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  1. Can be generalized to recently diagnosed children. Because of inadequate, data , these numbers may underestimate ASD's true prevalence. PDD-NOS's prevalence
  2. Have gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, there is a lack of published rigorous, data ,to support the theory that autistic children have more or different GI symptoms
  3. Took semi-automatic control and, with Aldrin calling out altitude and velocity, data , landed at 20:17 UTC on July 20 with about 25 seconds of fuel left. Two and a
  4. Experiments. Statistical models for observational data However, when applied to, data ,from non-randomized experiments or observational studies, model-based analysis
  5. Science. New technologies, such as biotechnology and computer science (for, data ,processing and storage),and technological advances have made it possible to
  6. Which accept traditional" Mon–Khmer" as a valid unit. However, little of the, data ,used for competing classifications has ever been published, and therefore
  7. Are often inconsistent. In practice," statistical models" and observational, data ,are useful for suggesting hypotheses that should be treated very cautiously by
  8. He assumed nothing in his experiments and compiled every piece of relevant, data ,; in a typical experiment, Boyle would note the place in which the experiment
  9. Following character codes. It allows compact encoding, but is less reliable for, data ,transmission; an error in transmitting the shift code typically makes a long
  10. Fragile X. Some data suggest an increase in several growth hormones; other, data ,argue for diminished growth factors. Also, some inborn errors of metabolism are
  11. Biological or physical side, human measurements, genetic samples, nutritional, data , may be gathered and published as articles or monographs. Due to the interest in
  12. Not mapped far south of there. On the other hand, scientists regard the overall, data ,as insufficient due to the" difficulties of undertaking such studies. "
  13. A character would be used slightly differently on a terminal link than on a, data ,stream) and sometimes accidental (such as what" delete" means). Probably
  14. Many astronomers work entirely from astronomical survey or space observatory, data , Others work with radio telescopes like the Very Large Array, which is entirely
  15. And of any blocking. It is also common to apply ANOVA to observational, data ,using an appropriate statistical model. Some popular designs use the following
  16. Model-based analysis lacks the warrant of randomization. For observational, data , the derivation of confidence intervals must use subjective models, as
  17. Looking at the data and post hoc tests are performed after looking at the, data , Post hoc tests such as Tukey's range test most commonly compare every group
  18. The committee voted to use a seven-bit code to minimize costs associated with, data ,transmission. Since perforated tape at the time could record eight bits in one
  19. Radar switch being in the wrong position, causing the computer to process, data ,from both the rendezvous and landing radars at the same time. However, in 2005
  20. Accommodate the upsurge in tourism (in 2000–2001,the latest year for which, data ,is available,2.4 million total arrivals to Alaska were counted,1.7 million by
  21. Spend a few weeks per year observing, and the rest of their time reducing the, data ,(changing it from raw data to processed images) and analyzing it. Many
  22. Phylogenetic research is in a state of flux. Recent morphological and molecular, data ,has shown that several of these ordinal and higher-level groupings represent
  23. On more complete sampling of fossil taxa, and also an analysis of DNA sequence, data ,from the complete mitochondrial genome, supports its recognition. Nearly all
  24. Lags behind in achievement compared to other states. According to U. S. Census, data , Alabama's high school graduation rate – 75 % – is the second lowest in the
  25. CH4 + 1.5O2 → CO + 2H2O See the alkane heat of formation table for detailed, data , The standard enthalpy change of combustion, ΔcHo, for alkanes increases by
  26. Observing, and the rest of their time reducing the data (changing it from raw, data ,to processed images) and analyzing it. Many astronomers work entirely from
  27. Anxiety disorders are common among children with ASD; there are no firm, data , but studies have reported prevalence ranging from 11 % to 84 %. Many anxieties
  28. Its first commercial use was as a seven-bit teleprinter code promoted by Bell, data ,services. Work on ASCII formally began on October 6,1960,with the first
  29. The polar angle of a complex number *Argument (computer science),a piece of, data ,provided as input to a subroutine *Argument principle, a theorem in complex
  30. The quip of the Incas was a system of knotted cords used to record numerical, data , like advanced tally sticks – but not used to perform calculations.
  31. Encode two digits with binary coded decimal. However, it would require all, data ,transmission to send eight bits when seven could suffice. The committee voted
  32. And other factors. Angles Particular care must be taken when using cyclic, data ,such as phases or angles. Naively taking the arithmetic mean of 1° and 359°
  33. A regional headquarters, a operations center campus and a $400 million dollar, data ,center. Nearly a dozen smaller banks are also headquartered in the Birmingham
  34. Of balanced randomized experiments. Statistical models for observational, data ,However, when applied to data from non-randomized experiments or observational
  35. Then inland climates. Precipitation can be approximated from coastal weather, data ,and air temperature from water temperatures. The oceans are the major source of
  36. Such as printers) that make use of ASCII, or to provide meta-information about, data ,streams such as those stored on magnetic tape. For example, character 10
  37. Found another base 5,base 4 abaci in the Yucatán that also computed calendar, data , This was a finger abacus, on one hand 0 1,2,3,and 4 were used; and on the
  38. Or" homogeneity" ) of variances, called homoscedasticity — the variance of, data ,in groups should be the same. Model-based approaches usually assume that the
  39. Domestic product of Angola at market prices using International Monetary Fund, data ,; figures are in millions of units. Foreign trade Exports in 2004 reached
  40. A priori) or post hoc. Planned tests are determined before looking at the, data ,and post hoc tests are performed after looking at the data . Post hoc tests such
  41. UTF-16) Order ASCII-code order is also called ASCIIbetical order. Collation of, data ,is sometimes done in this order rather than" standard" alphabetical order (
  42. Anthropology began, as in other parts of the Colonial world, as ethnological, data ,in the records of travelers and missionaries. In Canada, Jesuit missionaries
  43. Increased their population, due to internal immigration. As of the last census, data ,from 2001,Albania's population was 3,069,275. Officially, the Albanian
  44. In position 0x40 next to the letter A. The control codes felt essential for, data ,transmission were the start of message (SOME),end of address (ERA),end of
  45. Such a teleological view gave Aristotle cause justifying his observed, data ,as an expression of formal design. Noting that" no animal has, at the same
  46. Of 2007-2008,8.256.000 adults (from 18 years onwards) combined with the, data ,from 2000/2001 that show that only about 45 % of the population is in adult age
  47. For error checking if desired. Eight-bit machines (with octets as the native, data ,type) that did not use parity checking typically set the eighth bit to 0. The
  48. 40 years, according to the report’s analysis of health, education and income, data , The People's Republic of China, the second-highest achiever in the world in
  49. Receptors (glue) in the pathogenesis of one type of autism, Fragile X. Some, data ,suggest an increase in several growth hormones; other data argue for diminished
  50. However, hydrogen rarely acts like an alkali metal, as can be seen from the, data ,above. In fact, it is sometimes placed over lithium (due to its electron

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