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  1. Of him was taken. He was still only 20 years old, yet now there was an, expectation ,that he would help with the rebuilding of the club as Busby's aides tried to
  2. With the present perfect (to express a fact) or the simple past (to imply an, expectation ,). This American style has become widespread only in the past 20 to 30 years;
  3. An energy; say the energy of the nth standing wave is E_n. The vacuum, expectation ,value of the energy of the electromagnetic field in the cavity is then: \angle
  4. CGI, were stored in the much lower-definition NTSC digital format. (Again,the, expectation ,was that it would be relatively cheap in the future to recreate the CGI in
  5. A higher chance of occurring, and brings about a higher degree of subjective, expectation ,in the viewer. By" chance ", he means all those particular comprehensible
  6. Sign whatsoever, and the combination of creation and annihilation operators has, expectation ,value 1 or 0. So one has to introduce the charge conjugate antiparticle field
  7. A deal was on the table. However, as Robert Kennedy noted, there was little, expectation ,it would be accepted. At 9:00 pm EDT, the COMM met again to review the
  8. Or commercial buyers, generally purchase coins in bulk and often act with the, expectation ,of short-term profit. They may wish to take advantage of a spike in demand for
  9. H=\sum_ E (k) a\dagger_k a_k, \,then one sees immediately that the, expectation ,value of H need not be positive. This is because E (k) can have any sign
  10. However, the formalism of quantum field theory makes it clear that the vacuum, expectation ,value summations are in a certain sense summations over so-called" virtual
  11. Collector is the hobbyist, who amasses a collection purely for fun with no real, expectation ,of profit. This is especially true of casual collectors and children who
  12. They expected from performance of the promise or promises (known as an ", expectation ,measure" or" benefit-of-the-bargain" measure of damages). When it is either
  13. Since they only ever incorporate part of their errors. The backward nature of, expectation ,formulation and the resultant systematic errors made by agents (see Cobweb
  14. To do significant damage. It being late in the day, Virginia left with the, expectation ,of returning the next day and completing the destruction of the Union
  15. Same state vector appears on both bra and KET side, this expression gives the, expectation ,value, or mean or average value, of the observable represented by operator A
  16. Contain" pessimism about the present, but optimism for the future based on the, expectation ,of an ultimate divine victory and the subsequent transformation of the cosmos "
  17. To be. These agreements are binding in the sense that the parties have the, expectation ,that the negotiated rules will be followed. Often other friends and community
  18. His colleague Sulaiman. As promised, al-Husayn was awarded Zaragoza with the, expectation ,that he would always be a subordinate of Córdoba. Within two years, however
  19. Game are generally posted on or near the table, failing which there is an, expectation ,that casino staff will provide them on request. Over 100 variations of
  20. And on the right, all the way towards the village of Braine-l'Alleud, in the, expectation ,that the Prussians would reinforce his left during the day. In front of the
  21. 3,2007 the Diamondbacks traded Carlos Quentin, who had failed to perform to, expectation , to the Chicago White Sox for first base prospect Chris Carter. On December 14
  22. That physical healing is within the anointing and so there is often great, expectation ,or at least great hope that a miraculous cure or improvement will occur when
  23. A conductor or dielectric. Consider, for example, the calculation of the vacuum, expectation ,value of the electromagnetic field inside a metal cavity, such as, for example
  24. Enables attackers to access vulnerable Bluetooth devices from a distance beyond, expectation , The attacker must also be able to receive information from the victim to set
  25. Partnership holds all four aces, so partner may reply at the seven level with, expectation ,of taking thirteen tricks. (A common agreement is that when spades are not the
  26. In this sense. One important exception is the vacuum energy or the vacuum, expectation ,value of the energy. The quantization of a simple harmonic oscillator states
  27. S revising his course within the next few hours. It was a hope, not an, expectation , The expectation was military confrontation by Tuesday, and possibly tomorrow
  28. Family members throughout the story. These are not acts of kindness with an, expectation ,of measure for measure. Rather, they are acts of heed that go beyond measure
  29. To their believing. " Natural theology developed the study of nature with the, expectation ,of finding evidence supporting Christianity, and numerous attempts were made to
  30. People are leaving support for the government because of corruption. So that, expectation ,is also not realistic at this stage. " In FY 2009,the United States resettled
  31. He reads" I am writing this with my full conscience, and I am writing this in, expectation ,of the end, which is near... God praise everybody who trained and helped me
  32. E_n (s) for the energy level, and \angle E (s) \range for the vacuum, expectation ,value. At this point comes an important observation: the force at point p on
  33. In engineering. Properties * For a non-negative random variable having an, expectation , Markov's inequality states that: \bar F (x) \LEQ \franc * As x \to \nifty
  34. Minimal administrative capacity in a fragmented society, while faced with the, expectation ,of immediately meeting the demands of a modern state. Such states are
  35. And the conversion rule from the preceding paragraph). This implies that, expectation ,values of observable are real. Properties Bracket notation was designed to
  36. Along with a coin's perceived or intrinsic value. Investors buy with the, expectation ,that the value of their purchase will increase over the long term. As with all
  37. A few new features. The iPhone 4S failed to impress critics and fans, as the, expectation ,of many was the considerably upgraded" iPhone 5 ", of which many disappointed
  38. May not. Pure altruism is giving up a value (a reward or benefit) with no, expectation ,of any compensation or benefits, either direct, or indirect (for instance from
  39. Of diesel locomotive manufacture, and rushed commissioning based on an, expectation ,of rapid electrification resulted in numbers of locomotives with poor designs
  40. v. Greenwood case in the U. S. Supreme Court held that there is no common law, expectation ,of privacy for discarded materials. There are, however,limits to what can
  41. Idea that the presence of conducting metals and dielectrics alters the vacuum, expectation ,value of the energy of the second quantized electromagnetic field. Since the
  42. Review which were recognized but not applied by English Courts viz. legitimate, expectation ,and proportionality. The powers to review administrative decisions are usually
  43. And more likely to reproduce than a person with light skin. As evidence of this, expectation ,of adverse effects of light skin in the tropics, white Australians have some of
  44. Envisaged About Bay as a temporary anchorage: on 27 July he expressed the, expectation ,that Areas had already transferred his ships to Alexandria and three days
  45. 1516),to appoint abbés commentaries to most of the abbeys in France. The, expectation ,of obtaining these sinecures drew young men towards the church in considerable
  46. The use of formal methods for software and hardware design is motivated by the, expectation ,that, as in other engineering disciplines, performing appropriate mathematical
  47. His course within the next few hours. It was a hope, not an expectation . The, expectation ,was military confrontation by Tuesday, and possibly tomorrow ..." At 8:05 pm
  48. Grandmother, Elizabeth Dickens, died and bequeathed him the sum of £450. On the, expectation ,of this legacy, Dickens was granted release from prison. Under the Insolvent
  49. Radius. In addition, the spectral asymmetry is interpreted as a non-zero vacuum, expectation ,value of the baryon number, cancelling the topological winding number of the
  50. Will also be functions of t, or n. For processes that are also periodic,the, expectation ,can be replaced by the limit of a time average. The autocorrelation of an

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