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  1. Not as public holidays. Tree planting is sometimes combined with, awareness ,campaigns of the fight against cancer: Km Op Teen Banker.
  2. Reasoning and" Constructive Conscious Control" because kinesthetic sensory, awareness ,is a relative sense, not a truthful indicator of factual bodily relationship in
  3. Overwhelming defeat (1856) suffered by Russia in the Crimean War, and to an, awareness ,of military advances implemented in other European countries, the Russian
  4. Of life must always prey upon another. However, human consciousness holds an, awareness ,of, and sympathy for, the will of other beings to live. An ethical human
  5. To the erosion of Christianity, the growth of cultural relativism,an, awareness ,of the survival of the primitive in modern life, and the replacement of, all of
  6. Even union, with spiritual beings (" Intuition" ) without loss of individual, awareness , In his early works, Steiner sought to overcome what he perceived as the
  7. Show, a benefit concert with several East Asian groups from the U. S. to raise, awareness ,for the 2011 earthquake in Japan. Jewish-interest groups such as the University
  8. Are typically aware of actions as being right and wrong. Furthermore, this, awareness , binds them to certain obligations, regardless of their personal goals and ends.
  9. Between authors and editors are largely found to be the product of an, awareness ,of writing as a social act, and an effort to create a balance wherein the
  10. Coding of applications including mobile and embedded systems have led to the, awareness ,of the security of applets. Open Platform Applets in an open platform
  11. That came out of the Pretoria Minute was that both parties would try and raise, awareness ,that a new way of governance was being created for South Africa, and that
  12. And debate over,Hill's testimony is said to have launched modern-day public, awareness ,of the issue of sexual harassment in the United States. In their Black feminist
  13. Services such as Facebook. Reasons for display advertising Display ads generate, awareness ,quickly. Unlike search, which requires someone to be aware of a need, display
  14. Only possible but also often more practical. The expedition also hoped to raise, awareness ,about global warming and climate change. A second expedition led by Andrew
  15. Hunger A growing number of athletes are devoting their efforts to raising, awareness ,and funds for Action Against Hunger. This informal assemblage of adventurers
  16. That he had derived from his study of mathematics and science. He called this, awareness , this goal of his system," consciousness of abstracting ". His system included
  17. Now that I am old, I admire kind people. " *"Awareness of symbolic meaning is, awareness ,of a specific idea; Havana is awareness of an ineffable situation. *"A Jew is
  18. Of arms of Charles IX of France. His work is marked by great elegance and an, awareness ,of geometrical principles in design. Antonio and Geronimo Amati Andrea Amati
  19. Epidemics, and rehabilitate clinics. Advocacy Action Against Hunger raises, awareness ,about hunger and seeks to alert the international community when human rights
  20. Contributions to the humanitarian field through philanthropy, public, awareness , or their efforts to directly improve conditions for distressed communities. In
  21. The founding long ago to become a part of America's folklore and cultural, awareness , and non-native American folklore especially includes any narrative which has
  22. Which requires someone to be aware of a need, display advertising can drive, awareness ,of something new and without previous knowledge. Display works well for direct
  23. Of the soil. While this feeling lay dormant for decades, as environmental, awareness ,has increased in the 21st century there has been a movement towards sustainable
  24. Akira Oriya collaborated with Shōnen Jump to create a video to raise, awareness ,and support for those affected by the 2011 Took earthquake and tsunami on
  25. 1960s,when the growing use of aluminum beverage cans brought it to the public, awareness , Recycling involves melting the scrap, a process that requires only 5 % of the
  26. Ice Vehicle designed by Lotus. This time the team used the expedition to raise, awareness ,about the global environmental importance of the Antarctic region and to show
  27. While supporting the launched Sparrow, effectively reducing situational, awareness , The Tomcat's AWG-9 radar was capable of tracking up to 24 targets in
  28. The third millennium BCE, widespread civilizations had developed sophisticated, awareness ,of celestial cycles, and are believed to have consciously oriented their
  29. Folk' in reference to punk music and rap music. It's an attitude,it's an, awareness ,of one's heritage, and it's a community. It's subcorporate music that gives
  30. Targets after Phoenix missiles were launched, thereby maintaining situational, awareness ,of the battle space. Link-4 data link capability allowed U. S. Navy Tomcats to
  31. The late 1990s,the Atari 7800 was one of the last to be emulated. The lack of, awareness ,of the system, the lack of understanding of the hardware, and fears about the
  32. Farmed marine invertebrates are actually sentient, or have the perception and, awareness ,to experience suffering. Although no evidence of this has been found in marine
  33. Philosophical notion of beauty. Taste is a result of an education process and, awareness ,of elite cultural values learned through exposure to mass culture. Bourdieu
  34. Awareness of symbolic meaning is awareness of a specific idea; Havana is, awareness ,of an ineffable situation. *"A Jew is asked to take a leap of action rather
  35. Display works well for direct response. Display is not only used for generating, awareness , it’s used for direct response campaigns that link to a landing page with a
  36. Highest soul" ). Because all living beings possess a soul, great care and, awareness ,is essential in one's actions. Jainism emphasizes the equality of all life
  37. Tropes involving cross-time travel between alternate histories or psychic, awareness ,of the existence of" our" universe by the people in another; or ordinary
  38. Leader in 1993. She had strong media appeal, which increased media and public, awareness ,of herself and the party. She was known to have interests in industrial
  39. Success was somewhat overshadowed by negative publicity that accompanied public, awareness ,of postage stamps carried by the astronauts without authorization, who had made
  40. A fighter-to-fighter data link capability, further enhancing overall situational, awareness , The F-14D entered service with the JT IDS that brought the even better Link-16
  41. To improve the reliability of financial reporting, and increased public, awareness ,about the importance of having accounting standards that show the financial
  42. Of structure with what is actually happening. He stressed training in, awareness ,of abstracting, using techniques that he had derived from his study of
  43. Has increased rapidly in most developed countries, driven by an increased, awareness ,of depression together with the availability and commercial promotion of new
  44. Policies determined by the unique participatory method promoted environmental, awareness ,and sustainability, opposition to the primacy of economic rationalism (
  45. Referral patterns, availability of services, age at diagnosis, and public, awareness , though unidentified environmental risk factors cannot be ruled out. The
  46. Two trees, one common and one rare, are highlighted to increase public, awareness ,of indigenous trees, while various" greening" activities are undertaken by
  47. Canadian Harold Harvey was among the first to research a" dead" lake. Public, awareness ,of acid rain in the U. S increased in the 1970s after The New York Times
  48. Mr. Being was found responsible for not exercising greater involvement and, awareness ,in the matter of introducing the Phalangists into the camps. Defense Minister
  49. UK is a UK based NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that aims to raise, awareness ,of Burma's struggles and follow the guidelines established by the NLD and Sung
  50. Word originated by Sigmund Freud. Inhibition describes a moment of conscious, awareness ,of a choice to interrupt, stop or entirely prevent an unnecessary habitual "

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