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  1. Continued the line of Bishops of Augusta Africa, see Bishop of Basel. The, establishment ,of the church as an institution recognized by worldly rulers is also visible in
  2. Of photographs recording important moments in his life and during the, establishment ,of the Republic. Anıtkabir is open every day, while the adjacent museum is open
  3. Clung in the various countries of Western Europe amounted to 2000. The monastic, establishment ,of Clung was one of the most extensive and magnificent in France. We may form
  4. Copies of the Bell telephone without having to pay royalties. The, establishment ,of the International Bell Telephone Company in Brussels, Belgium in 1880,as
  5. Higher mental faculties of humans strained his relationship with the scientific, establishment , especially with other early proponents of evolution. In addition to his
  6. Manufacturing, mineral extraction, education,and technology. In addition,the, establishment ,or expansion of multiple military installations, primarily those of the U. S.
  7. And retired soldiers. One of the most lasting institutions of Augustus was the, establishment ,of the Praetorian Guard in 27 BC, originally a personal bodyguard unit on the
  8. Dr. Muhammad Runs of Bangladesh was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the, establishment ,of Green Bank, a community development bank that lends money to poor people
  9. Filmmaker himself remarked that, during this period," I felt that without the, establishment ,of the self as a positive value there could be no freedom and no democracy. "
  10. Of its gate-house, the upper floors of which formed the guest-house of the, establishment , and for possessing an octagonal chapter-house of Decorated date.
  11. 1895 when Alfred Nobel wrote his last will, leaving much of his wealth for its, establishment , Since 1901,the prize has honored men and women for outstanding achievements
  12. As John Elliot son, had been harshly criticized by the medical and scientific, establishment , Wallace drew a connection between his experiences with mesmerism and his later
  13. Point, with Holland being absorbed into the French Empire. However, the latter, establishment ,of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815 marked a turning point. The
  14. Role, having his own" é" ( house) or" palace ",independent of the temple, establishment , By the time of Muslim, whichever dynasty controlled the city of Fish was
  15. Business cycles, it fails to explain the severity of business cycles before the, establishment ,of the Federal Reserve in 1913. For example, the Panic of 1873 initiated the
  16. Pleaded that FOR should not be discounted in studies of the question. Seaman's ', establishment ,of the Gloving committee in July 1961 represented a turning point in NASA's
  17. He was the last Byzantine emperor to reign in Constantinople before the, establishment ,of the Latin Empire, which controlled the city for the next 57 years, until it
  18. To the Law on the Armed Forces of October 9,1991. The original date of the, establishment ,of the short-lived National Army is celebrated as Army Day (26 June) in today
  19. Suppressed the worship of other deities, and attacked the power of the priestly, establishment , Moving the capital to the new city of Akhenaten (modern-day Maria)
  20. In paribus and sent to India as an Apostolic Delegate to report on the, establishment ,of the hierarchy there. In 1887, he again visited India, to carry out the terms
  21. That would result from people being free from authority, and entails the, establishment ,of all voluntary associations in society: cooperatives, non-profit
  22. Transcribe Mandarin Chinese in the Republic of China. After the latter, establishment ,of the People's Republic of China and its adoption of Any Pinyin, the use of
  23. From France, and Protestants from the Southern Netherlands. This led to the, establishment ,of many non-Dutch-speaking religious churches. In 1603,the first notification
  24. Boards, and libraries. AOL's use of remote volunteers dated back to the, establishment ,of its Quantum Link service in 1985. Some community leaders were recruited for
  25. The secret ballot; advised the creation of the Supreme Court of Canada; the, establishment ,of the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston in 1874; the creation of
  26. Debt and currency problems in the 1790s when Alexander Hamilton spearheaded the, establishment ,of the First Bank of the United States. The ampere (symbol: A) is the SI unit
  27. Of stability—a certain number of monks in vows, a certain number of years of, establishment , a certain firmness to the foundation in economic, vocational and legal aspects
  28. Musical tradition was maintained in the Elizabethan Settlement through the, establishment ,of choral foundations for daily singing of the Divine Office by expanded choirs
  29. And the Working Men's College. His work was instrumental in the, establishment ,of the Christian socialist movement, although he himself was not in any real
  30. With Rome's first institutionalized police force, fire fighting force, and the, establishment ,of the municipal prefect as a permanent office. With Rome's civil wars at an
  31. Ministry of Communications signed a $64.5 million agreement with ZTE for the, establishment ,of a countrywide optical fiber cable network. As of 2009,the country has
  32. Of the church. The group of buildings connected with the material wants of the, establishment ,is placed to the south and west of the church, and is distinctly separated from
  33. Known formal use of the term astronautics in the scientific community was the, establishment ,of the annual International Astronautical Congress in 1950 and the subsequent
  34. 1788–1827),was a French engineer who contributed significantly to the, establishment ,of the theory of wave optics. Fresnel studied the behavior of light both
  35. Allowed to serve, the Catholic hierarchy was prohibited. This led to the, establishment ,of schuilkerken, covert churches, behind seemingly ordinary canal side house
  36. Initiated several reforms increasing Finland's autonomy from Russia including, establishment ,of its own currency, the Markka. Liberation of business led to increased
  37. With their superior knowledge of metal-working, ceramics and agriculture. The, establishment ,of the Bantu took many centuries and gave rise to various groups who took on
  38. Other countries for many years. One of the party's early innovations was the, establishment ,of a federal arbitration system for the resolution of industrial disputes
  39. The spiritual father or mother of the community. The term can also refer to an, establishment ,which has long ceased to function as an abbey, in some cases for centuries (
  40. And murdered thousands of members of the traditional elite, the religious, establishment , and the intelligentsia. And made a number of statements on women's rights, by
  41. But also elevated to the ranks of the dingier (= gods),with his own temple, establishment , Previously a ruler could, like Gilgamesh, become divine after death but the
  42. While also supporting a natural prohibition on force and fraud, supports the, establishment ,of a mutually agreed-upon centralized libertarian legal code which private
  43. In the first years of sovereignty when Armenia lacked a military educational, establishment ,of its own, officers of its army were trained in Russia. Even now when Armenia
  44. 1204,after the definitive fall of Constantinople to the crusaders and the, establishment ,of the Latin Empire. At first Alexios III received Alexios V well, even
  45. Which is due to the vaccination of children, training of medical staff and, establishment ,of new hospitals. Many hospitals and clinics have been built over the last
  46. By any rule at all. The reformation of abuses generally took the form of the, establishment ,of new monastic orders, with new and more stringent rules, requiring a
  47. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality. In 1841,he praised the, establishment , in London, of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and also
  48. S presence in the rest of the world is due to large-scale emigration,the, establishment ,of expatriate communities or the work of missionaries. The Church of England
  49. Oeconomus or steward, who was subject to a chief steward stationed at the head, establishment , All the produce of the monks' labor was committed to him, and by him shipped
  50. Alemannic settlement, where Frankish influence would have been strongest. The, establishment ,of the bishopric of Konstanz cannot be dated exactly and was possibly

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