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  1. Is likely to have been Latin. While at home in 369 and 370,he read Cicero's, dialogue ,Hortensias (now lost),which he described as leaving a lasting impression on
  2. Hampton Rancher envisioned Robert Mitchum as Declared and wrote the character's, dialogue ,with Mitchum in mind. Director Ridley Scott and the film's producers" spent
  3. To hair-splitting niceties. There were three broad poetic forms: iambic, dialogue , tetrameter verses and lyrics: *Iambic dialogue : Aristophanes achieves an
  4. Roth stein, cultural critic of The New York Times, writes that some, dialogue ,from Middle East media and commentators about Jews bear a striking resemblance
  5. Inhibit engagement with the broader society in favor of internal debate and, dialogue , Nonetheless, there is significantly greater cohesion among Anglicans when they
  6. Eventually plot the stories as well as draw them, leaving Lee to script the, dialogue , However, a rift between Ditto and Lee developed, and the two men were not on
  7. Atmosphere (sound recording),sound that matches the background of a, dialogue ,recording; also known as Room tone or Presence Music/Entertainment * Atmosphere
  8. Which appeared on the web in 2005. Ecumenism Anglican interest in ecumenical, dialogue ,can be traced back to the time of the Reformation and dialogue s with both
  9. A bilingual revival of West Side Story, with Spanish translations to some, dialogue ,and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda. While preparing the show, he noted," The
  10. Cut, in a much closer shot, then in an even closer shot at ground level as the, dialogue ,begins. A few minutes later, when the villagers go to the mill to ask the
  11. Walker and Bob Woodward state Clinton's innovative use of sound bite-ready, dialogue , personal charisma, and public perception-oriented campaigning was a major
  12. Points out that Critias's story in the Times provides a major clue. In the, dialogue , Critics says, referring to Socrates' hypothetical society: FEDER quotes A. E.
  13. Put forth by the United States, European Union, and Russia, which opened a, dialogue ,with Mahmud Abbas, and announced his commitment to the creation of a
  14. The main characters. On rare occasions, her character would have conventional, dialogue , A portion of" Searching' My Soul" was played at the beginning of each
  15. To release Sub FYI in order to" create the necessary conditions for a genuine, dialogue ,with DAW Sung San Sub FYI and all concerned parties and ethnic groups in order
  16. Plot can be summarized as follows:: *prologue - an introductory scene with a, dialogue ,and/or soliloquy addressed to the audience, expressed in iambic trimester and
  17. In profile than the others. The purpose of the composition is to allow complex, dialogue ,scenes to be played out without changes in camera position. In some literature
  18. 1969) contained serious analyses of Capp's narrative technique, his use of, dialogue , self-caricature and grotesquerie, the place of Li'l Abner in American satire
  19. Or wagons between characters (typically in anapestic rhythm); **excited, dialogue ,or heated argument (typically trochaic rhythm, the same as in early tragedy);
  20. The ANC, hold senior positions in the ANC, and influence party policy and, dialogue , During Mbeki's presidency, the government took a more pro-capitalist stance
  21. The males were put to death and the women sold into slavery (see Median, dialogue ,). The Athenian Empire (454–404 BC) By 454,the Delian League could be fairly
  22. An end on 13 November 2010. UN involvement The UN has attempted to facilitate, dialogue ,between the junta and Sub FYI. On 6 May 2002,following secret
  23. Writings were like is scant and dubious, though many of them may have been in, dialogue ,form. (Fragments of some of Aristotle's dialogue s have survived. ) Perhaps it
  24. doesn't signify in itself a breakthrough ”, and called for“ a theological, dialogue ,that asks the tough questions, such as whether Catholicism allows for Jews to
  25. Proteus, is lost except for some fragments. The play consists mostly of static, dialogue , as throughout the play the Titan Prometheus is bound to a rock as punishment
  26. Iambic pentameters). His realistic use of the meter makes it ideal for both, dialogue ,and soliloquy, as for instance in the prologue, before the arrival of the
  27. Was included in Book 8 of his voluminous Philippic, which contains a, dialogue ,between King Midas and Silents, a companion of Dionysus. Silents describes the
  28. 20:16). The 2004 film The Passion of the Christ is notable for its use of much, dialogue ,in Aramaic only, specially reconstructed by a scholar, but not an Aramaic
  29. But also as a way to engage both the government and opposition groups in, dialogue , Bilateral relations with the United States are strained because the U. S.
  30. Broad poetic forms: iambic dialogue , tetrameter verses and lyrics: *Iambic, dialogue ,: Aristophanes achieves an effect resembling natural speech through the use of
  31. Similar mechanisms designed by Thales of Miles and Euros of Hindus. The, dialogue ,says that Marcellus kept one of the devices as his only personal loot from
  32. The entire run of the strip. Camp himself originated the stories, wrote the, dialogue , designed the major characters, rough penciled the preliminary staging and
  33. Beginning in 1999,the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia initiated a direct, dialogue ,through a series of face-to-face meetings, often facilitated by the Minsk Group
  34. In Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series) an Isometrics lab is stated in, dialogue ,multiple times.:" Athene "," Athena" and" Dallas Athena" all redirect here
  35. Beginning in 1999,the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia initiated a direct, dialogue ,through a series of face-to-face meetings, often facilitated by the Minsk Group
  36. Divine Athena also was a weaver and the deity of crafts (see dyes). In his, dialogue ,Craters, the Greek philosopher Plato,428/427 BC – 348/347 BC, gives the
  37. And American sociocultural anthropologist have diminished with increasing, dialogue ,and borrowing of both theory and methods. Today, social anthropology in Britain
  38. Or trochaic rhythms); **informal debates barely above the level of ordinary, dialogue ,(typically iambic).: Anapestic rhythms are naturally jaunty (as in many
  39. Are sometimes used to delineate inferior arguments;: *episodes - sections of, dialogue ,in iambic trimester, often in a succession of scenes featuring minor characters
  40. That the earliest 'truly Afrikaans' texts are doggerel verse from 1795 and a, dialogue ,transcribed by a Dutch traveler in 1825. Printed material among the Afrikaners
  41. Each mile traveled. Cicero (106–43 BC) mentions Archimedes briefly in his, dialogue ,De re public, which portrays a fictional conversation taking place in 129 BC.
  42. Use upward inflection as a way of including their conversational partner in the, dialogue , This is also common in Californian English. Western Australia—Centering
  43. The green symbolizes hope and union, and the white symbolizes peace and, dialogue , Bias Infant considered these to have been the colors most used in regional
  44. It seemed, was not suitable for the movie moguls, who demanded fast, dynamic, dialogue , above all else. For Dick Hummer, during the 1940s,Huxley went to the first of
  45. S landmark Taxi Driver; Scorsese allowed Brooks to improvise much of his, dialogue , The role reflected Brooks's decision to move to Los Angeles to enter the film
  46. A guide to Aristotelian logic. *Asclepius. A Latin paraphrase of a lost Greek, dialogue ,(The perfect discourse) featuring Asclepius and Hermes Trismegistus. Apulian
  47. Growing diversity of prayer books, and the increasing interest in ecumenical, dialogue , has led to further reflection on the parameters of the Anglican identity. Many
  48. Powers. In recent years, it has given high priority in establishing political, dialogue ,with other strategic actors such as India, Russia,China and South Africa
  49. As followers of Arius. As stated by Timothy Barnes, Athanasius used“ invented, dialogue ,to ridicule his adversaries ”, and used“ suppression and distortion” to serve
  50. Bloom for whom ye may, : For me ye bloom not! Glide, rich streams, away! In his, dialogue ,‘ Aesop and Rhode ’, published in 1844,Walter Savage Lander wrote: There are

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