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  1. Stones River name "/IN"> mcpherson51"/> in Tennessee. The one clear Confederate, victory ,in the West was the Battle of Chickamauga. Bragg, reinforced by Lt. Gen. James
  2. To wear down the British in a series of battles, each of them tactically a, victory ,for the British but giving no strategic advantage to the victors. Greene summed
  3. Drove the Americans back to Brooklyn Heights, securing a decisive British, victory ,in the largest battle of the entire Revolution. Howe then laid siege to
  4. Bragg's second Confederate invasion of Kentucky ended with a meaningless, victory ,over Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Bell at the Battle of Perryville, name "
  5. Alliance, and abstention by CNT supporters led to a right wing election, victory , But in 1936,the CNT changed its policy and anarchist votes helped bring the
  6. Origin, or of my unpopular color ". Gettysburg Address With the great Union, victory ,at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863,and the defeat of the Copperheads in
  7. Of Thebes and eventually the Delta and recorded the episode on his steal of, victory , Pine set the stage for subsequent 25th dynasty pharaohs, such as Sahara, too
  8. Proved decisive yet expensive as it ruined France's economy. A French naval, victory ,in the Chesapeake forced a second British army to surrender at the Siege of
  9. Who followed Lee into Pennsylvania for the Gettysburg Campaign, which was a, victory ,for the Union, though Lee's army avoided capture. At the same time, after
  10. To Virginia before McClellan could destroy it. Antietam is considered a Union, victory ,because it halted Lee's invasion of the North and provided an opportunity for
  11. They denounced threats of disunion as avowals of treason. After a Republican, victory , but before the new administration took office on March 4,1861,seven cotton
  12. And casualties, was now much smaller than Grant's. Union forces won a decisive, victory ,at the Battle of Five Forks on April 1,forcing Lee to evacuate Petersburg and
  13. The Turks and Pieces archipelago. At the Battle of the Saints in April 1782,a, victory ,by Rodney's fleet over the French Admiral de Grasse frustrated the hopes of
  14. Great American naval hero, capturing HMS Drake on April 24, 1778,the first, victory ,for any American military vessel in British waters. France's formal entry into
  15. Leadership, and the freedmen. Northern leaders during the war agreed that, victory ,would require more than the end of fighting. It had to encompass the two war
  16. S role as the slayer of the Python led to his association with battle and, victory ,; hence it became the Roman custom for a paean to be sung by an army on the
  17. Before entering into battle, when a fleet left the harbor, and also after a, victory ,had been won Dorian origin The connection with Dorian's and their initiation
  18. Compel the states to fund this obligation, and as the war wound down after the, victory ,at Yorktown the sense of urgency to support the military was no longer a factor
  19. Socialist" Marxist state would become a new elite had proved all too true. The, victory ,of the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution and the resulting Russian Civil War
  20. Leadership in the American Civil War. The beginning of the war,1861 Lincoln's, victory ,in the presidential election of 1860 triggered South Carolina's declaration of
  21. North for prompt, decisive victory ; major Northern newspaper editors expected, victory ,within 90 days. Twice a week, Lincoln would meet with his cabinet in the
  22. Cabin three times when deciding on this. The Union, victory ,in the Battle of Antietam caused them to delay this decision. The Emancipation
  23. Capture of the British army at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. That American, victory ,persuaded France to enter the war openly in early 1778,balancing the two sides
  24. And ships for other blockading operations. The Union, victory ,at the Second Battle of Fort Fisher in January 1865 closed the last useful
  25. Describe an enemy in war:" the epidemic was in retreat all along the line;, victory ,was won, and the enemy was abandoning his positions. " Symbolism Imagery of the
  26. Cavalry and a fleet of 120 ships with crews numbering 38,000,After an initial, victory ,against Persian forces at the Battle of the Granicus, Alexander accepted the
  27. Campaign, which included the Second Battle of Bull Run, ended in yet another, victory ,for the South. McClellan resisted General-in-Chief
  28. War effort that would satisfy the demand in the North for prompt, decisive, victory , ; major Northern newspaper editors expected victory within 90 days. Twice a week
  29. Allegheny Mountains. Although the Confederate States Army won a morale-boosting, victory ,at First Battle of Bull Run in the East in 1861,matters in the West turned
  30. Leading to the Battle of Antietam in September 1862. The ensuing Union, victory ,was among the bloodiest in American history, but it enabled Lincoln to announce
  31. Argues that the North’s advantage in population and resources made Northern, victory ,likely but not guaranteed. He also argues that if the Confederacy had fought
  32. Human contest. Yet the contest began. And having begun He could give the final, victory ,to either side any day. Yet the contest proceeds. " In April 1864,discussing
  33. Bay laurel plant was used in expiatory sacrifices and in making the crown of, victory ,at these games. The palm was also sacred to Apollo because he had been born
  34. Tournaments plus an Olympic gold medal. Agassi followed his 1999 French Open, victory ,by reaching the Wimbledon final, where he lost to Lampreys in straight sets. At
  35. The Battle of New Market would prove to be the Confederacy's last major, victory ,of the war. After redoubling his efforts, Sheridan defeated Maj. Gen. Jubal A.
  36. Successful occupation of Philadelphia, was renewed. What is more important,the, victory ,encouraged France to make an open alliance with the Americans, after two years
  37. Sultan Alp Asian conquered much of eastern and central Anatolia after his, victory ,at the Battle of Manifest. He then annexed Ankara, an important location for
  38. Four centuries, and the Crusades would contest the issue for some time,the, victory ,at Manifest signalled the beginning of Turkish ascendancy in Anatolia. Most
  39. The Battle of Chains, whose outcome is commonly considered to be a strategic, victory ,for the Visigothic-Roman alliance. Theodoric was killed in the fighting and
  40. Lincoln defeated McClellan in the election of 1864,all hope for a political, victory ,for the South ended. At that point, Lincoln had succeeded in getting the
  41. Of rural Spain where they collectivized the land. But even before the fascist, victory ,in 1939,the anarchists were losing ground in a bitter struggle with the
  42. Independence in 1975. Angola's war for independence did not end in a military, victory ,for either side, but was suspended as a result of a coup in Portugal that
  43. In a letter to General Heath on May 2,1777. After learning of the American, victory ,at Saratoga, France signed the Treaty of Alliance with the United States on
  44. Composed the Proclamation some time earlier, Lincoln had waited for a military, victory ,to publish it to avoid it being perceived as the product of desperation.
  45. Stubbornly resisted and was resupplied twice: once after Admiral Rodney's, victory ,over Juan de Lángara in the 1780" Moonlight Battle ", and again after Admiral
  46. Won the war. Most scholars, such as James McPherson, argue that Confederate, victory ,was at least possible. Name "/NP"> mcpherson75"/> McPherson argues that the
  47. Power. Washington shadowed Clinton on his withdrawal and forced a strategic, victory ,at the battle at Monmouth on June 28, 1778,the last major battle in the north.
  48. His proposed emancipation proclamation, Seward advised Lincoln to wait for a, victory ,before issuing it, as to do otherwise would seem like" our last shriek on the
  49. Present. Then Apollo struck the strings of his lyre. Tools at once awarded the, victory ,to Apollo, and all but Midas agreed with the judgment. He dissented, and
  50. Nor her goal to destroy Hank's character. She uses James Haggard for sex as, victory ,and revenge against Hank and Deign. This does give her the satisfaction she

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