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  1. Command. The soldiers slew more than 6,000 people in the Temple courtyard. This, incident ,during Tabernacles was a major factor leading up to the Judea Civil War by
  2. Country ever to have been the victim of an atomic bombing),and one particular, incident ,in March had exposed a Japanese fishing boat to nuclear fallout, with
  3. The 1974 movie Houston,We've Got a Problem, while set around the Apollo 13, incident , is a fictional drama about the crises faced by ground personnel, when the
  4. He lived for many years. The Chronic de San Juan de la Peña also recounts the, incident , but it depends entirely on Rodrigo and the Estates Peninsular. It is not
  5. For space mission launches. ABC was showing the Dick Caveat Show when Apollo 13, incident , happened. That night Dick Caveat mentioned the mission on his show, saying how
  6. Implicated as a factor in Alzheimer's disease. The Camel ford water pollution, incident ,involved a number of people consuming aluminum sulfate. Investigations of the
  7. Six members of the city police and the brother of an ex-mayor. In the second, incident ,the headless bodies of 15 young men were found dumped near the Plaza Senders
  8. Alien in enemy occupied territory). The natural allegiance and obedience is an, incident ,inseparable to every subject, for as soon as they are born they owe by
  9. Human nature. No crime can arise without reminding Miss Marple of some parallel, incident ,in the history of her time. Miss Marple's acquaintances are sometimes bored by
  10. Notes below) Launch incident The mission began with a little-known smaller, incident ,: during the second-stage boost, the center (inboard) engine shut down two
  11. 1945 – Physicist Harry K. Dalian, Jr. is fatally irradiated in a criticality, incident ,during an experiment with the Demon core at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  12. Of the propellant valves of all five second-stage engines. Oxygen tank, incident ,Explosion En route to the Moon, approximately from Earth, Mission Control asked
  13. Take the throne as emperor. Accounts vary wildly with regard to this private, incident ,and according to more modern sources, it is quite possible that Claudius died
  14. Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. *1969 – The EC-121 shoot down, incident ,: North Korea shoots down a United States Navy aircraft over the Sea of Japan
  15. A hysteria develops soon after, causing the local newspapers to report the, incident , Authorities responding to public pressure order the collection and cremation
  16. Of Azov between the Deeper and Don Rivers. After a few centuries, following an, incident ,where the Goths' women successfully fended off a raid by a neighboring tribe
  17. On March 13, 2010 and another 15 deaths on January 8,2011. Among the first, incident ,'s dead were six members of the city police and the brother of an ex-mayor. In
  18. My training [on Apollo 8] came in handy! " In that book he dismissed the, incident ,as a" planned experiment ", requested by the ground crew. This time they gave
  19. Friend Theseus, who carried off the princess ANTIOPE, sister of Hippolyta,an, incident ,which led to a retaliatory invasion of Attica, in which ANTIOPE perished
  20. Men were executed and a fifth committed suicide prior to his own execution. The, incident ,became known as the Haymarket affair, and was a setback for the labor movement
  21. 80 billion in damage. *2007 – 2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons, incident ,: six US cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads are flown without proper
  22. The Apollo 13 review board considers the probability of tank damage during this, incident ,to be" rather low ". The gas evaporated in hours rather than days. The
  23. Later shown to have been contaminated with host animal CNS tissue, have ADAM, incident ,rates as high as 1 in 600. Treatment No controlled clinical trials have been
  24. As he felt that it would only have been funny to the people familiar with the, incident , Albert may refer to: * Albert (surname),a family name (and people with
  25. Exalted light in the cave, Shia sources however generally tend to portray the, incident ,in the cave as a Quranic condemnation of Abu Bakr for cowardice and fear. Life
  26. Abu Bakr, and beat him mercilessly till he lost consciousness. Following this, incident ,Abu Bakr's mother converted to Islam. Abu Bakr was persecuted many times by
  27. Junk 306; 2 State Try 559; 77 ER 377). Natural allegiance and obedience is an, incident ,inseparable to every subject, for as soon as the Sovereign is born, they owe
  28. Surface. It is defined as the ratio of reflected radiation from the surface to, incident ,radiation upon it. Being a dimensionless fraction, it may also be expressed as
  29. Generating immediately available sugar and oxygen through photosynthesis using, incident ,light and the carbon dioxide produced in the host. Endosymbiosis algae in the
  30. Spain, a country with which the U. S. was not at war, created an international, incident , Many in the Monroe administration called for Jackson to be censured. The
  31. Warhol's assertion of virginity would seem to be contradicted by an, incident ,recounted by one biographer, his hospital treatment in 1960 for condylomota, a
  32. By Ron Howard and Tom Hanks. Because their film Apollo 13 covered the, incident ,from the crew's perspective the story is instead presented from the
  33. Had alleged that in writing Inside the Third Reich, he erred in reporting an, incident ,that happened at another conference at Pose a year later, as happening in
  34. Into a bitter rivalry between the two men. Particularly notable was an, incident ,at the April 13, 1830,Jefferson Day dinner, involving after-dinner toasts.
  35. The jungle on Guam on approach to airport, killing 228. *2001 – Er wadi fire, incident , 28 mentally ill persons tied to chain were burnt to death at a faith based
  36. A week later). *1998 – Olaf bomb in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist, incident ,of The Troubles *1999 – Ben Unit massacre in Algeria; some 29 people are
  37. And Egypt; and was an initiate in several cults or mysteries. The most famous, incident ,in his life was when he was accused of using magic to gain the attentions (and
  38. Glint of light off water is a commonplace effect of this. At small angles of, incident ,light, waviness results in reduced reflectivity because of the steepness of the
  39. Actor, Shintaro Bats—creator of the very popular Satoshi character—due to an, incident ,in which the actor insisted, against the director's wishes, on videotaping his
  40. Of suffering for his principles. " The annual poll tax was only $1.50. The, incident ,inspired Henry David Thoreau, whose similar protest led to a night in jail and
  41. Of the reflectivity-vs. - incident -angle curve and a locally increased average, incident ,angle. Albedo and climate in some areas are affected by artificial clouds, such
  42. Fears by confronting them directly. Some commentators have suggested that this, incident ,would influence Kurosawa's later artistic career, as the director was seldom
  43. According to a cosine function, so their albedo does not depend on the, incident ,distribution. In practice, a bidirectional reflectance distribution function (
  44. Film, No Regrets for Our Youth (1946),inspired by both the 1933 Tokugawa, incident ,and the Costume Oak wartime spy case, criticized Japan's prewar regime for
  45. Future of defeated Germany, is concluded. *1964 – Vietnam War: Gulf of Tonkin, incident ,– North Vietnamese gunboats allegedly fire on the U. S. destroyers and. *1968 –
  46. The Origin of Species, Wallace became one of its staunchest defenders. In one, incident ,in 1863 that particularly pleased Darwin, Wallace published the short paper "
  47. They refused to listen to him. It is here that the Our'panic narrative of the, incident ,sharply contrasts with the Biblical story, which blames Aaron for making the
  48. Down a revolt due to activities of wicked ministers. This may have been an, incident ,in Bindusara's times. Taranatha's account states that Canada, one of
  49. 15, 1970,00:21:00 UTC; (possibly a record; see Mission notes below) Launch, incident ,The mission began with a little-known smaller incident : during the second-stage
  50. In confined spaces, it is known to result in death due to asphyxiation. A 1994, incident , in which a man was asphyxiated after entering an argon filled section of oil

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