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  1. Organization NICE recently revised its recommendation favoring atypical, to, advise , that the choice should be an individual one based on the particular profiles of
  2. Of Astronomer Royal has been largely honorary, though he remains available to, advise ,the Sovereign on astronomical and related scientific matters, and the office is
  3. Matter, but the leaders of the Church have advise d, and we do now specifically, advise , against the use of any drink containing harmful drugs under circumstances that
  4. We can keep secrets. " Powers of the President and Congress Subject to the, advise ,and consent role of the U. S. Senate, the President of the United States
  5. You in the front rank among writers in the new generation. " He went on to, advise ,Chekhov to slow down, write less, and concentrate on literary quality. Chekhov
  6. Reach both the ideal weight and body composition. To achieve this goal, experts, advise , not to reduce carbohydrates aggressively. Fat can be lost by reducing the
  7. Relations theories of realism and neorealism, sometimes called realpolitik, advise ,politicians to explicitly disavow absolute moral and ethical considerations in
  8. From the ILL at this stage of Lara's life. Ambrose said" If I was supposed to, advise ,Brian, I would advise him to stay out. He hasn't played any form of
  9. Worded attacks on statist policies. Bastian wrote it while living in England to, advise ,the shapers of the French Republic on pitfalls to avoid. Contained within
  10. Is responsible for evaluating these new words in order to initiate and, advise ,their Persian equivalents. The language itself has greatly developed during the
  11. User experiences. * Toward a solution: overcoming siloed thinking. Experts, advise ,organizations to recognize the immense value of integrating their client-facing
  12. Of sculpture, ancient and contemporary, on which Asgard was well able to, advise , In the villa grounds, Algardi and his studio executed sculpture-encrusted
  13. Was switched for a placebo. The American Psychiatric Association guidelines, advise ,four to five months of continuation treatment on an antidepressant following
  14. Between /a, á,e, o/ and /a/ and in some words between <æ, ø> and: Rama (to, advise ,), gleða (to gladden, please ), boða (to forebode),via (to chant),RNA
  15. And construction contractors, track the project's cost and schedule, advise ,MTA on project decisions, and (in some instances) act as the MTA's
  16. Of life. " Physicians who practice complementary medicine usually discuss and, advise ,patients as to available complementary therapies. Patients often express
  17. For elections every four years to a twenty member Sami Parliament that was to, advise ,authorities. On the international level, there was the Nordic Sami Council of
  18. Role Architects typically put projects to tender on behalf of their clients, advise ,on the award of the project to a general contractor, and review the progress of
  19. Itself. This is acknowledged by the American Institute for Conservation who, advise ," Specific admission requirements differ and potential candidates are
  20. The two Bailiwicks to develop the Channel Islands' influence with the EU, to, advise , the Channel Islands' governments on European matters, and to promote economic
  21. A duty to break confidentiality and inform the DLA. The doctor should, advise ,the patient of the disclosure and the reasons why their failure to notify the
  22. Of Lara's life. Ambrose said" If I was supposed to advise Brian, I would, advise ,him to stay out. He hasn't played any form of competitive cricket for a few
  23. The testimony will become discoverable. Usually an experienced lawyer will, advise ,the expert not to take notes on documents because all the notes will be
  24. Posts typically are covered in carpeting or upholstery, but some authorities, advise ,against this practice, as not making it clear to the cat which surfaces are
  25. Manhattan District Attorney and a Member of the Columbia Board of Trustees to, advise ,him on how to undermine SHL. " In a letter to Hogan, Leitsch wrote: Donaldson
  26. Some drivers within the competitive privately owned systems are reluctant to, advise ,persons to use competing services, even if those would be more suitable. Some
  27. Culture although currently the Church itself directs its local leaders not to, advise ,members about divorce one way or another. In the New Church (or
  28. Secreted from the genital regions. Because of this, some medical professionals, advise ,the use of condoms when performing or receiving fellatio with a partner whose
  29. Are the main source of calories in the American diet ", most nutritionists, advise ,that Coca-Cola and other soft drinks can be harmful if consumed excessively
  30. To full equality with men. In 1972 the Council for Equality was established to, advise ,lawmakers on methods for realizing full legal equality for women. In 1983
  31. A didactic dialogue poem to remind people of the inevitability of death and to, advise ,them strongly to be prepared at all times for death (see memento mori and Ar's
  32. Claimed to feel" jubilant" when cutting off her long hair. She would later, advise ,her confessor and biographer, the Blessed Raymond of Capra, O. P., ( who went
  33. On Climate Change, an independent body established by the UK Government to, advise ,on climate change policy * Communist Combatant Cells, a Belgian terrorist
  34. Of the Seventeenth Air Force. In 1971,Yeager was assigned to Pakistan to, advise ,the Pakistan Air Force at the behest of Ambassador Joe Farmland. Prior to the
  35. He should come back. " Dijon also voiced similar comments saying" I wouldn't, advise ,him to come back. He has had a wonderful career, and should live with those
  36. S 2000 Guidelines for Treating Depressive Disorders with Antidepressants, advise ,remaining on an antidepressant for at least six months and as long as five
  37. Of three banks and five construction companies. The role of the banks was to, advise ,on financing and secure loan commitments. On 2 July 1985,the groups formed
  38. Of beginning his tenure as university president, Eisenhower was requested to, advise ,Secretary of Defense James Forrest on unification of the armed services.
  39. Recognized as the cardinal priests, the important priests chosen by the pope to, advise ,him in his duties as Bishop of Rome (the Latin card means" hinge" ).
  40. Counting of known unpatched security flaws. Generally, users of this method, advise ,avoiding products which lack fixes for known security flaws, at least until a
  41. Of the running of the university by the College at least twice a year and may, advise ,the College as it sees fit. It guards against discrimination within the
  42. Are made to the curriculum. Some European countries such as Germany and Denmark, advise ,a two-teacher system, whereby the second teacher takes over a group of children
  43. Took over the rights to broadcast NFL games in 1956,Bell made it a point to, advise ,the franchises to avoid denigrating the games or the officials of the games—on
  44. For a partial response, the American Psychiatric Association guidelines, advise ,adding a different kind of pharmaceutical agent to the antidepressant. Studies
  45. The solicitor prior to trial, the barrister can (and usually has a duty to), advise , the client of a separate possible claim against the solicitor. *Having trials
  46. And AK-74 do not cover target engagement using the semi-automatic setting, and, advise , the use of short and long bursts (but still recommend short ones).
  47. Department of Justice (and is included in the 25 % intervention rate). *5), advise , the Realtor that the Department of Justice intends to decline intervention.
  48. Of the European Union. There are also a number of ancillary bodies which, advise ,the EU or operate in a specific area. European Council The European Council
  49. e.g. physicians, administrators,I. T., etc.). Clinical engineers also, advise ,and collaborate with medical device producers regarding prospective design
  50. May affect the 2011 Census, the CSO released a press statement that CAC will, advise ,on software but cannot access any basic census data. There have also been two

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