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  1. Dove towards the Pentagon. While level above the ground and seconds from the, crash , the airplane's wings knocked over five street lampposts and the right wing
  2. Emperor also survived the Bork train disaster of 1888. At the moment of the, crash ,the royal family was in the dining car. Its roof collapsed in the crash , and
  3. 2001,he broke six ribs and was hospitalized for four days after a motorcycle, crash ,in Los Angeles. Schwarzenegger saved a drowning man's life in 2004 while on
  4. To recover from the many damages provoked by the rioters, mainly devoted to, crash ,cars, setting stores on fire, robbing banks and using any heavy or pointed
  5. Car in 1905. On September 10, 1907,Rex Reiterated was fatally injured in a, crash ,here. In 1916,Chevrolet won the first Universal Films Trophy at the mile and
  6. To Honolulu, Hawaii,during which six out of the eight participating planes, crash ,or disappear. *1929 – The 1929 Palestine riots break out in the British Mandate
  7. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and U. S. Ambassador Arnold Rachel are killed in a plane, crash , *1998 – Monica Lewinsky scandal: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped
  8. Redesigned as a general purpose computer after the North American video game, crash ,of 1983. A prototype of the full computer was shown to the public for the first
  9. Remained alive in the damaged section of the building. In the days after the, crash , news reports emerged that up to 800 people had died. Army troops from Fort
  10. Cameras installed, but a video released on September 15, 2006,did not show the, crash ,because the camera was pointed away from the crash site. The Double tree Hotel
  11. 2001. On August 25, 2001,Aaliyah and eight others were killed in an airplane, crash ,in The Bahamas after filming the music video for the single" Rock the Boat ".
  12. Of the crash the royal family was in the dining car. Its roof collapsed in the, crash , and Alexander held the remains of the roof on his shoulders as the children
  13. To assassinate Pope John Paul II and President Bill Clinton, and to, crash ,a private plane into CIA headquarters. He was later captured in Pakistan. The
  14. Published only in 1956. Elevated levels of americium were also detected at the, crash ,site of a US B-52 bomber, which carried four hydrogen bombs, in 1968 in
  15. And return, although overflights from New Zealand stopped after the fatal, crash ,of Air New Zealand Flight 901 on Mount Erebus in late 1979. Scientific stations
  16. There was a well-documented bug in Apple soft BASIC that could actually, crash ,the interpreter if ONERA GOT was in effect and numerous program errors
  17. One day after Gagarin's flight, many congressmen pledged their support for a, crash ,program aimed at ensuring that America would catch up. Kennedy, however,was
  18. Britain of an al-Qaeda plot to hijack an Indian airline or Air India plane and, crash ,it into a British city. This information was uncovered from interrogation of
  19. Troops from Fort Belvoir were the first teams to survey the interior of the, crash ,site and noted the presence of human remains. Federal Emergency Management
  20. Circulated, but this was the first official release of the full video of the, crash , A nearby Cit go service station also had security cameras installed, but a
  21. And a weak heart. The coroner theorized that, even if Aaliyah had survived the, crash , her recovery would have been virtually impossible given the severity of her
  22. Success of the 2600. These problems were followed by the infamous video game, crash ,of 1983,with losses that totaled more than $500 million. Warner's stock price
  23. Room in the Rosewood Mausoleum at the Fern cliff Cemetery. The day of the, crash ,was Morales' first official day with Black hawk International Airways, an FAA
  24. 1989 – U. S. Congressman Mickey Leland (D-TX) and 15 others die in a plane, crash ,in Ethiopia. *1998 – The United States embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam
  25. 1985 – 1992) (b. 1927) *2006 – Lawrence Patrick, Biomechanics Professor, crash ,test subject (b. 1920) * 2006 – Pramoedya Santa Tour, Indonesian novelist (
  26. The few economists who gave warning of a major economic crisis before the great, crash ,of 1929. In February 1929,Hayek warned that a coming financial crisis was an
  27. Lunar module pilot for the backup crew. He died on October 5,1967,in a T-38, crash , His spot was given to Alan Bean. Later, when the backup crew flew Apollo 12,a
  28. Chicago, Illinois. The Apollo 13 S-IVB with its Instrument Unit was guided to, crash ,onto the lunar surface on April 14,providing a signal for the Apollo 12
  29. General Ibrahim Babangida. *1990 – Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in a helicopter, crash , *1991 – The European Community recognizes the independence of the Baltic
  30. Power On February 8,1942,Minister of Armaments Fritz Todd died in a plane, crash ,shortly after taking off from Hitler's eastern headquarters at Brandenburg.
  31. The Wolf Worlds, the Scottish character Alex bemoans their predicament after, crash ,landing; 'A slack it way f'r a Mon,' Alex mourned to himself. 'Ah din nae ken Ah
  32. Were killed, as were 125 people in the building. Dozens of people witnessed the, crash ,and news sources began reporting on the incident within minutes. The impact
  33. Los Angeles, instead,it is revealed that their actions were the cause of the, crash , ultimately. Other non-alternate history television shows have explored the
  34. 15, 2006,did not show the crash because the camera was pointed away from the, crash ,site. The Double tree Hotel, located nearby in Crystal City, Virginia,also had
  35. Alert after threats that Bin Laden planned to hijack a plane from there and, crash ,it into a target in New Delhi. In 2002 U. S. Secretary of Defense Donald
  36. Locations. Rescue and recovery Rescue efforts began immediately after the, crash , Almost all the successful rescues of survivors occurred within half an hour of
  37. The Lawson Airplane Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,to build airliners. The, crash ,of his ambitious" Midnight Liner" during its trial flight takeoff on May 8
  38. By Omar and four other hijackers, which allowed trained pilot Mohamed Atta to, crash ,the Boeing 767 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center as part of an
  39. Center and other Pentagon offices, as well as some unoccupied offices. The, crash ,and subsequent fire penetrated three outer ring sections of the western side.
  40. Reporter Mike Walter was driving on Washington Boulevard when he witnessed the, crash , which he recounted," I looked out my window and I saw this plane, this jet
  41. Rumsfeld was in his office on the other side of the Pentagon, away from the, crash ,site. He ran to the site and assisted the injured. Rumsfeld then returned to
  42. To losing her husband, Lyngstad had also lost her daughter Lise-Lotte in a car, crash ,a year earlier. On 15 November 2005,Lyngstad's 60th birthday, Universal
  43. Performs a miracle allowing her to give birth quickly and without pain. After a, crash ,of thunder and light, the baby arrives without anyone's assistance. Death
  44. Alliance of TDP, TRS,CPI and CPM. He died on 2 September 2009 in a helicopter, crash , Donizetti Isaiah, a senior statesman and former State Finance Minister, became
  45. California. Also, Zoe,eight, and Dana Wallenberg, three,were killed in the, crash , along with their parents, Charles Wallenberg and Leslie Whittington. The
  46. On Washington Boulevard, Interstate 395,and Columbia Pike witnessed the, crash , as did people in Pentagon City, Crystal City, and other nearby locations.
  47. Elder brother Alfonso. He died due to bleeding from injuries suffered in a car, crash , Illegitimate issue The King also had four illegitimate children: By French
  48. All members of the Zambia national football team lose their lives in a plane, crash ,off Libreville, Gabon in route to Dakar, Senegal to play a 1994 FIFA World Cup
  49. The passengers and crew,49 of 50 are confirmed dead in the hours following the, crash , *2009 – The Burmese military junta and ethnic armies begin three days of
  50. Of Wales, her companion Jodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul die in a car, crash ,in Paris. *1998 – North Korea reportedly launches Kwangmyŏngsŏng-1,its first

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