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  1. Longest running folk festival in the United Kingdom. IV FDF is a university-run, festival , every year by a different university. Music and film Aberdeen's music scene
  2. Convinced Data to submit it. On September 10, 1951,Fashion was awarded the, festival ,'s the highest prize, the Golden Lion, shocking not only Data but the
  3. Sappho (for. 384),may owe its inspiration to her performances at the, festival , The Lesbian or Atomic school of poetry" reached in the songs of Sappho and
  4. Five albums, of which the 2005 release Anatomic was the last. After a number of, festival ,dates in 2007,the band went on hiatus. In 2010,they regrouped to play a
  5. At the Lemon Tree),Triptych, and the University of Aberdeen's literature, festival ,Word. The Aberdeen Student Show, performed annually without interruption since
  6. His setting of the Sta bat Mater (RV 621) was played as part of a religious, festival , The work seems to have been written in haste: the string parts are simple, the
  7. Of his army would eventually account for this decision. An ancient Roman, festival , ACTA, was named after Action, in Necropolis, the new city (today Prevent
  8. Will host the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival, the longest running folk, festival ,in the United Kingdom. IV FDF is a university-run festival , every year by a
  9. Of Jamaica from the United Kingdom in 1962. *The beginning of Kawabata, festival , (Sendai, Japan ) External links
  10. AFI FEST in Los Angeles, CA,and AFI-Discovery Channel SILVERS documentary, festival ,in Silver Spring, MD. AFI FEST is the only film festival in the US to hold
  11. SILVERS documentary festival in Silver Spring, MD. AFI FEST is the only film, festival ,in the US to hold FI APF (Federation Internationale DES Associations de
  12. Having gained his victory by taking impious advantage of the great Christian, festival , Alaric, too,was a Christian, though an Arian, not Orthodox. He had trusted to
  13. A longbow similar to those used at the battle by archers under King Henry.,a, festival ,commemorating local history has been held in the village once in every year or
  14. ATP Recordings, a record label affiliated with the Tomorrow's Parties, festival ,* Airline Transport Pilot License, a type of pilot's license * BAE ATP, a
  15. The Panathenaea that rivaled the Olympic Games in popularity. During the, festival , a procession moved through Athens up to the Acropolis and into the Parthenon (
  16. And where a festival called Amanda was celebrated in his honor. At this, festival ,a couch was set up, on which the panoply of the hero was placed, a practice
  17. The country itself, seem stronger and more resilient. It is also a fertility, festival , similar in some ways to other harvest-time celebrations in other cultures
  18. Typically the main supporters of demagogues like Clean) occupied the, festival ,holiday with other pursuits. (Those inhabitants who were not citizens, such as
  19. Events in August * Edinburgh Festival is an internationally famous arts, festival ,that takes place during August * In many European countries, August is the
  20. To hear his elder brother play violin concertos in neighboring churches on, festival ,days (resulting in the loss of his beloved sugar),and he also recounted
  21. Television program Austin City Limits and the annual South by Southwest musical, festival ,and the Austin City Limits Festival helped to solidify the city's place in the
  22. Hero of the island of Salamis, where he had a temple and an image, and where a, festival ,called Amanda was celebrated in his honor. At this festival a couch was set
  23. Had not told Hermes what they had done," she related. " In this one suspects a, festival ,of license which is unleashed in the thirteenth month. " Ares remained
  24. In fact won the unique distinction of a repeat performance at a subsequent, festival , We know that a son of Aristophanes, Araros, was also a comic poet, and he could
  25. Times the Planter, or “ Feast of Adorning ”, was observed every May, it was a, festival ,lasting five days. During this period the Priestesses of Athena, or “
  26. From a temple outside the city and it remained in the theater throughout the, festival , overseeing the plays like a privileged member of the audience. In The Frogs
  27. Including the Aberdeen International Youth Festival (the world's the largest arts, festival ,for young performers),Aberdeen Jazz Festival, Rootin' About (folk and roots
  28. Finland. ) Among the Japanese filmmakers whose work, as a result, began to win, festival ,prizes and commercial release in the West were Kenji Mizoguchi (The Life of
  29. Including Aarhus International Jazz Festival and Aarhus Feature the biggest, festival ,in Scandinavia. The Vesting park facility is also a site for large
  30. The name is certainly cognate with the Doric month name Απέλλαιος and the Doric, festival ,απελλαι. Several instances of popular etymology are attested from ancient
  31. Prides itself as being the" Festival City ". The city's" heritage days ", festival ,sees the participation of over 70 ethnic groups. Edmonton's Churchill Square
  32. Mexico and the North Sea * All Tomorrow's Parties (music festival ),a music, festival ,which takes place in Great Britain * ATP Recordings, a record label affiliated
  33. With each other on a quite regular basis, such as at the Ballista, an annual, festival ,celebrating the island's federation under Mylène, held at the 'Lesson' (
  34. Other examples of a serious purpose behind the plays. *Teasing and taunting: A, festival ,audience presented the comic dramatist with a wide range of targets, not just
  35. Full weekend in August each year, Twinsburg, Ohio,celebrates Twins Days. *On, festival ,– (Oboe Festival) is a Japanese traditional Buddhist custom, evolved into a
  36. Top ten cities to live and make movies. The 2007 South by Southwest (SXSW), festival , included Pete Townshend, Iggy Pop, Tom Morel lo, and Rickie Lee Jones. Austin
  37. She vows that on the anniversary of his death, every year there will be a, festival ,held in his honor. On his death, Adonis goes back to the underworld, and
  38. In the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea * All Tomorrow's Parties (music, festival ,), a music festival which takes place in Great Britain * ATP Recordings, a
  39. Was in 1952. India Van Mahouts is an annual tree planting, festival ,in vogue since 1950. Global Green Mission, is organizing a mass movement to
  40. Biggest club festival s for electronic music in the world. Another popular dance, festival ,is 5daysoff,which takes place in the venues Paradise and Mosque. In summer
  41. Of choral evensong by the BBC; and also in the annual televising of the, festival ,of Nine lessons and carols from King's College, Cambridge. Composers closely
  42. Competition in the frozen estuaries waters of the Andy River's mouth. This, festival ,is locally known as Forest. The area is a summering place for a number of
  43. Marble were used. Cultural significance Every four years, the Athenians held a, festival ,called the Panathenaea that rivaled the Olympic Games in popularity. During
  44. Called Narrator. The most significant are Sarasota pupa and Theppotsavam. The, festival ,of Sahara for the Goddess Drug is celebrated there every year. A large number
  45. Concluded with an appearance at the Bloodiest World Music and Genre Crossover, festival ,in Floyd, Virginia. She returned to touring in late April 2006,including a
  46. The perseverance of the Pilgrims is celebrated during the annual Thanksgiving, festival , As a legend, this story relates to the founding of the culture. The Pilgrims '
  47. CE) had ordered that the Dipavamsa be recited at the Malinda (son to Ashoka), festival , held annually in Anuradhapura. The use of Buddhist sources in reconstructing
  48. The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. " The Stampede is Canada's biggest rodeo, festival ,and features various races and competitions, such as calf roping and bull
  49. Which the city officially attempts to promote and nurture. The Aarhus Feature, festival ,usually includes several exhibits, concerts or events specifically designed for
  50. Had been won Dorian origin The connection with Dorian's and their initiation, festival ,Capella is reinforced by the month Appellation in northwest Greek calendars, but

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