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  1. Symptomatology. Becoming public in 1953,Lacan's twenty-seven-year long, seminar ,was highly influential in Parisian cultural life, as well as in psychoanalytic
  2. Seminar in Bangor, Wales,and were informed of Epstein's death during the, seminar , " I knew we were in trouble then ", Lennon said later. " I didn't have any
  3. To Bangor, Wales,in 1967,for the Maharishi Yogi's Transcendental Meditation, seminar , a policeman did not recognize her and stopped her from boarding. She later
  4. S, with the mathematician Leo Königsberg. Among those who attended this, seminar ,were Arthur Schuster and Sofia Kovalevskaya. In 1875 Kirchhoff accepted the
  5. Events, including a business plan competition and a series of seminar s. Notable, seminar ,speakers include Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Chairman of
  6. Which were then in a state of flux and under discussion in Claude Chevalley's, seminar ,; he outlined his program in his talk at the 1958 International Congress of
  7. Species, as well as in reports on recent literature. " May organized a monthly, seminar ,under the auspices of the Linear Society of New York. Under the influence of
  8. University of Königsberg in 1847 where he attended the mathematico-physical, seminar ,directed by Franz Ernst Neumann and Friedrich Julius Richest. He married Clara
  9. Includes some material from his previous work. Bennett taught an undergraduate, seminar ,at Tufts University on Darwin and philosophy, which included most of the ideas
  10. Cryonics as an important step in the Common Cause project (reference: Fedora, seminar ,in Moscow, Russia on 25.11.2006). At the request of the American Cryonics
  11. That he could have a career as a playwright. Miller enrolled in a playwriting, seminar ,taught by the influential Professor Kenneth Rowe, who instructed him in his
  12. Machine 2005,296). This had precedents in two collective-composition, seminar ,projects that Stockhausen gave at Darmstadt in 1967 and 1968: Ensemble and
  13. Humanist (typography),a class of typeface styles * Humanist (electronic, seminar ,), an email discussion list on humanities computing, described as“ an
  14. Most of Hilbert's physics investigations prior to 1912,including their joint, seminar ,in the subject in 1905. In 1912,three years after his friend's death, Hilbert
  15. As the Var Writer-in-Residence in the winter of 2006. She taught a one-quarter, seminar ,on writing about science. Differential geometry is a mathematical discipline
  16. In a foreign language, and completion of a writing class and first-year, seminar ,in writing. Through the Graduate Studies program, Dartmouth grants doctorate
  17. Truths, which seemed to be due to nothing more than perseverance ". In a late, seminar , he generalized more fully the psychoanalytic discovery of" truth — arising
  18. A graduate level seminar in the humanities at the University of Michigan. The, seminar ,was taught by Professor Eileen Pollack. While the form has existed for at least
  19. Carl Jung (1875–1961)http://www.sol.com.au/kor/12_02.htm. " Jung's, seminar ,on Kundalini yoga, presented to the Psychological Club in Zurich in 1932,has
  20. Psychologism ". This work was well received and became the subject of a, seminar ,given by Wilhelm Filthy; Husserl in 1905 traveled to Berlin to visit Filthy.
  21. Superior, but lacked the necessary background to follow the high-powered, seminar , On the advice of Tartan and Was, he moved to the University of Nancy where he
  22. Attended a weekend of personal instruction at his Transcendental Meditation, seminar ,in Bangor, Wales,and were informed of Epstein's death during the seminar . " I
  23. 1989–2000. By the early 1990s there was sufficient interest among his, seminar ,graduates to launch a collaborative implementation of his work, and the
  24. Contest held in San Francisco. Later, he conducted orchestras and attended a, seminar ,given by Nikolai Selloff. Soon after graduating from Berkeley, he moved to New
  25. Of the First-Year Tutorial, a one-semester, four-credit special topics, seminar ,that stresses methods of inquiry, critical analysis, and writing skills. All
  26. Sense of what Kay is trying to do comes from this quote, from the abstract of a, seminar ,on this given at Intel Research Labs, Berkeley:" The conglomeration of
  27. And Youth established a national committee which organized an international, seminar ,to celebrate the birth and life of the great ethical philosopher and
  28. Harder—who were also participating in Hayek's own, more general private, seminar , It was during this time that he also encountered and befriended noted
  29. His apprenticeship days working with Camp and his brother Elliot at Toby. In a, seminar ,at the Charles Schulz Museum on November 8,2008,Lazarus called his experience
  30. IPA congress in Zurich. 1950s In 1951,Lacey started to hold a private weekly, seminar ,in Paris, in which he urged what he described as" a return to Freud" that
  31. Route of the learned journal, circulating initially in duplicated volumes of, seminar ,notes; his influence was to a considerable extent personal. His influence
  32. One professor playing the game was Bob Solar, who taught an American Studies, seminar ,which included Daniel Parent, who learned of the game his professor played.
  33. Empiricists and logical positivists. Hayek presented his work to the private, seminar ,he had created with Herbert Fürth called the Pastoral. During his years at
  34. Caesium and rubidium in 1861. At Heidelberg, he ran a mathematico-physical, seminar , modelled on Neumann's, with the mathematician Leo Königsberg. Among those
  35. And among Vienna's mathematicians. In June 1936,Moritz Schick, whose, seminar , had aroused Gödel's interested in logic, was assassinated by a pro-Nazi student.
  36. The Committee on Social Thought. Hayek's first class at Chicago was a faculty, seminar ,on the philosophy of science attended by many of the University's most notable
  37. And Rudolf Carnap. Gödel then studied number theory, but when he took part in a, seminar ,run by Moritz Schick which studied Bertrand Russell's book Introduction to
  38. Admit or ordain homosexual rabbinical students. The Maori Movement's Israeli, seminar ,also rejected a change in its view of the status of homosexual conduct, stating
  39. His last undergraduate class, taught during fall semester 1977,was a freshman, seminar ,titled" Bird and Insect Photography. " One of the graduate student dormitories
  40. In addition to the Nine Ways of Knowing, students must complete a first-year, seminar , a first-year English course, and two semesters of physical education.
  41. Engineering, in 1845,while still a student. He completed this study as a, seminar ,exercise; it later became his doctoral dissertation. In 1857, he calculated that
  42. Analogies, and avoids the abstract. Typical of the courses he teaches is his, seminar ," Group Theory and Galois Theory Visualized ", in which abstract mathematical
  43. Who had become their sponsor, they traveled to Chicago to attend a Nutritive, seminar , The meeting was at a downtown hotel, with over a hundred people in attendance.
  44. And Crick had three sources for Franklin's unpublished data: 1) her 1951, seminar , attended by Watson,2) discussions with Wilkins, who worked in the same
  45. As a field of study False documents were recently the topic of a graduate level, seminar ,in the humanities at the University of Michigan. The seminar was taught by
  46. First" computer program" In 1842 Charles Babbage was invited to give a, seminar ,at the University of Turin about his analytical engine. Luigi Mens rea, a young
  47. His religious convictions. To help him clarify his career choice, he attended a, seminar ,entitled Why am I entering the Ministry?, after which he decided to change his
  48. Appointed lecturer at the Cole Critique DES Hates Études. He started with a, seminar ,on The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis in January 1964 in the
  49. Discussion list on humanities computing, described as“ an international online, seminar ,on humanities computing and the digital humanities” * The Humanist (journal)
  50. Where he continued work on Law, Legislation and Liberty, teaching a graduate, seminar ,by the same name and another on the philosophy of social science. Primary

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