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  1. Rooms, termed the dwellings of the scholars. The head-master's house (W) is, opposite , built against the side wall of the church. The two" hospital" or
  2. On Ross Island with 10 known eruptions and 1 suspected eruption. On the, opposite ,side of the continent, Deception Island (62°57'S.,60°38'W. ), a volcanic
  3. Properties of the proton,except the antiproton having, opposite ,electric charge and magnetic moment from the proton. Shortly afterwards, in
  4. Such as viscous drag, progressing towards a nonnegative change in entropy. One, opposite ,extreme—allowing heat transfer with the surroundings, causing the temperature
  5. Genus (wins),nor a definition (had),nor a counterpart (add),nor an, opposite ,(did),and is detached (bar’ ) from matter (Mazda),quality (Kay)
  6. An" X"-like shape, are called vertical angles or opposite angles or vertically, opposite ,angles. These angles are equal in measure. *Angles that share a common vertex
  7. Metis) of such figures as Odysseus. Not only was this version of Athena the, opposite ,of Ares in combat, it was also the polar opposite of the serene earth goddess
  8. Each particle of matter has a corresponding antimatter particle with the, opposite ,electrical charge. Thus, the positron is a positively charged antielectron and
  9. Cels, which are filled in with paints in assigned colors or tones on the side, opposite ,the line drawings. The completed character cell are photographed one-by-one
  10. The effect acts much like the 'kick' of a rifle butt when a bullet goes in the, opposite ,direction. This gives a significant amount of energy to the recoiling nucleus
  11. Pythagorean theorem, knowing,for example, that a triangle had a right angle, opposite ,the hypotenuse when its sides were in a 3–4–5 ratio. They were able to estimate
  12. Advanced for three days on to the Danube, encountering the Getafe tribe on the, opposite ,shore. Surprising the Getafe by crossing the river at night, he forced the Getafe
  13. Same magnitude of charge-to-mass ratio but with opposite charge and, therefore, opposite , signed charge-to-mass ratios. The antiproton and antineutron were found by
  14. This version of Athena the opposite of Ares in combat, it was also the polar, opposite ,of the serene earth goddess version of the deity, Athena Polkas. Earning the
  15. Covered an accompanying instrument: an accordion played with the left hand, opposite ,to the way that contemporary chromatic hand harmonicas were played, small and
  16. Are morally obliged to benefit others. Used in this sense, it is the, opposite ,of egoism. The notion of altruism The concept has a long history in
  17. No significant heat is transferred between the system and the outside. At the, opposite ,extreme, a transformation of a thermodynamic system can be considered
  18. Should be directed can vary among cultures and religions. Altruism is the, opposite ,of selfishness. Altruism can be distinguished from feelings of loyalty and duty
  19. Producing photons; since the charges of the particle and antiparticle are, opposite , charge is conserved. For example, the antielectrons produced in natural
  20. Of corporate sponsors and politics involved, historical racing tends to be the, opposite , Because it is based on a particular era it is more hobbyist oriented, reducing
  21. A flying wing has no fuselage, though it may have small blisters or pods. The, opposite ,of this is a lifting body, which has no wings, though it may have small
  22. For a time, then may flip, a phenomenon called multistable perception. The, opposite ,of such ambiguous images are impossible objects. Pictures or photographs may
  23. Over the Americans with Disabilities Act led some religious groups to take, opposite ,positions. Some religious groups, such as the Association of Christian Schools
  24. Due to their having the same magnitude of charge-to-mass ratio but with, opposite ,charge and, therefore, opposite signed charge-to-mass ratios. The antiproton
  25. Is in agreement that Judeo-Greco-Roman thought in the 1st century was, opposite ,of the Western world's" individual first" mantra – it was very collectivist
  26. Particle of the same charge (as in beta decay) or creating a particle of the, opposite ,charge. The latter is seen in many processes in which both a particle and its
  27. Straight lines that form an" X"-like shape, are called vertical angles or, opposite ,angles or vertically opposite angles. These angles are equal in measure.
  28. S main force from their supply routes at sea, Octavian landed on the mainland, opposite ,the island of Corpora (modern Corfu) and marched south. Antony and his
  29. Annihilation process. Although particles and their antiparticles have, opposite ,charges, electrically neutral particles need not be identical to their
  30. Of the fact that the particle and antiparticle have equal mass m and spin J but, opposite ,charges q. This allowed him to rewrite perturbation theory precisely in the
  31. And vertical for forward flight. Other methods of lift *A lifting body is the, opposite ,of a flying wing. In this configuration the aircraft body is shaped to produce
  32. B_ a\dagger_k\ \math rm\ by\dagger_ a_k, \,where k has the same p, and, opposite , σ and sign of the energy. Then one can rewrite the field in the form: :\psi (
  33. Also chosen to avoid any fixed points (and so is a derangement),and also any, opposite ,fixed points. The Shifts step The Shifts step operates on the rows of the
  34. Especially in the Chico and inter-Andean valleys of Colombia. As a direct, opposite ,of the humid Andean slopes are the relatively dry Andean slopes in most of
  35. Of the sides of the angle (e.g. all right angles are congruent). *Two angles, opposite ,each other, formed by two intersecting straight lines that form an" X"-like
  36. At the player's position on the screen, the player could" hide" at the, opposite ,end of the screen and shoot across the screen boundary, while remaining
  37. Or ~\tau~, than characters ~\omega~, and the second function is assumed in the, opposite ,case. Expressions like ~f (\omega t)~ or ~f (y)~ contain symbols ~t~ and
  38. Deuce service box to send his opponent off the court, followed by a shot to the, opposite ,corner. Agassi's service speed when hitting a flat first serve would range
  39. That their paths curled, were at first mistaken for electrons travelling in the, opposite ,direction. Positron paths in a cloud-chamber trace the same helical path as an
  40. Or logic) – for example, X Y leaves open what the value of X is – while its, opposite ,is a self-contradiction, also called inconsistency, paradoxicalness, or
  41. For the novices. The outer school, with its headmaster's house against the, opposite ,wall of the church, stands outside the convent enclosure, in proximity to
  42. International exposition in Paris. The German and Soviet pavilion sites were, opposite ,each other. On learning (through a clandestine look at the Soviet plans) that
  43. Who writes that the Egyptians manipulated the pebbles from right to left, opposite ,in direction to the Greek left-to-right method. Archaeologists have found
  44. Kinds of particles, there is an associated antiparticle with the same mass and, opposite ,electric charge. For example, the antiparticle of the electron is the
  45. Each other, depending on whether currents are in the same (attraction) or in, opposite ,directions (repulsion). This laid the foundation of electrodynamics. The
  46. While the adjacent museum is open every day except Mondays.: This museum is, opposite ,the Opera House on ALAT Pass Boulevard, in the Plus district. There is a fine
  47. Way, and think the politician supports everyone's opinion. However,the, opposite ,can also be true - An opponent can turn a positive statement into a bad one, if
  48. In a cloud-chamber trace the same helical path as an electron but rotate in the, opposite ,direction with respect to the magnetic field direction due to their having the
  49. Shift in which stressed, long o has fallen to a, much like in the former and, opposite ,the latter. Likewise, Albanian has taken the old relative job and innovative
  50. Kingdom and Australia. Cricket being a summer sport, and the venues being in, opposite ,hemispheres, the break between series alternates between 18 and 30 months. A

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