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  1. Prisoners. * 1944 – World War II: The Nazis begin a three-day massacre of, anywhere ,between 40,000 and 100,000 civilians and prisoners of war in Wolf, Poland.
  2. For example, the BBC News has an Asia-Pacific section, which acquires news from, anywhere ,in Australasia, Oceania or the Pacific side of the Americas. Supercontinent
  3. Sources provide known magnitudes. Typical electronic analog computers contain, anywhere ,from a few to a hundred or more operational amplifiers (" op amps" ), named
  4. Him to modern philosophy, although Spinoza never mentions Van den Ended, anywhere ,in his books or letters. In the early 1660s Van den Ended was considered to be
  5. The Electron had to be placed into an 80 byte pitch display to be able to get, anywhere ,near to reproducing mode 7 and the CPU spent a lot of time drawing
  6. Of some species mate with just one male, but in some others they may mate with, anywhere ,from one to ten or more different males. Mated females then seek a suitable
  7. At the 1982 state election. Mitch am was the only single-member lower house seat, anywhere ,in Australia to be won by the Democrats. 1987–90 It had been expected that the
  8. Dentition of the nine-banded armadillo is P 7/7’M 1/1 = 32. Gestation lasts, anywhere ,from 60 to 120 days, depending on species, although the nine-banded armadillo
  9. Software needed to adjust to the user's handwriting; this process could take, anywhere ,from two weeks to two months. Another factor which limited the early Newton
  10. Have a delayed onset of action (2–6 weeks) and are usually administered for, anywhere ,from months to years. Despite the name, antidepressants are often used
  11. Look into nearly all the judgements which were passed issued in his absence, anywhere ,in the realm, to see whether they were just or unjust. " A charter from the
  12. Free kick is paid. A distinctive feature of the game is the mark, where players, anywhere ,on the field who catch a ball from a kick (with specific conditions),are
  13. 30 kilometers (20 mi) distant, enabling the military to confront attacks, anywhere ,in the kingdom within a single day. Alfred's Burns, ( later termed boroughs)
  14. Before noon. Since the law changed in 2004,off-premises sales are now allowed, anywhere ,in the state, with local approval, after noon. Retail alcohol sales remain
  15. Anti-migrant issue, Amitabh said that it is one's fundamental right to live, anywhere ,in the country and the constitution entitles so. He also stated that he was not
  16. Vacuum, including sample viewing systems. Samples may be required to be cooled, anywhere ,between room temperature to as low as 15 K. * A cooling system to reduce atomic
  17. However, the Amazon has been measured by different geographers as being, anywhere ,between long. It is often said to be" at least" long. The Nile is reported to
  18. Declared or a tie-break is used. During play, players may position themselves, anywhere ,on the field and use any part of their body to move the ball. The primary
  19. A true placebo, particularly in studies on pain, in which insertion of needles, anywhere ,near painful regions may elicit a beneficial response. A review in 2007 noted
  20. Stating that" Exhaustive testing did not support that anthrax was present, anywhere ,the hijackers had been. " On July 10 Hawaii obtained a Florida driver's
  21. Bill to east of Defense can be found the densest concentration of these names, anywhere ,in Britain. There are a total of about forty-five place names in Sussex of this
  22. Blanc) and his methods to America in 1785,but the project never went, anywhere , A few years later Whitney and his American contemporaries succeeded in
  23. Long. It is often said to be" at least" long. The Nile is reported to be, anywhere ,from. Often it is said to be" about" long. There are many factors that can
  24. With Henry Miller during her time in Paris. Her husband Guilder is not mentioned, anywhere ,in the published edition of the 1930s parts of her diary (Vol.1–2) although
  25. Short-order dishes Common restores or restaurants and rotisseries nearly, anywhere ,in Argentina today serve (into the small hours) quickly prepared meals that
  26. Restrictions were gone, American merchants were free to trade with any nation, anywhere ,in the world, and their businesses flourished. Impact on Britain Losing the war
  27. The U. S. and not have it taken away—specifically they could bring their slaves, anywhere ,and they would remain slaves. Northerners rejected this" right" because it
  28. Temperature in the most populated areas of the province are above, the mildest, anywhere ,in Canada. Winters can be severe in the Interior and the North. For example
  29. Was approached on the ground by armed revolutionaries. He refused to fly them, anywhere ,and after a 10-day standoff Richards was informed that the revolution was
  30. And was reassigned to Air Force Systems Command. ATC personnel were sent, anywhere ,where foreign aircraft could be found. The focus of Air Force Systems Command
  31. A harbor. King John of England gave the Abbey permission to buy and sell goods, anywhere ,in England (except London) toll-free. The Abbey, which was the richest in
  32. What the world says about Israel, it doesn't matter what they say about us, anywhere ,else. The only thing that matters is that we can exist here on the land of our
  33. While there still were many Loyalists, they were no longer in control, anywhere ,by July 1776,and all the Royal officials had fled. Prisoners In August 1775
  34. North. Agriculture on a large scale is practiced further north in Alberta that, anywhere ,else in North America, extending into the Peace River country above the 55th
  35. To" drop" ( clear) again, as well as to fully condition—this period can take, anywhere ,from several hours to several days. At this point the beer is ready to sell
  36. Electric currents in the earth called tell uric current. They can be installed, anywhere ,in the ground. They provide only low voltages and current. Furthermore, they were used to
  37. In October. Camus maintained his pacifism and resisted capital punishment, anywhere ,in the world. He wrote an essay against capital punishment in collaboration
  38. Worldwide, giving the false impression (in the absence of real news from, anywhere ,else) that Spain was the most-affected area. This ultimately led to the
  39. S at Tours in 796,where he remained until his death. " The most learned man, anywhere ,to be found" according to Einhard's Life of Charlemagne, he is considered
  40. That are poisonous to humans and livestock. While these plants are not sold, anywhere ,for culinary use, their visual similarity to bay leaves has led to the
  41. To make guesses as to what the user was writing, and could interpret writing, anywhere ,on the screen, whether hand-printed, in cursive, or a mix of the two. By
  42. Music tends to be performed by gypsies. Gypsies are more common in Granada than, anywhere ,else in Spain. In Huelva, one of the most distinct events is the gypsy Romania
  43. In Smith River, where it dropped to, one of the coldest readings recorded, anywhere ,in North America. Southern Interior valleys have shorter winters with brief
  44. Wheels on the ends of the limbs to achieve this. A typical let-off is, anywhere ,from 65%–80 %. For example, a 60-pound bow with 80 % let-off will only require
  45. Room of the Chariot Tablets "; these comprise the earliest Linear B archive, anywhere , Although Athena Bosnia is often translated Mistress Athena, it literally
  46. Position was that citizens of every state had the right to take their property, anywhere ,in the U. S. and not have it taken away—specifically they could bring their
  47. In its ability to bring people together through music. " We can communicate, anywhere ,at any corner of the planet and feel that we're at home," McNally told
  48. Individuals who also meet criteria for mental retardation has been reported as, anywhere ,from 25 % to 70 %, a wide variation illustrating the difficulty of assessing
  49. Ensure that people who own cameras can find the film they need for that camera, anywhere ,around the globe. ANSI accredits standards that are developed by
  50. Terms are more frequently used when referring to something a long way from, anywhere , or a long way away. The well-watered north of the continent is often called

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