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  1. Individual within it. We see no face, so it's impossible to know whether the, prospect ,facing the young man is exhilarating, or terrifying, or both. " Caspar David
  2. Vein Trophy winner) and forwards Luc Robitaille and Brett Hull. Russian, prospect ,Pavel Datsun also joined the team. The Wings posted the league's best record
  3. Government wants a referendum on the opt-outs from the EU-treaty, but the, prospect ,of the opt-outs perhaps being rejected does not look appealing. The issue is
  4. Johnny Mitchell, and Lefty O'Soul, who was at the time a mediocre pitching, prospect , Acquiring Duran helped the Yankees edge the St. Louis Browns in a tight
  5. Time. As a result of the injury, the White Sox were forced to bring up catching, prospect ,Gustavo Molina. There was a competition for the fifth starter's role between
  6. In, the team traded closer Heathcliff Slocum to Seattle for catching, prospect ,Jason Variety and right-handed pitcher Derek Lowe. Prior to the start of the
  7. Story concerned an elderly factory owner (Toshiba Minute) so terrified of the, prospect ,of a nuclear attack that he becomes determined to move his entire extended
  8. Record of chordates is poor, only molecular phylogenetic offers a reasonable, prospect ,of dating their emergence. However, the use of molecular phylogenetic for
  9. Tsars, during the first twenty years of his life, Alexander had little, prospect ,of succeeding to the throne, because he had an elder brother, Nicholas,who
  10. Had failed to perform to expectation, to the Chicago White Sox for first base, prospect ,Chris Carter. On December 14,in a blockbuster trade, the Diamondbacks acquired
  11. Of resistant bacteria. Infectious disease physicians are alarmed by the, prospect ,that effective antibiotics may not be available to treat seriously ill patients
  12. Knights were drawn to battle by feudal and social obligation, and also by the, prospect ,of profit and advancement. Those who performed well were likely to increase
  13. Had lost their majority. There was much speculation and fear about the, prospect ,of a Labor government, and comparatively little about a Liberal government
  14. New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks; in return they picked up outfield, prospect ,Austin Jackson and pitchers Phil Coke, Max Scherzo and Daniel Schwartz. Key
  15. Drafted by the New York Yankees to play center field and was also a pitching, prospect ,), unless he was traded to a selected list of other teams, which included
  16. Were at home with their father Patrick. None of the four had any immediate, prospect ,of employment. It was at this point that Charlotte came across Emily's poems.
  17. The leagues voted to move three NFL teams to the AFC. Motivated by the, prospect ,of an intrastate rivalry with the Bengals as well as by personal animosity
  18. Michael Brantley. And traded starting third basemen, Casey Blake, for catching, prospect ,Carlos Santana. However, amid the mediocrity, some key players, such as
  19. Archie Jackson, Stan McCabe, Bill Woodhull and Bill Lunsford. It was the, prospect ,of bowling at this line-up that caused England's 1932–33 captain Douglas
  20. MAD),in which each side is supposed to be deterred from a nuclear war by the, prospect ,of a universal cataclysmic disaster regardless of who" won ". Military
  21. Wealth in the conquest of Peru and was living a luxurious life in Cuzco,the, prospect ,of conquering the lands further south was very attractive to him. Given that
  22. Can be prohibitive. For people who are feeling depressed and withdrawn,the, prospect ,of having to speak to someone about their innermost problems can be off-putting
  23. And South Africa's withdrawal from the Commonwealth in 1961,ended any, prospect ,of incorporation of the territories into South Africa. An expansion of British
  24. Plans were not completely clear, but a new album was discussed and the, prospect ,of a small tour suggested. The recording sessions in May and June were a
  25. Jennings and Charon combined with Joe Kennedy, Byung-Hyun Kim, and top, prospect ,Jeff Francis to form the team's starting rotation. Other than Elton and
  26. Do the same and to consider taking a privateer's commission from England in, prospect ,of a threatened war between the Quadruple Alliance of 1718 and Spain. Teach
  27. Had one overriding significance –" Now we have God be thanked so hopeful a, prospect ,of peace. " Instead of continuing the momentum of victory, however,cracks in
  28. Of copyrighted material had occurred. Faced with declining sales and the, prospect ,of bankruptcy if it lost, Fawcett capitulated in 1955 and ceased comics
  29. Numerous Irish revolts and campaigns for independence. It was faced with the, prospect ,of battling Anglo-Irish and Ulster Scots peoples in Ireland, who alongside
  30. To sell tickets and to be profitable. Bell's inability to sign a desired, prospect ,eventually led him to believe the only way to bring a competitive parity to the
  31. Stacey began acting strangely; and the character had to come to terms with the, prospect ,that, like her mother, Jean Slater, she suffers from bipolar disorder. The
  32. Speculated that free markets have the potential to free states from the looming, prospect ,of recurrent warfare. " American political scientists John R. Oneal and Bruce
  33. Many of the major naval powers were crippled after the war. Faced with the, prospect ,of a naval arms race against the United Kingdom and Japan, which would in turn
  34. Sector and with 2008 presidential election campaigning already in motion,the, prospect ,of further effective reforms of the electricity sector is poor. Debts in the
  35. Economic, political and military policies due to a permanent war economy. " The, prospect ,of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project
  36. The proper function, however,of animating the mind by opening out for it a, prospect ,into a field of kindred representations stretching beyond its ken. " -Immanuel
  37. State representative Hugh Malone. It has served as an attractive political, prospect ,ever since, diverting revenues which would normally be deposited into the
  38. Aside from ferries, lacks any kind of mass transit facilities) and raising the, prospect ,of future urban overcrowding. Food Due in part to the growth of the expatriate
  39. And the Bolivian army fought briefly but after a few victories, and facing the, prospect ,of a total war against Brazil, it was forced to sign the Treaty of Petrópolis
  40. Three year,$24 million deal. Also, new to the lineup was highly touted Swedish, prospect ,Henrik Westerberg. The Red Wings finished the season second in the Western
  41. Men-at-arms rarely had any choice other than dismounting when faced with the, prospect ,of assaulting a fortified position. Renaissance Europe Ironically, the rise of
  42. Contemplates the likelihood of his future son being a delinquent as he was,a, prospect ,Alex views fatalistically. Omission of the final chapter The book has three
  43. Awaiting in the bosom of Abraham their resurrection, rejoice at their future, prospect , while the unrighteous are tormented at the sight of the" lake of unquenchable
  44. Relationships with the pharmaceutical industry at one time, raising the, prospect ,of a direct conflict of interest. In 2005,then American Psychiatric
  45. Also be popular with the barbarian prisoners, who were often delighted by the, prospect ,of a land grant within the empire. In the 4th century, such communities were
  46. Likely to increase their landholdings and advance in the social hierarchy. The, prospect ,of significant income from pillage, and ransoming prisoners was also important.
  47. Empire to Philippe of Enjoy, a grandson of the King of France, raised the, prospect ,of the unification of France, Spain and their respective colonies, an
  48. Of young players. The off-season was highlighted by the acquisition of top, prospect ,Andy Mate from the Boston Red Sox. The Indians had a solid offensive season
  49. And South Africa's withdrawal from the Commonwealth in 1961,ended any, prospect ,of incorporation of the territories into South Africa. An expansion of British
  50. S imperial ambitions were fiercely opposed by his subordinates; faced with the, prospect ,of rebellion, he abdicated in March 1916,and died in June of that year. His

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