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  1. Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s,despite the" leadership" of the, soviet ,bureaucracy, and what they claim to be the loss of democracy. Trotskyists claim
  2. Тяжелый бомбардировщик "," heavy bomber" ), the first. Again, this is a, soviet ,practice. Pre-revolutionary Russia (and early Soviet Republic) have used only
  3. USSR but was later occupied by force after the Romanians agreed to the initial, soviet ,demands. Germany began a campaign of" Germanization ", which meant to
  4. After the Yalta Agreement, it was assigned to Poland, which later became a, soviet ,satellite in the Warsaw Pact. In March 1981 Solidarity's activists were
  5. Laurent Beria to the NKVD of October 3,1939,polish prisoners detained in, soviet ,camps were traded against POWs released by the Germans. German losses included
  6. Executed, including three sisters and a brother. In 1932, he established a, soviet ,in the Hunan-Kiangsi border area, and in August 1934 received command of the
  7. The transfer of the region to Armenia. This unprecedented action by a regional, soviet ,brought out tens of thousands of demonstrations both in Stepanakert and Yerevan
  8. Through a federation of workers' councils. The Russian word for council is ", soviet ,", and during the early years of the revolution worker's councils were
  9. people's social life from the home to educational and recreational groups,the, soviet ,clubs. The regime abandoned the tsarist policy of discriminating against
  10. Moore, publisher Andrew Melrose, eminent theater architect Frank Match am, soviet ,communist apologists William Peyton Coates and Zelda Coates. Actor Bob Hopkins
  11. Pantheists act mostly as agencies for implementing their erstwhile, soviet ,plan schemes and projects on cost reimbursement (around 96 % of their
  12. Soviet areas ", under control of the CPC. The relative prosperity of ", soviet ,areas" startled and worried Chiang Kai-shek, chairman of the Kuomintang
  13. Trucks. In addition, there is also a limited choice of small arms, mostly of, soviet ,origin. The National Guard department guarantees adequate supply of equipment
  14. Of democracy. Trotskyists claim that in 1928 inner party democracy, and indeed, soviet ,democracy, which was at the foundation of Bolshevism, had been destroyed within
  15. That dealt with foreign affairs. This youth organization was created during the, soviet ,occupation and its motto was“ Polish guard over Lusatia” ( pl. NAD Łużycami
  16. Aleksandr Turin, writer and adventurer, author of The Duel *Lamar Latin, soviet ,satirist and children's writer, best known for his novel Old Khottabych
  17. Equally among the five littoral states, after the Russian-backed former, soviet ,breakaway republics refused to respect the 50-50 agreements between Iran & the
  18. Report,2005 The rural pantheists created in around 1959 were based on the, soviet ,model (Yugoslav variety) of tiering with hierarchical control to undertake
  19. Government, who waged five waves of besieging campaigns against the" central, soviet ,area. " More than one million Kuomintang soldiers were involved in these five
  20. Soldiers and workers begin to establish revolutionary councils on the Russian, soviet ,model. * November 4 – WWI: Austria-Hungary surrenders to Italy. * November 6 –
  21. Government control. On March 5,1917,workers at the plant formed a worker's, soviet , which included representatives of the workers, the army, and of other citizens
  22. Utopia. Around 1930,there had been more than ten regions, usually entitled ", soviet ,areas ", under control of the CPC. The relative prosperity of" soviet areas "
  23. As an additional 400,000 soldiers perished fighting against the Axis. After the, soviet ,occupation and the subsequent communist regime, industry was favored, and
  24. For three years, Afghan armed forces and police officers received advanced, soviet ,weapons, as well as training by the KGB and Soviet commandos. Due to problems
  25. In Petrograd organized elections among workers and soldiers to form a, soviet ,(council) of workers' and soldiers' deputies, as an organ of popular power
  26. Piano concertos which he himself performed. Shostakovich composed two. Fellow, soviet ,composer Khachaturian contributed to the repertoire with a piano concerto and a
  27. The 450,was put into production. The 452 would go on to become a workhorse of, soviet ,agriculture and police. In 1972 the well-regarded, but outdated,GAZ-69 was
  28. Order as possible. In 1917,Trotsky was again elected chairman of the Petrograd, soviet , but this time soon came to lead the Military Revolutionary Committee which had
  29. Used by industry). This schema was established in ~1940. Before this date, soviet ,aircraft were named according to their function: TB-1 for" Taphole
  30. World *One PAY 672 came to Chile between 1970-1971 with the installation of the, soviet ,KPD factory of concrete blocks for prefabricated buildings, in Quilpué
  31. The Petrograd Soviet Council of Workers' Deputies. The model for the, soviet ,were workers' councils that had been established in scores of Russian cities
  32. To the Soviet satellite states of Eastern Europe. However, contrary to the, soviet ,satellite states of Eastern Europe,Havana's communist regime prevailed during
  33. Was no formal office of head of state, but rather the head of the legislative ", soviet ," branch of power was considered the head of state. In the Soviet Union this
  34. On 11 November 1918 (Armistice Day),communist insurgents proclaimed a ", soviet ,government" in Strasbourg, following the example of Kurt Eisner in Munich as
  35. Troops entered the city the next day. As the Communists attempted to install a, soviet ,municipal government, conflict began between the Nationalists and Communists
  36. Judge (d. 1983) * February 12 – Vasily_Zhukov, the most Human Marshal of, soviet ,union of World War 2. * February 22 – Luis Bunuel, Spanish film director (d.
  37. Guerilla warfare in Adzhimushkay mines * Perch Fortress, restricted area in, soviet ,times, free to enter in present days. The fortress was built by the Russian
  38. To the symbol of a state, and around that flag gathered the peoples of the, soviet ,republics to unite into one state — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics '.
  39. Current air picture over East and West Germany, as well as parts of the eastern, soviet ,block countries, was displayed on a 40-foot by 40-foot (12 x 12 m)screen with
  40. Are said to be of the Klein-Gordon type. Of great importance are the studies of, soviet ,physicists, Viktor Ambartsumian and Dmitri Ivanka, in particular the
  41. Via soviet s (councils) where the workers exercise political power (cf., soviet ,democracy); the fifth chapter of State & Revolution, describes it: “... the
  42. World War I. During the German Revolution he became a member of the soldier's, soviet ,of his army corps and later a member of the KPD in 1920,joining its Central
  43. Of power by the Bolsheviks, who had gained the leadership of the Petrograd, soviet , Before the February 1917 Russian Revolution, Lenin had formulated a slogan
  44. Of Congo. SVG|The flag of People's Republic of the Congo File: Chinese, soviet ,flag. SVG|The flag of the Chinese Jiangxi Soviet Republic File: Flag of the
  45. USSR in the 20th century, many more Russian words became known worldwide: the, soviet , sputnik, perestroika,glasnost, kolkhoz,etc. Also in the English language
  46. Of internal affairs under Brezhnev, was a former chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk, soviet , Patron–client relations had implications for policymaking in the party and
  47. Influence over Ukraine. Khrushchev was elected to the worker's council (or, soviet ,) in Rutchenkovo, and in May he became its chairman. He did not join the
  48. For outstanding achievements in research of political and social processes in, soviet ,and post soviet periods of Russia. 2009; Vadim Tikhonov Ivanov: for
  49. Is a particular case, was developed by Ernesto Discrepant, who argues that, soviet ,type economies of the 20th century used state capitalism to sustain processes
  50. In the Bishop jail. On 19 November, a few weeks after the proclamation of, soviet ,power in Petrograd, they escaped from their confinement (eased by the fact

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