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  1. Threads. The needle is passed back through the beads above the warp threads to, lock ,the beads into place. Huddle looms were popular near the beginning of the 20th
  2. Be on the same cable as the optical drive. HDD passwords and security The disk, lock ,is a built-in security feature in the disk. It is part of the ATA specification
  3. Occurred during the powered descent, when the LM radar altimeter failed to, lock ,automatically onto the moon's surface, depriving the navigation computer of
  4. Crankset teeth. Kick stands keep a bicycle upright when parked, while a bike, lock ,will help prevent it from being stolen. Front-mounted baskets for carrying
  5. Has two types of motor behind the warhead. The Maverick missile is unable to, lock ,onto targets on its own; it has to be given input by the pilot or Weapon
  6. Intentional torts. For instance, a thief who breaks into a house by picking a, lock ,and is caught before taking anything would still owe the victim for violating
  7. Their PC's intended actions, such as punching an opponent or picking a, lock , and converse with the DM in character – who then describes the result or
  8. Uses a number symbol and a shift symbol, which may be repeated for shift, lock , to fit numbers and upper case into the 31 codes that 6 bits offer. After World
  9. His own touring,we've been doing ours, and so we haven't really been able to, lock ,into that, but it looks like this fall we will. It just makes a lot of sense
  10. With a single press or by shifting with a thumb. Changing modes, such as number, lock , can make other input provided with a single keystroke. This avoids complex
  11. Crankshaft, while the other plates have lugs on their outer diameters that, lock ,them to a basket which turns the transmission input shaft. The plates are
  12. The ATA specification, and thus not specific to any brand or device. The disk, lock ,can be enabled and disabled by sending special ATA commands to the drive. If a
  13. Hours, he worried that his work would be discovered and took great pains to, lock ,up his notebooks and laboratory equipment. Bell had a specially made table
  14. Remarkably similar to the later medieval crossbow, including the typical nut, lock ,(see image). Medieval Europe The crossbow is portrayed as a hunting weapon on
  15. Locks in short succession may be used. Prior to the development of the pound, lock ,in 984AD in China by Chain Wei-Yo and later in Europe in the 15th century
  16. As evidenced by the wounding of hundreds of policemen and civilians forced to, lock ,themselves inside their homes and the death of a young Genoese anarchist
  17. Of secret rebates, special discounts, threats,and other means used by Intel to, lock ,AMD processors out of the global market. Since the start of this action, the
  18. To conflicts with watermill owners and to correct this, the pound or chamber, lock ,first appeared, in 10th century AD in China and in Europe in 1373 in Rijswijk
  19. Of keys - any epitome being a" key" - each of which can match a different, lock , Different antibody isotopes, each having distinctly formed complementarity
  20. Devices may go directly from perfectly decidable video to no video at all or, lock ,up. This phenomenon is known as the digital cliff effect. For remote locations
  21. Several probation violations in early 2006,Love was sentenced to six months of, lock ,down rehab after struggles with prescription drugs and cocaine. She made a
  22. Pylon – Laundromat – Laundry room – Lean-to – Leisure center – Lever tumbler, lock ,– Light fixture – Light well – Lintel – List of architecture prizes – Living
  23. Antibodies, each of which is specific to a particular epitome. Using the ", lock ,and key" metaphor, the antigen itself can be seen as a string of keys - any
  24. Response indicates how long the operation will take. ) While the ATA disk, lock ,is intended to be impossible to defeat without a valid password, there are
  25. Pull as well as push the pedals—although not without their hazards,e.g. may, lock ,foot in when needed to prevent a fall. Technical accessories include
  26. Over a database (e.g., reading a database object, writing,acquiring, lock , etc.),an abstraction supported in database and also other systems. Each
  27. The same control characters regardless of the state of the shift or caps, lock ,keys. In other words, it does not matter whether the key would have produced an
  28. Deviations, other approaches have been adopted. The most common is the pound, lock , which consists of a chamber within which the water level can be raised or
  29. To lock quickly, replacing older designs that took a long time to warm up and, lock , A PLL is faster than an FLL, but prone to integer harmonic lock ing (if one
  30. Extract a confession from Alex after removing him from F. Alexander's home and, lock ,him in a flat b lock near his former home. Alex is then subjected to a relentless
  31. Drive. Many data recovery companies offer un lock ing services, so while the disk, lock ,will deter a casual attacker, it is not secure against a qualified adversary.
  32. B is similar to the A model, although the B model added optical zooming to, lock ,onto small or distant targets. *Maverick C was to be a laser-guided variant for
  33. RedSuspensionBridge. JPG|A suspension bridge at Chang near the Gezhouba Dam, lock , File: Yutong Bridge. JPG|The Yutong Yangtze River Bridge, between Nan tong and
  34. In the basket (the missile's radar field of view in which it will be able to, lock ,onto the target aircraft, unassisted by the launch aircraft). Not all armed
  35. I blast are not the dissenters, but the destroyers—the less than 4 % who, lock ,up deans in washrooms, who burn manuscripts of unpublished books, who make
  36. Was to refine the lunar gravitational potential to within (LR altitude update, lock ,) needed for a landing. Earth-based observations, unmanned spacecraft, and
  37. Faster than an FLL, but prone to integer harmonic lock ing (if one attempts to, lock ,to a broadband signal). They also enabled tunable oscillators in early
  38. For plasticized PVC pipe for industrial uses *BS 3621 for thief resistant, lock ,assembly. Key egress. *BS 4293 for residual current-operated circuit-breakers
  39. The state capital, particularly after Samuel Budget in 1807 opened a canal and, lock ,system to allow vessels passage around the Muskeg Falls downriver, connecting
  40. Un lock able" can mean" capable of being un lock ed" or" impossible to, lock ,"). Syntactic ambiguity arises when a phrase can be parsed in more than one
  41. Can under some circumstances cover all possible outcomes of the event and, lock ,a small risk-free profit, known as a Dutch book. This profit would typically be
  42. Wildcat action was taken by union members over the decision by Gate Gourmet to, lock ,out 670 workers and replace them with agency staff after a contract with
  43. The approximate target while the missile will then automatically recognize and, lock ,on to the target. Once the missile is launched, it requires no further
  44. Of the atoms involved. Thus, iron atoms are solid and strong with hooks that, lock ,them into a solid; water atoms are smooth and slippery; salt atoms, because of
  45. The region of Brussels only managed 14 km of waterways from the Anderlecht, lock ,to the Vilvoorde bridge. In Flanders, the management of waterways is outsourced
  46. Rock channel of the Erie Canal. In addition to maintaining and operating the, lock , the District is responsible for planning, design,construction and maintenance
  47. The engine generates. A primitive way to implement cruise control is simply to, lock ,the throttle position when the driver engages cruise control. However, if the
  48. Circuits, allowing tuning circuits, such as those in television receivers, to, lock , quickly,replacing older designs that took a long time to warm up and lock . A
  49. The flight includes swoops, chases,and cartwheels, in which they fly high, lock ,talons, and free fall, separating just before hitting the ground. The nest is
  50. Home, FATE sent Lynx to kill Serge, hoping that it would release the Arbiter, lock , Ten years after Serge drowned, the thief Kid—presumably on Belthasar's

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