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  1. For applications in medical, communications,defense, automotive,food and wine, processing ,and industrial sectors. The revenue of Adelaide's electronics industry has
  2. Natural gas, coal,gold, precious metals, zinc and other mining, seafood, processing , timber and wood products. There is also a growing service and tourism sector.
  3. Such as gas metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding, as well as in the, processing ,of titanium and other reactive elements. An argon atmosphere is also used for
  4. Magazines, ebooks, textbooks,photos, movies,TV shows videos, music,word, processing ,documents, spreadsheets,video games, and most existing iPhone apps. It also
  5. American Samoa conducts the great bulk of its foreign trade. Tuna fishing and, processing ,plants are the backbone of the private sector, with canned tuna being the
  6. Power enables speech recognition and vocal synthesis, at the same time, processing ,lip synchronization and visual recognition by 90-degree micro-CCD cameras with
  7. Usually under vacuum conditions. A better separation can be achieved by further, processing ,of the heavier fractions of the crude oil in a asphalting unit, which uses
  8. To auditory and visual stimuli, novelty detection, language and face, processing , and information storage; several studies have found a preference for
  9. Programming language),a computer programming language with specialized array, processing ,capabilities *Frame wave, formerly the APL, the AMD Performance Library, a
  10. Aruba despite expansion of the tourism sector. Today, the influence of the oil, processing ,business is minimal. The size of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors also
  11. For calculating a function. Algorithms are used for calculation, data, processing , and automated reasoning. In simple words an algorithm is a step-by-step
  12. Including film and CCD astrophotography. Because CCD imagers are linear, image, processing , may be used to subtract away the effects of light pollution, which has
  13. Connections among unconscious components of patients' mental processes Signal, processing ,* Finite element analysis – a computer simulation technique used in engineering
  14. What is considered the first computer program—that is, an algorithm encoded for, processing ,by a machine. Though Babbage's engine was not built until nearly 150 years
  15. ANIMAL (image processing ),an interactive software environment for image, processing ,*Animal (clothing),a sportswear retailer and brand based in the United
  16. The airport is designed to handle 27 aircraft simultaneously and is capable of, processing ,3,000 passengers per hour. Unusually for a major city, it is located only seven
  17. The power of randomization in algorithms * Lexical analysis – the process of, processing ,an input sequence of characters and producing as output a sequence of symbols *
  18. Distribution, and marketing In the United States, food costs attributed to, processing , distribution, and marketing have risen while the costs attributed to farming
  19. With these children,we're giving them information through their strongest, processing ,area (visual). Therefore, various types of technology from" low" tech to "
  20. Have found evidence in autistic children of delayed responses in the brain's, processing ,of auditory signals. In the genetic area, relations have been found between
  21. Strong typing, modularity mechanisms (packages),run-time checking, parallel, processing , ( tasks, synchronous Message passing, protected objects and nondeterministic
  22. photo, iTunes,GarageBand, and web. For presentation, page layout and word, processing , work is available, which includes Keynote, Pages,and Numbers. iTunes
  23. Well to the hypothesis. The second category focuses on nonsocial or general, processing , Executive dysfunction hypothesizes that autistic behavior results in part from
  24. Are of higher density. Another advantage with analog signals is that their, processing ,may be achieved more simply than with the digital equivalent. An analog signal
  25. Been negligible for the past several years. New sectors, such as precious stone, processing ,and jewelry making, information and communication technology, and even tourism
  26. Microelectronics, jewellery manufacturing, software development, food, processing , brandy. Agriculture - products: Fruit (especially grapes and apricots)
  27. The people smugglers arrested in Indonesia; the so-called Pacific Solution of, processing ,them in third countries; the boarding and forced turnaround of the boats by
  28. Defined by a Turing machine ". Typically, when an algorithm is associated with, processing ,information, data is read from an input source, written to an output device
  29. M_ + M_ + \delta^2\dot\franc. This may be useful when, for example, multiple, processing , units may be assigned to discrete parts of the input. Chan's method for
  30. To 1942 and a US protectorate from 1942 to 1945. On February 16, 1942,its oil, processing ,refinery was attacked by a German submarine (U-156) under the command of
  31. Many recent radio systems, modulated signals are generated via digital signal, processing ,(DSP). With DSP, many forms of AM modulation are feasible under software
  32. Local currency; developing private businesses; energy; the agriculture, food, processing , transportation, and health and education sectors; and ongoing rehabilitation
  33. 8652:201z Ed. 3) Other related standards include ISO 8651-3:1988 Information, processing ,systems—Computer graphics—Graphical Kernel System (GKS) language
  34. Executes the game program, and the Digital Vector Generator (DVG),vector, processing ,circuitry developed by Atari themselves. As the 6502 by itself was too slow to
  35. Tapped off, usually cast into large blocks called aluminum billets for further, processing , At the anode, oxygen is formed:: 2 O2− → O2 + 4 ex To some extent, the carbon
  36. The Biblical Eve, plus the letter r for robot. EveR-1's advanced computing, processing ,power enables speech recognition and vocal synthesis, at the same time
  37. New technologies, such as biotechnology and computer science (for data, processing ,and storage),and technological advances have made it possible to develop new
  38. Battery. Strong acids, sulfuric acid in particular, are widely used in mineral, processing , For example, phosphate minerals react with sulfuric acid to produce phosphoric
  39. Phase to dissolve the lighter molecules which are then separated. Further, processing ,is possible by" blowing" the product: namely reacting it with oxygen. This
  40. And can cause illness in people if some types of legumes are eaten without, processing , The non-protein amino acid limousine is found in other species of legume
  41. The signup function is a form of the Heaviside step function used in signal, processing , defined as:: u (x) = \begin 0,& x < 0 \\ \franc, & x = 0 \\ 1,& x > 0,\end
  42. In digital technology) to calculate that desktop computers will have the same, processing ,power as human brains by the year 2029. He also predicts that by 2045
  43. From an input source, written to an output device, and/or stored for further, processing , Stored data is regarded as part of the internal state of the entity performing
  44. Portuguese started to develop townships, trading posts, logging camps and small, processing ,factories. From 1764 onwards, there was a gradual change from a slave-based
  45. 3 % (2008 est. ): country comparison to the world: 105 Industries: Diamond, processing , metal-cutting machine tools, forge-pressing machines, electric motors, tires
  46. A separate completely autonomous country/state within the Kingdom),oil, processing ,was the dominant industry in Aruba despite expansion of the tourism sector.
  47. Creative market, there is Aperture for professional RAW-format photo, processing ,; Final Cut Studio, a video production suite; Logic, a comprehensive music
  48. Average IQ 106),while the late onset ADAM children scored lower on verbal, processing ,speed. Again, all groups means were within one standard deviation of the
  49. Default network, a large-scale brain network involved in social and emotional, processing , with intact connectivity of the task-positive network, used in sustained
  50. Australian variety program,Hey, Hey It's Saturday. Other uses *ANIMAL (image, processing ,), an interactive software environment for image processing *Animal (clothing

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