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  1. Summer of that year Leonidas was again sent into Thessaly, in consequence of, fresh ,complaints against Alexander. Accompanied by Armenian, he went merely as a
  2. Albedo Albedos of typical materials in visible light range from up to 0.9 for, fresh ,snow, to about 0.04 for charcoal, one of the darkest substances. Deeply
  3. Became like a village. The onset of famine and a dysentery epidemic created, fresh ,problems. Much of the building work was carried out with the help of local
  4. Language and style, whilst marrying it with a rich contemporary score, bringing, fresh , resonance to this modern classic. It was performed at Theatre Royal Stratford
  5. Whole Foods" ) is an upscale, national grocery store chain specializing in, fresh ,and packaged food products—many having an organic-/local-/"natural"-theme. It
  6. Such famous products of the farm such as old-fashioned beer and ice cream, fresh ,dairy products and meat rolls/kebabs made on charcoal, at a traditional
  7. Flora occur as inclusions trapped within the amber while the resin was yet, fresh , suggesting relations with the flora of Eastern Asia and the southern part of
  8. The Red-bellied Piranha. The candid are a number of genera of parasitic, fresh ,water catfish in the family Trichomycteridae; all are native to the Amazon
  9. Grazing animals. This sometimes results in the poisoning death of livestock. If, fresh ,plant material spontaneously produces 200 ppm or more HCN, then it is
  10. Its tributaries. It is a mammal and a herbivore. Its population is limited to, fresh ,water habitats and unlike other manatees, they do not venture into salt water.
  11. Nearly 96 % of the 25,000 species of fish. They are ubiquitous throughout, fresh ,water and marine environments from the deep sea to the highest mountain streams
  12. With a maximum length in excess of and weight up to. Another Amazonian, fresh ,water fish is the Rowena (or Ariana in Portuguese),such as the Silver
  13. Way to the tips; and an intolerance to salinity, alligators strongly preferring, fresh ,water, while crocodiles can tolerate salt water due to specialized glands for
  14. Make a return visit to Scarborough in the hope that the change of location and, fresh ,sea air might initiate a recovery, and give her a chance to live. On 24 May
  15. Systems that still functioned to draw smoke out of the NMCC and bring in, fresh ,air. During a press conference held inside the Pentagon at 18:42,Rumsfeld
  16. Is the return of over 5 million Afghan expatriates, who brought with them, fresh ,energy, entrepreneurship and wealth-creating skills as well as much needed
  17. Of the Aegean Sea is controlled mainly by the regional climate,the, fresh ,water discharge from major rivers draining southeastern Europe, and the
  18. He displayed the same restless energy, and is said to have been contemplating a, fresh ,attack on Carthage at the time of his death. His last years were plagued by
  19. Gigas),is a South American tropical fresh water fish. It is one of the largest, fresh ,water fish in the world, reportedly with a maximum length in excess of and
  20. As worldly in life and as relaxed in discipline as their predecessors, and a, fresh ,reform was needed. Cistercian abbeys The next great monastic revival, that of
  21. In Illyricum, in Mauritania, in Armenia, in Mesopotamia and in Germania, fresh ,mutinies perpetually broke out, as his officers were murdered and his authority
  22. Musical terminology (whole note, half note, etc.); and apparently cookbook, fresh ,(" impudent" ) and what gives? Such constructions as Are you coming with? And
  23. Which was kept for hours at low temperatures restores its resistivity. In, fresh ,samples, the resistivity gradually increases with temperature from about 2
  24. Lies the Polar front, which is marked by a transition to very cold, relatively, fresh , Antarctic Surface Water at the surface. Further south still is the Southern
  25. Captured Savannah and controlled the Georgia coastline. In 1780, they launched a, fresh ,invasion and took Charleston as well. A significant victory at the Battle of
  26. Ice sheet, the world's the largest ice sheet and also its largest reservoir of, fresh ,water. Averaging at least 1.6 km thick, the ice is so massive that it has
  27. It is potentially toxic. This corresponds to about 7.5 MOL HCN per gram of, fresh ,plant material. It turns out that, if acacia" leaves" lack the specific
  28. Apeiron),subject to neither old age nor decay, that perpetually yielded, fresh ,materials from which everything we perceive is derived. He proposed the theory
  29. From 200-1000 km in diameter, with many nuclei, and are found exclusively in, fresh ,water. Two other genera, Echinosphaerium and Camptonema, have been described
  30. Farming usually has at least one of the following deficiencies: no source of, fresh ,water; too hot (desert); too cold (Arctic); too rocky; too mountainous; too
  31. Seeds and spores. Spores are everywhere in all parts of the Earth: the waters, fresh ,and marine, the atmosphere, free-floating and in precipitation or mixed with
  32. For this was the crew could be fed well on the island; there was plenty of, fresh ,water and timber to repair the ships. Tasman got the assistance of the governor
  33. Of from 1973 to 1990. The Amazon is responsible for about 20 % of the Earth's, fresh ,water entering the ocean. The tidal bore is the reason the Amazon does not have
  34. Asian leafy vegetables like BOK chop and Kaitlin and puts a greater emphasis on, fresh ,meat and seafood. Stir-frying, pan-frying,and deep-frying tend to be the most
  35. Off the coast of Chile for a mid-expedition restocking of supplies and, fresh ,water. Selkirk had grave concerns by this time about the seaworthiness of this
  36. Up the hill to the castle gate, there are many shops selling a huge and, fresh ,collection of spices, dried fruits, nuts,and other produce. Modern shopping
  37. Some of the finest pomegranates, grapes,apricots, melons,and several other, fresh ,and dry fruits, including nuts. While the country's current account deficit is
  38. Of American Chinese cuisine remain on the menu, but there is more emphasis on, fresh ,vegetables, and the selection is vegetarian-friendly. This new cuisine has
  39. Traditional warm tea served in China. Chinese meals are normally followed by a, fresh ,fruit such as an orange cut into slices or sliced watermelon. American Chinese
  40. Done to terrorize the reactionaries and isolate the service. In April 1718, fresh , confessions were extorted from, and in regard to, Alexei. This included the
  41. The novel, Grand says he is much happier; he has written to Jeanne and made a, fresh ,start on his book. *Louis: Louis is one of the sentries who take part in the
  42. During winter and early spring when no other cover exists, and they provide, fresh ,vegetation for animals and birds that feed on them. Although they are often
  43. Main meal of Albanians is lunch, and it is usually accompanied by a salad of, fresh ,vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers,green peppers and olives with olive
  44. Familiar group of Helicon protists. They are the most common Eliza in, fresh ,water, and are especially frequent in lakes and rivers, but a few are found in
  45. Mar Dunce, later shortened to Mar Dunce (literally, sweet sea, because of its, fresh ,water pushing out into the ocean). For 350 years after the first European
  46. Adults. Reproduction For the purpose of reproduction most amphibians require, fresh ,water. A few (e.g. Fejervarya Raja) can inhabit brackish water and even
  47. There Albuquerque was described as" a man of middle stature, with a long face, fresh ,colored, the nose somewhat large. He was a prudent man, and a Latin scholar
  48. As he stoops down to pick up a rock in the darkness, accidentally picking up a, fresh ,turd instead. He is then envisioned hurling the turd at his attacker, missing
  49. Class houses called La Salt (The Health). The intention was to exploit the, fresh ,air (well away from smoky factories) and beautiful views from the site, with
  50. So sheltered at Kama ran island in May, until sickness among the men and lack of, fresh ,water forced to retreat. In August 1513,after a second attempt to reach Aden

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