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  1. Either the inhibition of or excess apoptosis. For instance, treatments aim to, restore ,apoptosis to treat diseases with deficient cell death, and to increase the
  2. Civitate DEI (Of the City of God, consisting of 22 books),which he wrote to, restore ,the confidence of his fellow Christians, which was badly shaken by the sack of
  3. As those available from conventional farming. The reconditioning of soil to, restore ,nutrients lost during the use of monoculture agriculture techniques also takes
  4. Passed Jim Crow laws, including racial segregation in public facilities, to, restore , white supremacy in the society. In 1875,the state passed the Blaine Amendment
  5. In his hometown of Kandahar. The Islamic State government took steps to, restore ,law and order. Courts started to work again. The Taliban declined. Many
  6. Or followed by one or more operations called tree rotations, which help to, restore ,the height balance of the subtrees. Lookup in an AVL tree is performed
  7. Survivors of Armageddon and those who are resurrected are then to gradually, restore ,earth to a paradise. After Armageddon, unrepentant sinners are punished with
  8. Day activities focus on ecological restoration projects using native plants to, restore ,habitats that have been damaged or destroyed by humans or invasive pests and
  9. Attacked Virus instigated and aided by Dionysus of Syracuse, in an attempt to, restore ,the Colossians king Alcestis I of Virus to the throne. When Mynas sought
  10. Were hardly enough to replenish his forces. On the other hand, Cleopatra could, restore ,his army to full strength, and since he was already engaged in a romantic
  11. Monarchy was restore d in England, the king found it politically impossible to, restore ,all the lands of former land-owners in Ireland. The" Glorious Revolution" of
  12. By General Tomoyuki Yamashina. *1954 – The Geneva Conference, an effort to, restore ,peace in Indochina and Korea, begins. *1956 – First container ship left Port
  13. Retrocomputing community of vintage Apple II collectors and users, continue to, restore , maintain and develop hardware and software for daily use of these original
  14. The real occasion of the outbreak of the war was the refusal of Athens to, restore ,the hostages some twenty years later. There was but one war, and it lasted from
  15. Longer Muslim, having reverted to pre-Islamic ignorance known as jahiliyyah. To, restore ,Islam, he said a vanguard movement of righteous Muslims was needed to establish
  16. In his hometown of Kandahar. The Islamic State government took steps to, restore ,law and order. Courts started to work again also convicting individuals inside
  17. Though currently in a state of disrepair, New York State has allocated funds to, restore ,this treasure. There are several buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, including the
  18. Even small ones, from the Acropolis and its slopes and the attempt was made to, restore ,as much as possible using reassembled original material - with new marble from
  19. Can still be seen. Creation of the museum The Polish government decided to, restore ,Auschwitz I and turn it into a museum honoring the victims of Nazism;
  20. By another of the The bans under Maldives and Digimon, who obliged Alexander to, restore ,the conquered towns to the Thessalian, confine himself to Pherae, join the
  21. Expressed his admiration for President Vladimir Putin's attempts to, restore ,a sense of national pride in Russia. Putin signed a decree conferring on
  22. The symptoms of illness. Acupuncture is described as manipulating the QI to, restore ,balance. Blood TCM asserts that blood is propelled by QI, that the 100 blood “
  23. Begins to become active in American waters. Danneskjöld's action is to, restore ,to other creative people the money, in gold, which was unjustly taken away from
  24. Of lands perceived in Bulgaria as its own. In 1915 Germany promised to, restore ,the boundaries according to the Treaty of San Stefano and Bulgaria, which had
  25. Apollo 11's 40th anniversary in 2009,NASA spearheaded an effort to digitally, restore ,the existing videotapes of the mission's live televised moonwalk. After an
  26. Europe, Latin America, and Canada. The primary purpose of the trips was to, restore ,the reputation of The Bahamas in these markets. Financial services constitute
  27. Groups work to protect birds, either by passing laws that preserve and, restore ,bird habitat or by establishing captive populations for reintroductions. Such
  28. Withdrawal symptoms begin to subside as the body and central nervous system, restore ,alcohol tolerance and GAZA functioning towards normal. Causes A complex mixture
  29. Lincoln ordered General Nathaniel P. Banks to promote a plan that would, restore ,statehood when 10 % of the voters agreed to it. Lincoln's Democratic opponents
  30. Father cannot kill her. Eventually, Cinyras takes his own life in an attempt to, restore ,the family's honor. Myrrh gives birth to a baby boy named Adonis. Aphrodite
  31. Prevailed upon Gratin, Valentinian and Theodosius to reject requests to, restore ,the Altar. Death and legacy Soon after acquiring the undisputed possession of
  32. Otimes \tau (x) ) k^2 \rho (x) for k ∈ K. One can rescue this attempt and, restore ,linearity by imposing additional structure, by defining a map Δ: A → A × A, and
  33. Becoming increasingly dominant again. After the 1968 season, in an effort to, restore ,balance, the strike zone was reduced and the height of the pitcher's mound was
  34. The area was also frequently raided by the Afghans. Hasan Ali Shah managed to, restore ,order in German, as well as in Bam and Armchair, which were also held by
  35. In his joy. The agile Selkirk, catching two or three goats a day, helped, restore , the health of Rogers' men. Rogers eventually made Selkirk his mate, giving him
  36. When the peace treaty was signed in February 1828,Abbas Mira sought to, restore ,order in the province of Khoisan, which was nominally under Persian supremacy
  37. As hostages. After the death of Cleomenes and the refusal of the Athenians to, restore ,the hostages to Leotychides, the Aeginetans retaliated by seizing a number of
  38. Each insertion, at most one of the following cases needs to be resolved to, restore ,the entire tree to the rules of AVL. There are four cases which need to be
  39. Either the club or the players. To address this growing practice, and to, restore ,integrity to the game, at its December 1868 meeting the NAB BP established a
  40. Are involved in them. These projects are part of a vision to protect and, restore ,the indigenous biodiversity. Niger Since 1975,Niger has
  41. The interested parties, and the dignity of the Holy See. To remedy this and to, restore ,the old established chancery style, the Pope selected out of the many then
  42. Sources, killing off vulnerable insect and fish species and blocking efforts to, restore ,native life. Vehicle emissions control reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides
  43. The Bahamas became a haven for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard. To, restore ,orderly government, The Bahamas were made a British crown colony in 1718 under
  44. Josiah, Amulek, and EEPROM on a mission among the Parasites in an attempt to, restore ,their loyalty to both the Church and the state. Alma and his companions had
  45. By the terms of the Thirty Years' Peace (445 BC) Athens covenanted to, restore ,to Regina her autonomy, but the clause remained a dead letter. In the first
  46. Discipline The government of Bioko Boris elected in 2009 undertook steps to, restore ,economic growth, while attempting to maintain a strict financial policy. The
  47. Besides visual impairment. Tested the effect of using gene therapy to help, restore ,the sight of patients with a rare form of inherited blindness, known as Lever
  48. Is active, but does not inhibit normal sleep. These medications can also, restore ,sexual drive, although this is a negative side effect and not a reason for the
  49. In 1089,there was only one, Wulfstan II of Worcester. Alfred did much to, restore ,discipline in the monasteries and churches under his authority, He added a
  50. It in the long-term. Such a war could not be preemptive, but defensive, to, restore , peace. Thomas Aquinas, centuries later, used the authority of Augustine's

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