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  1. De Hello and 21 other employees. * 2003 – A Hamas planned suicide attack on a, bus ,in Jerusalem kills 23 Israelis,7 of them children in the Jerusalem bus 2
  2. Put the CSM entirely on batteries. They were unable to maintain normal 28V DC, bus ,voltages into the heavy 75 amp launch loads. One of the AC inverters dropped
  3. For video, I/O. Draco also offers an Amiga-compatible ZORRO-II expansion, bus ,and introduced a faster custom Jaco bus , capable of 30 MB/sec transfer rates (
  4. Airport was awarded the" European Airport of the Year 2004" Award. An express, bus ,service is provided, connecting the airport to the metro system, and 2 express
  5. On a bus in Jerusalem kills 23 Israelis,7 of them children in the Jerusalem, bus ,2 massacres. *2005 – The first-ever joint military exercise between Russia and
  6. Are not for tourists only, but are certainly the nicest and most uniform of the, bus ,systems. These bus es travel the tourist section of Acapulco, driving up and
  7. Restarted rolling the film, his end result was that he had managed to make a, bus ,transform into a hearse. This was just one of the great contributors to
  8. King Street, soon to be redeveloped into a new Global Headquarters and Aberdeen, bus ,depot. Stagecoach Group also run bus es in Aberdeen and Aberdeen shire, under the
  9. Q %22Algebraic+Geometry%22&hl en# 100&as_subj, bus ,economics, http://scholar.google.co.uk/scholar? Q %22Algebraic+Geometry%22&hl
  10. To the other designated areas, especially during slow periods of the day. The, bus ,system is highly complex, and can be rather confusing to an outsider. As far as
  11. Thermostat were originally designed for the command module's 28-volt DC, bus , The specifications for the heater and thermostat were later changed to allow a
  12. Buses in Aberdeen and Aberdeen shire, under the Stagecoach Bluebird brand. Other, bus ,companies (e.g. Mega bus ) run bus es from the bus station to places north and
  13. Distinct bus subsystems, namely,the chipset bus and the CPU bus . The chipset, bus ,allows the custom coprocessors and CPU to address" Chip RAM ". The CPU bus
  14. In Austin,73 % drive alone,10 % carpool,6 % work from home,5 % take the, bus , 2 % walk, and 1 % bicycle. Highways Central Austin is essentially bracketed by
  15. Mueller Municipal Airport was the commercial airport of Austin. Intercity, bus ,service Greyhound Lines operates the Austin Station at 916 East Koenig Lane
  16. The adventures of Christopher McCandless, who died in a remote abandoned, bus ,along the Stampede Trail west of Healy in 1992. State symbols * Nicknames: "
  17. Run east and west along the harbor. There are also water taxis, a water, bus , a boat sharing operation, electric rental boats (Boat) and canal cruises
  18. Airport Boulevard and adjacent to Highland Mall. Timex International operates, bus ,service from Austin to Nuevo Laredo and on to many destinations in Mexico. The
  19. Bluebird brand. Other bus companies (e.g. Mega bus ) run bus es from the, bus ,station to places north and south of the city. Aberdeen is connected to the UK
  20. Applications and games. The general Amiga architecture uses two distinct, bus ,subsystems, namely,the chipset bus and the CPU bus . The chipset bus allows the
  21. Automotive companies have production facilities in Ankara, such as the German, bus ,and truck manufacturer MAN AG. Ankara is also the center of the state-owned and
  22. Cities in Morocco or Tunisia. Public transport * ET USA (urban and suburban, bus ,transportation for Algiers) operates bus service in Algiers and the
  23. 1894–1956) ". When he was in junior high school, he accompanied his mother by, bus ,to her therapist. The trip deeply disturbed Ginsberg — he mentioned it and
  24. Largely reversed in the late 1990s beginning with Apple's adoption of the PCI, bus ,in the 7500/8500/9500 Power Macs. Apple has since adopted USB, AGP
  25. To protest the Bristol Omni bus Company's refusal to employ Black or Asian, bus ,crews, drawing national attention to racial discrimination in the United
  26. By and known as the Adelaide Metro. The Adelaide Metro consists of a contracted, bus ,system including the Orbán Bu sway, metropolitan railways, and the
  27. And Meriden. Nu. Public transport in Amsterdam mainly consists of (night), bus , and tram lines operated by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf. Regional bus es, and
  28. May provide ISA or PCI bus es. The 68000 has a 16-bit external data, bus ,so must transfer 32 bits of data in two consecutive steps, a technique called
  29. Its intention to convert to all hybrid electric bus es. A separate zero-fare, bus ,service operates within the University of Michigan campuses, and the DATA ran a
  30. Capital Metro) provides public transportation to the city, primarily by, bus , Capital Metro is planning to change some routes to" Rapid Lines ". The lines
  31. And downtown during the U-M school year until August 20, 2009. A downtown, bus ,depot served by Greyhound Lines provides out-of-town bus service, and is the
  32. Or more frequently during peak travel times. There are frequent long-distance, bus ,services from Andorra to Barcelona and Toulouse. Bus services are mostly run by
  33. Is the main operator of bus es in Athens. Its network consists of about 300, bus , lines which span the entire Attica Basin, with an operating staff of 5,327,and
  34. ET USA (urban and suburban bus transportation for Algiers) operates, bus ,service in Algiers and the surrounding suburbs. 54 lines are currently
  35. For almost any point in the country. Air travel's advantages put intercity, bus ,lines under pressure, and most have withered away. By the 1980s,almost half of
  36. Style. Mega bus has twice daily direct service to Chicago, Illinois,while a, bus ,service provided by Amtrak connects to East Lansing and Toledo, Ohio,though
  37. And later transcribed. The second part of the poem takes place on a Greyhound, bus , ) Bibliography * Howl and Other Poems (1956) ISBN 978-0-87286-017-9 * Howl &
  38. Toaster quickly came to market, most of which were designed as standard Amiga, bus ,cards. Various manufacturers started producing PCI bus boards for the A1200 and
  39. Bus allows the custom coprocessors and CPU to address" Chip RAM ". The CPU, bus ,provides addressing to other subsystems, such as, conventional RAM, ROM and the
  40. Authority (DATA),which brands itself as" The Ride ", operates public, bus ,services throughout Ann Arbor and nearby Ypsilanti. DATA has recently
  41. Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal () is an important part of the, bus ,network which covers every neighborhood in the city. The Ankara Central
  42. Amiga architecture uses two distinct bus subsystems, namely,the chipset, bus ,and the CPU bus . The chipset bus allows the custom coprocessors and CPU to
  43. This technique accidentally when his camera broke down while shooting a, bus ,driving by. When he had fixed the camera, a hearse happened to be passing by
  44. Uses two distinct bus subsystems, namely,the chipset bus and the CPU, bus , The chipset bus allows the custom coprocessors and CPU to address" Chip RAM "
  45. Twenty ten, twenty twelve etc. are becoming common. For the house number (or, bus ,number, etc.) 272,British people tend to say two seven two while Americans
  46. At the Imam Human Shrine in Barbara in March, and at least 51 people at a, bus ,stop in Baghdad in June. Somalia and Yemen The percentage of terrorist attacks
  47. 20, 2009. A downtown bus depot served by Greyhound Lines provides out-of-town, bus ,service, and is the city's only remaining example of the Streamline Modern
  48. Aarhus is Århus Central Station, which is located in the city center. Most city, bus ,lines go through the inner city and pass through either Park All or
  49. Normal in the UK and Europe in many applications including air, rail and, bus ,timetables; it is largely unused in the US outside of military, police
  50. Service is provided, connecting the airport to the metro system, and 2 express, bus ,services connect the airport to the port at Piraeus and the city center

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