65 bottom:20 Aligners =, justify ,Colors = ID: time value: RGB (0.7,0.7,1) # ID: age value: RGB (0.95,0.85,0.5
  30. Is effected. These authors proved, however,that no optical system can, justify ,these suppositions, since they are contradictory to the fundamental laws of
  31. x. Y Period = from:0 till:220000 Time Axis = orientation: vertical Aligners =, justify ,Scale Major = grid color: Barbara increment:40000 start:0 Scalapino = grid color
  32. Wear the Adam Smith necktie. " In Stein's reading, The Wealth of Nations could, justify ,the Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  33. Some lines on the (then very dense) network were unprofitable and hard to, justify ,socially, and a modest program of closures began. However, the general
  34. Height:210 Plataea = height:150 left:100 bottom:50 right:100 Aligners =, justify ,Reformat = x. y Period = from:0 till:220000 Time Axis = orientation: vertical
  35. World War, Weil refused to do military service and cited the Bhagavad Gita to, justify ,his stand: he said his true dharma was the pursuit of mathematics and that was
  36. And Cassandra. In his Politics, Aristotle states that only one thing could, justify ,monarchy, and that was if the virtue of the king and his family were greater
  37. Same final argument, that " human depravity is such that men will attempt to, justify ,their own cruelty by accusing their victims of being lower than human. " It has
  38. Parts of the original object. It is essential that the conservator should fully, justify ,any such work. Complete documentation of the work; carried out before, during
  39. To the Abstract Expressionist movement and used it as a way to understand and, justify ,flat (non-illusionistic) abstract painting: After Greenberg, several
  40. Height:50 Plataea = width:720 height:25 left:65 bottom:20 Aligners =, justify ,Colors = ID: age value: RGB (0.95,0.85,0.5) # ID: filler value: gray (0.8)
  41. Year of the world, or regnal year of Augustus; much fewer does he explain or, justify ,the underlying date. " Blackburn & Holford-Strevens briefly present arguments
  42. The data to long-distance travelers, this is the best evidence we could find to, justify ,aspirin use ". Experimental Aspirin has been theorized to reduce cataract
  43. Theologically knowledgeable of al-Qaeda's members, Mamdouh Mahmud Salem, to, justify , the killings according to Islamic law. Salem referred to a famous fatwa
  44. Guided all natural processes. Such a teleological view gave Aristotle cause to, justify ,his observed data as an expression of formal design. Noting that" no animal
  45. Bespoke counting systems. Most side games do not offer sufficient win rate to, justify ,the effort of advantage play; exceptions are" Lucky ladies" and" Over/Under
  46. Victim is a police officer is not, in itself, an aggravating factor which would, justify ,more serious charge. The criteria for a charge under section 47 of the Offenses
  47. Granted a natural protection against brute-force attacks, which doesn't really, justify ,key sizes longer than 448 bits. Cryptanalysis of Blow fish There is no effective
  48. Of Henry's decision to kill some French prisoners, whilst attempting to, justify ,it and distance himself from the event - this moment of the battle is portrayed
  49. Within Samuel is the" History of David's Rise ", the purpose of which is to, justify ,David as the legitimate successor to Saul. The narrative stresses that he
  50. Extent. " Specifically, Carter disagreed with using the Copernican principle to, justify ,the Perfect Cosmological Principle, which states that all large regions and

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