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  1. Of Algiers. After he contracted tuberculosis (TB) in 1930,he had to end his, football ,activities (he had been a goalkeeper for the university team) and reduce his
  2. 1940 – Bill McCartney, American football coach *1941 – Bill Parcels, American, football , coach * 1941 – Hannspeter Winter, Austrian plasma physicist *1942 – Augur Mum cu
  3. The country is represented in association football by the Andorra national, football ,team. However, the team has had little success internationally due to Andorra
  4. The 2011 European League Final Eight. The country is represented in association, football ,by the Andorra national football team. However, the team has had little success
  5. Drew Seemed, Canadian actor and singer * 1983 – Troy Williamson, American, football , player *1984 – Shawn Dietary, American wrestler and manager *1985 – Ashley
  6. 1971 – Katy Hill, British television presenter * 1971 – Jason Se horn, American, football , player *1972 – Arturo Patti, Canadian boxer (d. 2009) * 1974 – Keith Malley
  7. Brooklyn Decker, American model and actress * 1987 – Shawn Gore, Canadian, football , player * 1987 – Brendon Erie, American musician (Panic at the Disco) *1993 –
  8. The National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. The most successful Azerbaijani, football ,clubs are Fetch Baku, FK Baku, Inter Baku, FK Karabakh and Khazar Lanka ran.
  9. Jeff Since, Canadian musician (Simple Plan) * 1979 – Matt Walters, American, football , player * 1979 – Jennifer Finnegan, Canadian-born actress *1980 – Christi Shake
  10. Positive comment for playing with passion and courage. Any aspirations in, football ,disappeared at age 17,upon contracting tuberculosis—then incurable, Camus was
  11. To play) The NFC operates according to the same system. At the end of each, football ,season, there are playoff games involving the top six teams in the AFC (the
  12. 1986 – Nail El Char, Moroccan football er *1987 – Darren McFadden, American, football , player Deaths * 749 – Altaba in Habit Alta'i, Abbasid general *1312 –
  13. Collins, American baseball player (b. 1904) *1971 – Dan Reeves, American, football , team owner (b. 1912) *1971 – Jürgen Bryan, Armenian poet and playwright (b.
  14. Terry Cat ledge, American basketball player *1966 – Eric Endorsed, American, football , player (d. 1992) *1967 – Lane Stanley, American musician (Alice in Chains)
  15. Of Turkey, football is the most popular sport in Ankara. The city has two, football ,clubs currently competing in the Turkcell Super League: Ankaragücü founded in
  16. Grégory Exarchal, French singer (b. 1983) * 2007 – Kevin Mitchell, American, football , player (b. 1971) * 2007 – Tom Boston, American actor (b. 1921) * 2007 –
  17. John Callaway, American journalist (d. 2009) *1938 – Paul Maguire, American, football , commentator * 1939 – Carl Yastrzemski, American baseball player *1940 – Bill
  18. Brentalfloss, American YouTube celebrity * 1985 – Ted Inn, Jr., American, football , player * 1985 – Anna-Katharina Samuel, German actress * 1986 – Marcel
  19. Association football is also a very popular sport. Antigua does have a national, football ,team, but it is inexperienced. They have also formed a professional team
  20. J. Epstein, American screenwriter (d. 2000) * 1909 – Mel Han, American, football , player (d. 1992) * 1909 – Lucille Rick sen, American actress (d. 1925) *1912
  21. Scored the World Test Record at the Antigua Recreation Ground. Association, football ,is also a very popular sport. Antigua does have a national football team but it
  22. Football The club was the most successful team in the amateur era of Argentine, football , winning 10 of the 14 league championships contested. Alumni played a local
  23. The Afghanistan national football team has been competing in international, football ,since 1941 and currently has a world ranking of 179. The national team plays
  24. And actor Given name *Austin Collie (born 1985),Canadian-born American, football ,player *Austin Idol, the ring name of American professional wrestler Dennis
  25. Taking up skiing and mountaineering. Speer's Heidelberg school offered rugby, football , unusual for Germany, and Speer was a participant. He wanted to become a
  26. 1947 – David Letterman, American talk show host *1948 – Marcello Lippi, Italian, football , coach *1948 – Jeremy Beadle, English television presenter (d. 2008) * 1948 –
  27. That team still remains the 6th most successful team in Argentine, football ,history, if counting amateur championships. Rugby union Kept as a social club
  28. 1972 – Jo Van Dale, Belgian discus thrower *1973 – Donnie Edwards, American, football , player * 1973 – Joe Machine, English artist, poet and writer * 1973 – RIE
  29. Elton, American Western novelist (b. 1926) *2010 – Stefan Book, Yugoslav, football , player (b. 1923) *2011 – Jack Layton, Canadian politician (b. 1950) * 2011
  30. Subway lines are under construction. Sports As with all other cities of Turkey, football ,is the most popular sport in Ankara. The city has two football clubs currently
  31. Sports journalist (d. 2004) * 1952 – Reuben Want, American professional, football ,player * 1958 – Howard Stable ford, English actor and host * 1961 – Magda
  32. American writer, feminist and anarchist *Kent Austin (born 1963),American, football ,player and coach *Phil Austin (born 1941),American comedian and writer
  33. Pixies and Frank Black and the Catholics) * 1965 – Sterling Sharpe, American, football , player *1966 – Young Man King, South Korean film director * 1967 – Mikey
  34. Billy Yates, American football player *1981 – Andrés D'Alessandro, Argentine, football , player *1982 – Michael Aubrey, American baseball player * 1982 – Seth Rogen
  35. The national team plays its home games at the Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, while, football , in Afghanistan is governed by the Afghanistan Football Federation. The national
  36. A local derby with Belgian Athletic Club. Both teams dominated Argentine, football ,for more than a decade. Alumni and Belgian totalized 13 league championships
  37. Book Open, Agassi details how his father made him play a match for money with, football ,legend Jim Brown, in 1979,when Agassi was just 9 years old. Brown was at a
  38. And poets, who perform on media. Sports Amsterdam is home of the Redivide, football ,club Ajax Amsterdam. The stadium Amsterdam Arena is the home of Ajax. It is
  39. Andy" Roberts, and Richard" Richie" Richardson. Other popular sports include, football , boat racing and surfing (the Antigua Sailing Week attracts locals and
  40. 1986 – Nikolas Estrogens, Cypriot football er * 1986 – Aaron Curry, American, football , player * 1986 – Rota Origami, Japanese football er * 1988 – Daniele Gasparino
  41. Audi is a strong partner of different kinds of sports. In association, football , long partnerships exist between Audi and various clubs like Manchester United
  42. Lifting event in strength events * Club Atlético Atlas, an Argentinian amateur, football ,club Other * Atlas (architecture),a support or column sculpted in the form
  43. 1977 – Andy Phillips, American baseball player *1978 – Tim Hasselblad, American, football , player * 1978 – Martin Mendez, Uruguayan bassist (Open) * 1978 – Blaine Neal
  44. Carl Yastrzemski, American baseball player *1940 – Bill McCartney, American, football , coach *1941 – Bill Parcels, American football coach * 1941 – Hannspeter Winter
  45. Daniele Gasparino, Italian football er * 1988 – Carlton Mitchell, American, football , player * 1988 – Fabrice Mamba, Congolese/English football er * 1988 – Nuclei
  46. Knight, American author (b. 1922) * 2002 – Byron" Whizzed" White, American, football , player and United States Supreme Court Justice (b. 1917) *2003 – Reg Bundy
  47. Schlock, Luxembourgish professional cyclist * 1980 – Billy Yates, American, football , player *1981 – Andrés D'Alessandro, Argentine football player *1982 – Michael
  48. Express have been shot inside Afghanistan. Sports The Afghanistan national, football ,team has been competing in international football since 1941 and currently has
  49. Country also has a national team in the sport of futsal, a game very similar to, football , Some other popular sports in Afghanistan include cricket, basketball
  50. Association Alumni, usually just Alumni, is a rugby union and former Association, football ,sports club from the Belgian district of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The club

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