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  1. That" After having an easy war, things have now got much more difficult. " A, colleague ,is supposed to have told him to cheer up – at which point Montgomery is
  2. British sovereign is the" Supreme governor" of the church). Along with his, colleague ,the Archbishop of York he chairs the General Synod and sits or chairs many of
  3. Half an hour per move. The game was recorded. The program lost to Turing's, colleague ,Alice Lennie, although it is said that it won a game against Champernowne's
  4. Still thinking that he had received the smaller portion. Nimzovitsch's, colleague ,Partaker observed of him," He pretends to be crazy in order to drive us all
  5. Illustrate the American transformation of diversity into unity? Puck's former, colleague , Jeremiah Tower became synonymous with California Cuisine and the overall
  6. concierge’M. Michel, a confidante, dies from a fever. Dr. Room consults his, colleague , Castle, about the illness until they come to the conclusion that a plague is
  7. Sports Personality, Play-by-Play. In 1999,Costs teamed with his then-NBC, colleague , Joe Morgan to call two weekday night telecasts for ESPN. The first was on
  8. 1864 – 19 December 1915) was a German psychiatrist and neuropsychologist and a, colleague ,of Emil Kraepelin. Alzheimer is credited with identifying the first published
  9. Colonel B. Dean Smith was conducting a test of the Gemini space suit with a, colleague ,in a pure oxygen chamber at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas,when a
  10. Wright worked with producer Bud Yoke for a few years on the project. His, colleague ,John Glenn, who left the project by 2008,stated the script explores the nature
  11. Sleep, with boring music and words impossible to understand. His Parliamentary, colleague ,Peter Slipper thought Australia should consider another anthem. " Girt" lyric
  12. Revolution by Kevin Brown, Alexander Fleming, in a letter to his friend and, colleague ,Andre Gratis, described this as" A wondrous fable. " Nor did he save Winston
  13. A Court of Vice-Admiralty on the charge of piracy, but Captain Brand and his, colleague , Captain Gordon (of HMS Pearl) refused to serve with Holloway present.
  14. To Harrison. By the end of the shoot Ford was 'ready to kill Ridley ', said one, colleague , He really would have taken him on if he hadn't been talked out of it. "
  15. Dr. James Naismith was instrumental in establishing college basketball. His, colleague ,C. O. Beams fielded the first college basketball team just a year after the
  16. Of the compound caused catastrophic defoliation — a finding later used by his, colleague ,Ian Sussex to develop the family of herbicides used in Operation Ranch Hand.
  17. Other Afroasiatic languages was observed. * Apparently influenced by Miller (a, colleague ,of his at the University of Copenhagen),Holder Pedersen included
  18. After Sarah's death, Fleming married Dr. Amalia Koutsouri-Vourekas, a Greek, colleague ,at St. Mary's, on 9 April 1953; she died in 1986. Death In 1955,Fleming died
  19. University at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management and a former, colleague ,of U. S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She gained national exposure
  20. Of Demarcates, he visited the island a second time, accompanied by his new, colleague ,Leotychides, seized ten of the leading citizens and deposited them at Athens as
  21. Its way through the judicial system. Bert and the owners were by John C. that a, colleague ,of his thought the case was not winnable, albeit he personally thought it was "
  22. Armed gang with twelve other officials in a coup d'état organized by his former, colleague , Blaine Compare. Deterioration in relations with neighboring countries was
  23. In the evolution of the game. Chairman Mills himself, who had been a Civil War, colleague ,of Doubleday and a member of the honor guard for Doubleday's body as it lay in
  24. In the flesh of Taiwanese aboriginals. Roger Casement writing to a consular, colleague ,in Lisbon on 3 August 1903 from Lake Macumba in the Congo Free State said: "
  25. By their colleague Jean Picard in 1669 as 3,269 thousand noises. Another, colleague , Ole River, discovered the finite speed of light in 1676: the speed was so
  26. Film named Gravity, which he is set to direct. He is joined by his old Potter, colleague ,David Heyman, who will produce the film. The film will be released in 2012.
  27. P. W. Bridgman, and researcher W. Horsey Gantt (a former student and, colleague ,of Pavlov). He also influenced the Belgian surrealist writer of comics Jan
  28. Zoltán Kodaly, who influenced him greatly and became his lifelong friend and, colleague , In 1903,Bartok wrote his first major orchestral work, Kossuth,a symphonic
  29. Mary Anne Lewis, the rich widow of Wyndham Lewis,Disraeli's erstwhile, colleague ,at Maidstone. Mary Lewis was 12 years his senior, and their union was seen as
  30. Reliable value for the radius of the Earth, which had been measured by their, colleague ,Jean Picard in 1669 as 3,269 thousand noises. Another colleague , Ole River
  31. Having the desired effect, R. Abbey showed special respect for his slighted, colleague ,by following him for the remainder of that day. " What," said Abbey," is my
  32. Ibn Ya hiya. The temptation was too much for Al-Hasan who murdered his, colleague ,Sulaiman. As promised, al-Husayn was awarded Zaragoza with the expectation that
  33. At work .... He was and may remain the last great textual critic. " His younger, colleague ,A. S. F. Go quotes examples of these attacks, noting that they" were often
  34. Of the photographer Radar. She became the sister-in-law of her friend and, colleague , Édouard Manet, when she married his brother, Eugène. Education Morison was
  35. In 1949,where he met James Fitzgibbon, who would become a close friend and, colleague , Fitzgibbon was director of Geodesics, Inc. and Synergetic, Inc. the first
  36. Constantine Triptychs. Alexios II was compelled to acknowledge Androids as, colleague ,in the empire and was then quickly put to death in turn; the killing was
  37. 19,he wrote a report on his work and sent it to philologist Alexander Ellis,a, colleague ,of his father (who would later be portrayed as Professor Henry Higgins in
  38. The theater director Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko that he convinced his, colleague ,Constantin Stanislavsky to direct it for the innovative Moscow Art Theatre in
  39. Nomination despite allegations of sexual harassment by Anita Hill, a former, colleague ,at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Mrs. Olson also had worked with
  40. Was carried out by emperor Diocletian (ruled 284-305) after he and his, colleague ,Galleries defeated a coalition of Pasternak and Carpi in 299. Such numbers may
  41. And when Star declined the position, Gropius turned to Stam's friend and, colleague ,in the ABC group, Hannes Meyer. Meyer became director when Gropius resigned in
  42. Weapon against socialism and statist socialist policy. Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk,a, colleague ,of Merger, wrote one of the first critiques of socialism ever written in his
  43. Of a co-owner of the Fermi general. Over time, she proved to be a scientific, colleague ,to her husband. She translated documents from English for him, including
  44. His friend Elaine Simpson in Shanghai, a fellow occultist who had been his, colleague ,in the Golden Dawn. She was fascinated by The Book of the Law and the prophetic
  45. Albert Chalmette, a French bacteriologist, and his assistant and later, colleague , Camille Turin, a veterinarian, were working at the Institute Pasteur de Lille
  46. Not in the academic graduate program. Herschel was particularly spurned by his, colleague ,Mordechai Kaplan, founder of Reconstructionist Judaism, and many students who
  47. A human or a computer. In 1948,Turing, working with his former undergraduate, colleague , D. G. Chaperone, began writing a chess program for a computer that did not
  48. Insight into Poirot's career with the Belgian police when introducing him to a, colleague ,::" You've heard me speak of Mr Poirot? It was in 1904 he and I worked
  49. To be the first reformed by the Ludovic technique. *Dr. Bran om: Brodsky's, colleague ,and co-founder of the Ludovic technique. He appears friendly and almost
  50. Orthodox belief in the Nicene creed, the younger Palestinian II, who became his, colleague ,in the Empire, adhered to the Arian creed. Ambrose did not sway the young

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