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  1. By stopping the cell cycle at G1,or interphase, to give the cell time to, repair , however it will induce apoptosis if damage is extensive and repair efforts
  2. The duel was stage-managed to get rid of Barry, so Quin could marry Nora and, repair ,her family's fortune. Barry's regiment is sent to fight in the Seven Years '
  3. Examples of shoddy workmanship. The most serious alleged lapse is a failure to, repair ,cracks to pressure bulkheads; the rupture of a bulkhead could lead to cabin
  4. Did the same to Gneisenau, forcing both ships to spend several months in, repair , The pocket battleship Luzon was similarly damaged by HMS Spearfish during the
  5. Time to repair , however it will induce apoptosis if damage is extensive and, repair ,efforts fail. Any disruption to the regulation of the p53 or interferon genes
  6. Include sun-dried sea salt in Great Managua, a wet dock facility in Freeport for, repair ,of cruise ships, and mining of aragonite—a type of limestone with several
  7. Since 2002,when the 27-year civil war ended, the country has worked to, repair ,and improve ravaged infrastructure and weakened political and social
  8. To early autumn 2008,the building allocated to them was beyond economical, repair ,and they re-planned an opening, at a different location, in April 2010. In May
  9. However, some proposed that low level of some mutagens may stimulate the DNA, repair ,processes. Ames test is often used as one of the initial screens for potential
  10. Most armies now place these services in specialist branches with specialist, repair ,elements in batteries and units. Classification of artillery types
  11. Loosening of corroded nuts and bolts, and other applications. Bell Canada cable, repair ,technicians still use portable acetylene fueled torch kits as a soldering tool
  12. Forbidden on the Sabbath out of concern that players would be tempted to, repair ,their instruments, which is forbidden on those days. (This prohibition has
  13. For conversion into aircraft carriers. In 1923 the Magi was damaged beyond, repair ,by an earthquake and was broken up on the slips, the hull of one of the
  14. Projects, the game includes alien life, structures and machines. Monoliths, repair ,units and provide resources; artifacts yield new technology and hasten secret
  15. Making it impossible to fire the missile. However, the IR IAF was able to, repair ,the sabotage and the damage only affected a limited number of planes; not the
  16. Are legendary. The AK-47 was initially designed for ease of operation and, repair ,by glove-wearing Soviet soldiers in Arctic conditions. The large gas piston
  17. Material. These intervention treatments could involve cleaning, stabilizing, repair , or even replacement of parts of the original object. It is essential that the
  18. 2008,PGP, IBM and other technology firms announced a fund-raising campaign to, repair ,the facility. On 6 November 2008 it was announced that English Heritage would
  19. To take two shots of Clean daily, and a cardiac catheterization procedure to, repair ,the hole in his heart was scheduled for 5 January 2006. Ten minutes into the
  20. Units. Purpose The purpose of remodeling is to regulate calcium homeostasis, repair ,micro-damaged bones (from everyday stress) but also to shape and sculpture
  21. Of the Time Patrol in its History Monks. Night Watch revolves around a, repair ,of history after a time traveler's murder of an important figure in Vimes's
  22. They did upon the three so-called ‘ common burdens' of bridge work, fortress, repair , and service on the king's campaigns that all holders of book land and royal
  23. Asimov are in active service and funds are being gathered for possible, repair ,of Admiral Lazaro. Asimov was returned to service early, at the beginning of
  24. In the South, which was unable to augment its much smaller rail system, repair ,damage, or even perform routine maintenance. Name "/IN"> encyclopedia78"/> The
  25. 10 million campaigns to save Abbotsford in 2009. This campaign will see the, repair ,and restoration of the house and grounds and the creation of a new visitor
  26. Of the hobby of cycling or simply for economic reasons. The ability to, repair ,and maintain your own bicycle is also celebrated within the DIY movement.
  27. Reported breakdowns of the Atari 2600 system than any other, and that Atari, repair ,centers seemed to have the most trouble with consoles manufactured in 1980. In
  28. And repair of our body tissues. Fatty acids are also required for growth and, repair ,of body tissues. Nucleic acids are important for the manufacturing of DNA, RNA
  29. And some 767 maintenance will move there as well; one, possibly two, Boeing 767, repair , lines will be retained at Kansas City International Airport. The narrow-body
  30. He said x-rays of the urn had shown the pedestal and handles were cracked, and, repair , work had to be carried out. The urn is made of terracotta and is about six
  31. Repair hangar will be shut. The city's aviation department offered to upgrade, repair ,facilities on condition that the airline maintain at least 700 jobs. On June 26
  32. 3,7) divides these functions under three heads: (1) Care of the city: the, repair ,and preservation of temples, sewers and aqueducts; street cleansing and paving;
  33. Could be fed well on the island; there was plenty of fresh water and timber to, repair ,the ships. Tasman got the assistance of the governor Adrian van der Steel.
  34. Of the skin before rupturing and leaking out. After this the body will usually, repair ,the old infected cavity. Magnesium sulfate is therefore best applied at night
  35. And for centuries artillery provided its own artificers to maintain and, repair ,their equipment. Most armies now place these services in specialist branches
  36. Amino acids are required for synthesis of proteins required for growth and, repair ,of our body tissues. Fatty acids are also required for growth and repair of
  37. Been raised by the head of the Cambria Iron Works downstream in Johnstown. Such, repair ,work, a reduction in height, and unusually high snowmelt and heavy spring rains
  38. Ready availability of silicon bronze brazing rod, which allows color-matched, repair ,of defects in castings. Aluminum is also used for the structural metal aluminum
  39. For his sick wife, who later died. Act two Kristine arrives to help Nora, repair ,a dress for a costume party she and Torvald are going to tomorrow. Then Torvald
  40. Lines will be retained at Kansas City International Airport. The narrow-body, repair ,hangar will be shut. The city's aviation department offered to upgrade repair
  41. Bringing them back to Athens. According to the story, Apellicon tried to, repair ,some of the damage that was done during the manuscripts' stay in the basement
  42. At night as she was not provided any generator set. Plans to renovate and, repair ,the house were announced in August 2009. Sub FYI was released from house arrest
  43. Have suffered considerable damage followed by Apellicon's inexpert attempt at, repair , Second, there is" incontrovertible evidence," Lord says, that the treatises
  44. Museums (see Aviation archaeology) - or perhaps be cannibalized in order to, repair ,a similar aircraft already preserved. Some spotters are competitive and may try
  45. Economy. The disadvantage of the aluminum frame is that it is very expensive to, repair ,and requires a specialized aluminum body shop. The Audi A2,Audi TT and Audi R8
  46. Making the cell wall of the bacteria more permeable, and in the excision, repair ,system to make the test more sensitive. Rat liver extract is optionally added
  47. These cannons down to the nuts, bolts and screws made their mass production and, repair ,much easier. Another major change at this time was the development of a
  48. This condition was uniformly fatal prior to modern surgical techniques allowing, repair ,of the esophagus. Behave was critical of his Dutch contemporary, Baruch
  49. For bicycle parking for a small fee and the larger ones also with bicycle, repair ,shops, and cycling is so popular that the parking capacity is sometimes
  50. To locate a source of bleeding or trauma. It may or may not be followed by, repair ,or removal of the primary problem. *Appendectomy -- Surgical opening of the

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