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  1. Of enemy ships. Furthermore, not all of his captains had followed his orders to, attach ,cables to their neighbour's bow and stern, which would have prevented such a
  2. Prophets, and linguistic details. Other commentators, such as John Calvin, attach ,no great importance to the precise dating. History of interpretation The
  3. Of types and have no standard form. A slab of rock with an iron staple in it to, attach ,a chain to would serve the purpose, as would any dense object of appropriate
  4. Host range. Host growth conditions also influence the ability of the phage to, attach ,and invade bacteria. As phage virions do not move independently, they must rely on
  5. The body and form the heart. Or, in other words, to enable the individual to, attach ,such habits of virtue as will render it independent. ” In addition to her broad
  6. Bar Association. As juristic persons, corporations have certain rights that, attach ,to natural persons. The vast majority of them attach to corporations under
  7. Putty-like pressure-sensitive adhesive produced by Boston, commonly used to, attach ,papers to walls or other surfaces. The original version of the product was blue
  8. Contempt of court is rarely enforceable against an individual, and will never, attach ,prior to a conviction as there are two doors in American law with which to
  9. 22Northcliffe%22%201922%22%20%22Palestine%22&f=false articles. I do not, attach ,undue importance to this movement, but it is increasingly difficult to meet the
  10. To the saint; the viewer, however,has a better view from the front. They, attach ,their name to the chapel, but St. Theresa is the focus. It is a private chapel
  11. Bond between the carbons, while on each of the other two ends hydrogen atoms, attach ,also by σ bonds. The two unchanged 2p orbitals form a pair of weaker π valence
  12. And included one along with the Linux for PlayStation 2 kit. However, users can, attach ,virtually any USB mouse to the PlayStation 2 console. In addition, the
  13. Telophase. During the process of mitosis the pairs of chromosomes condense and, attach ,to fibers that pull the sister chromatids to opposite sides of the cell. The
  14. The Titans. After the Black Lantern Batman created several black power rings to, attach ,to and kill the majority of the Justice League, the skull was returned to
  15. Which also, however,possess lepidotrichia. These actinopterygian fin rays, attach ,directly to the proximal or basal skeletal elements, the radials, which
  16. Traditions cite Revelation 22:18-19 as a potential curse for those who, attach ,any canonical authority to extra-biblical writings such as the Apocrypha.
  17. Landings with their starboard batteries. Orders were issued for each ship to, attach ,strong cables to the bow and stern of their neighbors, which would effectively
  18. Found in soil and rock. If the gas is inhaled,some radon particles may, attach ,to the inner lining of the lung. These particles continue to decay, emitting
  19. Various popular theories in vogue at the time, of how atoms were reasoned to, attach ,to each other,i.e." hooked atoms "," glued together by rest ", or " stuck
  20. Who is wholly just, observes everything relevant about human actions and can, attach ,appropriate long-term sanctions to behavior provides such a rational argument
  21. On the target computer. Unlike a computer virus, it does not need to, attach ,itself to an existing program. Worms almost always cause at least some harm to
  22. In the vacuum of space),and the Knock, ( pesky bat-like vermin that would, attach ,to spaceship hulls and chew through power conduits to feed off the raw energy)
  23. And (in the case of Orient Express) period passports to which players could, attach ,their photographs, bringing a Live Action Role Playing feel to a tabletop game.
  24. Most of the bible, is anonymous. The Babylonian Talmud was the first attempt to, attach ,authors to the holy books: each book, according to the authors of the Talmud
  25. Have certain rights that attach to natural persons. The vast majority of them, attach ,to corporations under state law, especially the law of the state in which the
  26. Are visible with an optical microscope. During divisions, long microtubules, attach ,to the centromere and the two opposite ends of the cell. The microtubules then
  27. Bikes along with mountain bikes include clipless pedals to which special shoes, attach , via a cleat, permitting the rider to pull on the pedals as well as push. Other
  28. Released from the Earth's crust, which then decays into radioactive atoms that, attach ,to airborne dust, and other particulate (granular, powder ) materials, that
  29. Be torn off. The Chinese Cheney detachments stationed in Kiev reportedly would, attach ,an iron tube to the torso of a bound victim and insert a rat into the other end
  30. Of the connector (mating with the odd-numbered pins of the receptacle) and, attach ,to the remaining even-numbered conductors of the cable. Note the connections to
  31. Hydrocarbons, which are converted by human enzymes into epoxies, which, attach , permanently to DNA. Pre-cooking meats in a microwave oven for 2–3 minutes
  32. It actually destroys the site, rendering the HIV inert, and then can, attach ,to other viruses. A single enzyme can destroy thousands of HIV viruses. Human
  33. Coats rapidly. Because this protein gp120 is necessary for the HIV to, attach , it does not change across different strains and is a point of vulnerability
  34. Of separate muscle groups to be involved in biting and chewing. Masseters, attach ,from the century (specifically, the masseteric fossa) to the zygotic arch
  35. Then to avoid making verifiable predictions, and gives them the ability to, attach ,significance to arbitrary and unrelated events, in a way that suits their
  36. The crank, to which the" big ends" of the connecting rods from each cylinder, attach , It typically connects to a flywheel, to reduce the pulsation characteristic of
  37. Selective in what they bind. Antibodies are an example of proteins that, attach ,to one specific type of molecule. In fact, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent
  38. Phage therapy. Attachment and penetration To enter a host cell, bacteriophages, attach , to specific receptors on the surface of bacteria, including lipopolysaccharides
  39. Both pins 28 and 34 normally. Multiple devices on a cable If two devices, attach ,to a single cable, one must be designated as device 0 (commonly referred to as
  40. Languages, such as Beja and KET, the copula takes the form of suffixes that, attach ,to a noun but are distinct from the person agreement markers used on
  41. A leaf in the wind. This is called procryptic behavior or habit. Other animals, attach ,or attract natural materials to their body for concealment. A few animals have
  42. Acid to cysteine residues in some signaling proteins causes the proteins to, attach ,and then detach from cell membranes. Table of standard amino acid abbreviations
  43. Of a carbine length barrel, bolt (usually blow back operated),and stock that, attach ,to a pistol frame. Attaching the pistol frame provides the feed mechanism (
  44. Cardinal bird perched on the stitches of a football. However, the club did not, attach ,a logo to their helmets until they debuted a cardinal-head logo in, the year
  45. His atomic bonding theory, in " Query 31" of his Optics, whereby atoms, attach ,to each other by some" force ". Specifically, after acknowledging the various
  46. Of the connector (mating with the even-numbered pins of the receptacle) and, attach ,to every other even-numbered conductor of the cable. The bottom row of contacts
  47. In object-based languages, it is possible to use and extend data structures and, attach ,methods to them at run-time. This precludes the compiler or interpreter being
  48. Of a quotient of a Hermitian symmetric space. In differential geometry, one can, attach ,to every point x of a smooth (or differentiable) manifold a vector space
  49. In a 2U chassis. Back planes in storage Servers commonly have a back plane to, attach ,hot stoppable hard drives, backplane pins passing directly into hard drive
  50. Then transposed over the stump, occasionally with the insertion of elements to, attach ,a prosthesis. Prevention Amputations are traumatic experiences that reduce the

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