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  1. Playing style fits the profile for a doubles player, and is complemented by her, height , She has been compared to such doubles specialists as Pam Shiver and Peter
  2. A spring sprang up; this gave them a means of trade and water — Athens at its, height ,was a significant sea power, defeating the Persian fleet at the Battle of
  3. The incredibly tall spines on its vertebrae, which make up more than half the, height ,of the individual bones. Also, unusual among diploids is the shape of the
  4. Need to comply with local planning and zoning laws, such as required setbacks, height ,limitations, parking requirements, transparency requirements (windows),and
  5. Similar predictions about the bodybuilder's future health. Height His official, height ,of 6'2" ( 1.88 m) has been brought into question by several articles. In his
  6. Colonization, Apollo gave oracular guidance on colonies, especially during the, height ,of colonization,750–550 BCE. According to Greek tradition, he helped Cretan or
  7. As were Gangsta and Andersson–although both couples later divorced. At the, height ,of their popularity, both relationships were suffering strain which ultimately
  8. To the poet Saudi Shiraz: Asian possessed a fort, which raised at the, height ,of Åland, from all were those within its walls, for its roads were a labyrinth
  9. Along a six-mile (10 km) stretch of canal. Both objects were at the same, height ,above the water, and he mounted a telescope on a bridge at the same high above
  10. His patron Benvolio dated 16 November 1737. Later life and death During the, height ,of his career, Vivaldi received commissions from European nobility and royalty.
  11. Between 18 degrees South and 20 degrees South latitude),and of an average, height ,of about. Along its length, the Andes is split into several ranges, which are
  12. Infractions of building codes, ordered the demolition of aspects exceeding the, height ,standard for the city. The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Architecture
  13. A Danish missile was launched from a ship about from the coast. It rose to a, height ,of and as it began its downward trajectory, the interceptor was launched and
  14. Of the CN Tower is completed in Toronto, Ontario,Canada. It reaches in, height , becoming the world's tallest freestanding structure. *1980 – President Jimmy
  15. Softer tone. Old Comedy was the comedy of a vigorously democratic Polish at the, height ,of its power, and it gave Aristophanes the freedom to explore the limits of
  16. e.g. Agave, Cordyline, Yucca,Dracula),some of which can exceed 10 m in, height , Succulent genera occur in several families (e.g. Aloe). One of the defining
  17. Perhaps 30 rooms. The Trojan War is supposed by many to have occurred at the, height ,of the Mycenaean civilization (see discussion of Troy VII),roughly the point
  18. Body proportions emulated in anime come from proportions of the human body. The, height ,of the head is considered by the artist as the base unit of proportion. Head
  19. And murders. Most of his cases happened during this period, and he was at the, height ,of his powers at this point in his life. The Murder On the Links saw the
  20. Rich Prefecture, Japan. In 2006,Kokomo Co. developed a new HER 2 android. The, height ,of the human body part of DER2 is 165 cm. There are 47 mobile points. DER2 can
  21. And the sectors can be rearranged to form and approximate parallelogram. The, height ,of this parallelogram is, and the width is half the circumference of the circle
  22. Much controversy over the years. Modern quantum theory In 1917,at the, height ,of his work on relativity, Einstein published an article in Physikalische
  23. Elevation near the Georgia line of little more than and gradually decreasing in, height ,toward the southwest, where Sand Mountain is a continuation of Raccoon. South
  24. Days in the late 1960s,he was measured to be 6'1.5" ( 1.87 m),a, height ,confirmed by his fellow bodybuilders. However, in 1988 both the Daily Mail and
  25. Degree (master's degree 1 year or a doctoral degree 3 years) *Applicant's, height ,must be 5 ft 2 in to 6 ft 4 in (1.57 to 1.93 m). Mission Specialist Educator
  26. Not necessarily in relation to the ground). Some gliders can 'soar' - gain, height ,from updrafts such as thermal currents. The first practical, controllable
  27. Also be rewritten as \pi r^2 + \pi r l where r is the radius and l is the slant, height ,of the cone. \pi r^2 is the base area while \pi r l is the lateral surface area
  28. At the end. Narrow describes him as about thirty-five-years-old, of moderate, height , dark-skinned, with close-cropped black hair. At the beginning of the novel
  29. White embryo. Description Tree The almond is a small deciduous tree, growing in, height , with a trunk of up to in diameter. The young twigs are green at first
  30. But false, in On the Heavens. Its curious shape is that of a cylinder with a, height ,one-third of its diameter. The flat top forms the inhabited world, which is
  31. Bronze Age, they created an empire, the Hittite New Kingdom, which reached its, height ,in the 14th century BC. The empire included a large part of Anatolia
  32. Was controversially shut down by the Russian authorities in June 2006,at the, height ,of a Russian-Georgian spy scandal. As of April 24, 2008,the average monthly
  33. Is the shape of the tail, which is comparatively thin in breadth and short in, height , a profile caused by the vertebral spines decreasing in height rapidly the
  34. Silk-screening; his later drawings were traced from slide projections. At the, height ,of his fame as a painter, Warhol had several assistants who produced his
  35. Figures *rectangular box: 2 (\ell w + \ell h + w h) the length divided by, height ,*cone: \pi r\left (r + \sort\right),where r is the radius of the circular
  36. Dracula, Nolina and Coraline can become massive trees, albeit not of the, height ,of the tallest divots, and with less branching. Other genera in the order, such
  37. To study the feasibility of using geosynchronous satellites to study cloud, height , * Apollo 13's S-IVB third stage was the first to be purposely crashed into
  38. Shorter. More recently, before running for Governor,Schwarzenegger's, height ,was once again questioned in an article by the Chicago Reader. As Governor
  39. He was reputed to have reached the age of 100. The Almoravid power was at its, height ,at Yusuf's death, and the Moorish empire then included all North-West Africa
  40. Stemming from trees; Ask and Emblem. Two wooden figures of" more than human, height ," were unearthed from a peat bog at Break in Schleswig, Germany. The figures
  41. ሂ hi (with a subdiacritic that compresses the consonant, so it is the same, height ,), ህ he or (where the letter is modified with a kink in the left arm).
  42. And added," At that time my admiration for the Japanese cinema was at its, height , I was almost a samurai myself! " Federico Fellini in an interview declared the
  43. In the air thermometer. In his instrument, temperatures were indicated by the, height ,at which a column of mercury was sustained by a certain mass of air, the volume
  44. The aspect ratio of an etched, or deposited structure is the ratio of the, height ,of its vertical side wall to its width. *** HARMS High Aspect Ratios allow the
  45. The commercial pressure placed upon him during the decade-long drought (at the, height ,of the neoliberal tide) which preceded Strangler to 'forsake" literature "
  46. And short, a profile caused by the vertebral spines decreasing in, height ,rapidly the farther they are from the hips. Apatosaurus also had very long ribs
  47. R + \sort\right),where r is the radius of the circular base, and h is the, height , That can also be rewritten as \pi r^2 + \pi r l where r is the radius and l is
  48. Put the dominating form in the middle and to complete the descending scale of, height ,with other figures sitting or kneeling. The pediment shows the story of
  49. Ten with inscriptions still survive. Averaging between forty and fifty feet in, height , and weighing up to fifty tons each, all the pillars were quarried at China
  50. Slope, which was shaped from the natural gravel escarpment that rises to a, height ,of 12 meters above the Tweed. On the south-east side, Scott created a formal

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