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  1. Puerto, started offering the group career advice that turned out to be so, smart ,and sensible that eventually he became the band's new manager. Under Puerto
  2. 2006 Commonwealth Bank and MasterCard ran a six-month trial of the contactless, smart ,card system Bypass in Sydney and Wollongong, supplementing the traditional
  3. In contexts that are more formal. The adjectives mad meaning" angry ", smart ,meaning" intelligent ", and sick meaning" ill" are also more frequent in
  4. In a student hostel, while in the Third Girl he is forced into contact with the, smart ,set of Chelsea youths. In the growing drug and pop culture of the sixties, he
  5. Claimed that" Garner's fiction is something special" in that it was ", smart ,and challenging, based in the here and the now, in which real English places
  6. Christian. Carl was the fourth of their six children. Rogers was quite, smart ,and could read well before kindergarten. Following an education in a strict
  7. Had thrown 104 pitches, in relief to keep it a one-run game. It proved to be a, smart ,move, as Johnson retired all four Yankees he faced. With the Yankees ahead 2–1
  8. The fielder is credited with a putout). The rule works this way because a, smart ,fielder can theoretically purposely bobble the ball and run with it at the same
  9. يكون ذكياً – Yumkinuhu an yard an yakuza Pakistan. — He can appear (to be), smart , *Japanese: 吾輩は猫である。名前はまだない。 Weight Wei Nero de ARU. Name Wei made Nazi – I am a
  10. Different ways, allowing a semantics-level representation of the session and a, smart ,recombination and transformation of this material in real-time. In offline
  11. If handled correctly. Farmer Giles learns that he can be bullied, but is, smart ,enough not to push him to desperation. Caudimordax is the Latin
  12. On the card. However, financial institutions are in the process of rolling out, smart ,cards with integrated circuits (" chips" ) that will enable verification by
  13. Devices with SCSI were more expensive than ATA devices due to the need for a, smart ,interface that is capable of bus arbitration. SCSI typically added US$ 100-300
  14. For ECC-systems is the danger of fault attacks, especially when running on, smart ,cards. Quantum computing attacks Elliptic curve cryptography is vulnerable to a
  15. On a two-stage plan to reunite Germany. *1991 – Gulf War: Two laser-guided ", smart ,bombs" destroy the Mariyah shelter in Baghdad. Allied forces said the bunker
  16. Quickly transforming once-industrial West Midtown into a shining model of, smart ,growth. While the infill growth has slowed somewhat during the Late-2000s
  17. For creating and maintaining secure Bluetooth pickets, headsets,and, smart ,card readers. Bluetooth v2.1 - finalized in 2007 with consumer devices first
  18. Known as the developer of the BlackBerry) S * smart Canada manufacturer of the, smart ,for two, part of Mercedes-Benz Canada *Sunward Aerospace Group Limited (model
  19. 马达/馬達 made" motor ", 幽默 you" humor ", 逻辑/邏輯 Luigi" logic ", 时髦/時髦 Shimano ", smart , fashionable" and 歇斯底里 xiēsīdǐlǐ" hysterics ". The bulk of these words were
  20. That show differences in frequency, connotation or denotation (for example, smart , clever, mad ). Some differences in usage and/or meaning can cause confusion or
  21. Trademarks * Koontz is an avid dog lover, and canines (typically an unusually, smart ,Golden or Labrador Retriever) often feature prominently in his works: Fear
  22. Unlocks for individual players (but cannot store edits) using a globalized, smart ,card inserted into a slot unit installed atop the sides of the cabinet on top
  23. Is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's how the, smart ,money bets. " A heavy drinker as a young man, he seems to have quit the bottle
  24. Advancement of this practice involves installing dedicated applications on a, smart ,phone with a built-in GPS receiver. Seekers can search for and download caches
  25. Just incisive. He detected microscopic flaws in logic. In a room full of, smart ,scientists, Francis continually earned his position as the heavyweight champ.
  26. In any setting and can also support fixed location applications such as, smart ,energy functionality in the home (thermostats, etc.). Wi-Fi is a wireless
  27. Of a new city planning paradigm towards intelligent cities. Intelligent /, smart ,cities use technology and communication to create more efficient agglomerations
  28. Of players spend most of their time playing this way. Reynolds felt that, smart ,computer opponents are an integral part of a classic computer game, and
  29. Identity Module, commonly known as a SIM card. The SIM is a detachable, smart ,card containing the user's subscription information and phone book. This
  30. To existing key fob tokens for data security. The world’s first ISO compliant, smart ,card with an embedded display was developed by Innovative Card Technologies and
  31. In an image and can be used to help blend images. GIMP also has a selection of, smart ,tools, which are tools that use a more complex algorithm to enable a user to do
  32. Copyright Act. Access to encrypted channels can be controlled by a removable, smart ,card, for example via the Common Interface (DVB-CI) standard for Europe and
  33. Though he has occasionally included cats as characters, most notably the, smart ,feline Mungojerrie in the Christopher Snow novels, Terrible Chester in the Odd
  34. Flux icon process mining technology * http://www.ioniqa.com Monica:, smart ,magnetic materials. * http://www.novameer.com/ November: polymer composite
  35. Of excess Internet use more than other providers. About 3 percent of AT&T, smart ,phone customers account for 40 percent of the technology's use. 98 percent of
  36. A JavaScript based framework that allows developers to create applications for, smart ,phones. * WebOS uses the WebKit implementation of JavaScript in its SDK to
  37. Management System is the foundation of Orion's initiative. The system of, smart ,grid technologies will significantly improve the network company's ability to
  38. Weapon accuracy when" unguided" gravity bombs are equipped with a GPS-aided ", smart ," guidance tail kit. It can bomb 16 targets in a single pass when equipped with
  39. Was created by Sberbank around 1995–1996. It uses BGS Smart card Systems AG, smart ,card technology that is, DUET. Sberbank was a single retail bank in USSR before
  40. Company. Supporting the VAX's success was the VT52,one of the most successful, smart ,terminals. Building on earlier less successful models (the VT05 and VT50)
  41. Users, such as passwords, identification cards, and,more recently, smart ,cards and biometric systems. * Anti-virus software consists of computer
  42. Information on a portable computer with internet access or with a web-enabled, smart ,phone. The latest advancement of this practice involves installing dedicated
  43. They don't care whether their plays are art: But only whether the words are, smart ,;: They waste our time with quibbles and quarrels, : Destroying our patience as
  44. Of Algiers, The Crowned Heart and the park of Garland. It is bordered by, smart ,stores and restaurants along most of its length. It is regarded as the heart of
  45. Advantage of poor security implementations, architecture and development for, smart ,phone applications. Some wiretapping and eavesdropping techniques hijack the
  46. Character-type is often serious, all-knowing (even if not particularly, smart ,), bossy and cocky. He is the ultimate authority figure. He serves the role of
  47. The Guild of Tuckers and Weavers, a fine old building that is still used for, smart ,functions. * The Custom House in the attractive Quay area, which is the oldest
  48. As the life involved no action, but enormous efforts spent making the ships look, smart ,at all times. Sudan Campaign Beatty gained recognition in the campaign for the
  49. And the other one developed internally by Les Echos. Displays embedded in, smart ,cards * Flexible display cards enable financial payment cardholders to generate
  50. A user to do things that otherwise would be time-consuming or impossible; these, smart ,tools include the clone tool that copies pixels using a brush, the healing

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