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  1. Inferred from coins found related to the late 3rd and the 4th century,the, civilian ,settlement continued to exist for the time being. However, a continuous
  2. Who died while training for a then-classified military space program, and a, civilian ,spaceflight participant. A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor
  3. 1943 – World War II: American bomber aircraft accidentally cause more than 900, civilian , deaths,including 209 children, and 1300 wounded among the civilian population
  4. His War Secretary or his general-in-chief on to his generals, who resented his, civilian ,interference with their own plans. Even so, he often continued to give detailed
  5. Created as a defensive countermeasure to the rocket threat against Israel's, civilian ,population on its northern and southern borders. It is designed to intercept
  6. Photographs of the Groom Lake area during the height of the Cold War, and later, civilian ,satellites have produced detailed images of the base and its surroundings.
  7. One of the major themes of the novel is the difficulty of soldiers to revert to, civilian ,life after having experienced extreme combat situations. Remarque comments in
  8. Extreme physical and mental stress during the war, and the detachment from, civilian ,life felt by many of these soldiers upon returning home from the front. The
  9. Air attack on Colombo, Ceylon during the Indian Ocean Raid. Port and, civilian ,facilities are damaged and the Royal Navy cruisers and are sunk southwest of
  10. Truce, which he accepted in order to rebuild his own forces and give the, civilian ,population a break from Soviet attacks. He put the respite to good use. In this
  11. Law and to any acts jeopardizing the safety of persons or property on board, civilian ,aircraft while in-flight and engaged in international air navigation. The
  12. Of Agent Orange. In meeting Dr. Ronald A. Rosario, one of the first, civilian ,doctors to see afflicted patients, Mayerson,so impressed by the fact an M. D.
  13. Gaddafi escaped unharmed; however, his adopted daughter Hanna was one of the, civilian ,casualties. In the Philippines, the assassination of Benign Aquino, Jr.
  14. Nevertheless, the Berkeley team were able to prepare einsteinium and fermium by, civilian ,means, through the neutron bombardment of plutonium-239,and published this
  15. To a long-term care unit in Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaS homer, a large, civilian ,and military hospital near Ramat Gan. Heart reported that this move was an
  16. Of their food from the neutral rural population dictates the destruction of, civilian ,crops ... if they (the VC) are to be hampered by the crop destruction program
  17. Or destroyed by the siege and by bombing. Previous to the war, the city's, civilian ,population was about 300,000,but before it was over, most of the populace had
  18. TG at Tooth. South of Rachel. Environmental lawsuit In 1994,five unnamed, civilian ,contractors and the widows of contractors Walter Keisha and Robert Frost sued
  19. Prussia as an artillery officer, Solzhenitsyn witnessed war crimes against the, civilian ,German population by Soviet" liberators" as the elderly were robbed of their
  20. In 1997,and now is in process of being turned over to the City of Alameda for, civilian ,development. The area of the former NAS is now known as Alameda Point. Portions
  21. United Nations, the Taliban and other militants were responsible for 76 % of, civilian ,casualties in 2009.75 % in 2010 and 80 % in 2011. After the May 2011 death of
  22. Targeted killing is the intentional killing–by a government or its agents–of a, civilian ,or" unlawful combatant" targeted by the government, who is not in the
  23. To stop his invasion. Emperor Palestinian III sent three envoys, the high, civilian ,officers Genius Aliens and Tiberius, as well as the Bishop of Rome Leo I
  24. For guerrillas; it was, in reality, only being grown to support the local, civilian ,population. For example, in Huang NGA province,85 % of the crop lands were
  25. In Brixton, South London, results in almost 300 police injuries and 65 serious, civilian ,injuries. *1987 – The London Agreement is secretly signed between Israeli
  26. His career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio. *1934 – The first, civilian ,prisoners arrive at the Federal prison on Alcatraz Island. *1942 – Actress Hey
  27. Measures to prevent bloodshed ". Sharon's negligence in protecting the, civilian ,population of Beirut, which had come under Israeli control amounted to a
  28. With the Padua Sari in 1984 and the Padua Bhutan in 2001. France's highest, civilian ,honor, the Knight of the Legion of Honor, was conferred upon him by the
  29. Then 900 civilian deaths, including 209 children, and 1300 wounded among the, civilian ,population of the Belgian town of Morsel. The target is the Era factory one
  30. The bookand set the tone for Spider-Man for the next decade. The 1990s With a, civilian ,life as a married man, the Spider-Man of the 1990s was different from the
  31. Member of the Cabinet. After 1806,the First Lord of the Admiralty was always a, civilian , while the professional head of the navy came to be (and is still today)
  32. Was divided into 22 bases (paragraph) governed by a military commander and a, civilian ,administrator, and each had a judge, a prosecutor and a public defender.
  33. An hour of the impact. Initially, rescue efforts were led by the military and, civilian ,employees within the building. Within minutes, the first fire companies arrived
  34. S majority Shiites and minority Sunni Arabs, with an orchestrated campaign of, civilian ,massacres and a number of provocative attacks against high-profile religious
  35. Union, NATO,and various other countries (see below). Al-Qaeda has attacked, civilian ,and military targets in various countries, such as the September 11 attacks
  36. Belgian royals. After the war Poirot became a free agent and began undertaking, civilian ,cases. He moved into what became both his home and work address,56B White haven
  37. Or military aircraft, thus its scope appears to exclusively encompass, civilian ,aircraft. Importantly, the convention only comes into force if the aircraft
  38. And Country League in South Australia. *1975 – Vietnam War: Thousands of, civilian ,refugees flee from the Huang NGA Province in front of advancing North
  39. Announcement President Obama said that U. S. forces" took care to avoid, civilian ,casualties. " Details soon emerged that three men and a woman were killed along
  40. Saladin of the post-World War II era in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, civilian ,vehicles may be modified into improvised armored cars in ad-hoc fashion. Many
  41. The book, under Lee and Ditto, chronicled Spider-Man's nascent career with his, civilian ,life as hard-luck yet perpetually good-humored teenager Peter Parker. Parker
  42. Sponsored and trained exclusively by governments, either by the military, or by, civilian ,space agencies. With the sub-orbital flight of the privately-funded
  43. Modern helicopters now have budget splits of 60/40 in favor of avionics. The, civilian ,market has also seen a growth in cost of avionics. Flight control systems (
  44. Tereshkova was the first woman cosmonaut, as well as arguably the first, civilian ,cosmonaut (see below for a further discussion of civilian s in space). On
  45. On Paul and his comrades on the battlefield. Kandinsky was a cobbler in, civilian ,life; he is older than Paul Bauer and his comrades, about 40 years old, and
  46. Allies with muskets, gunpowder and advice, while Loyalists led raids against, civilian ,settlements, especially in New York, Kentucky,and Pennsylvania. Joint
  47. Armored cars in ad-hoc fashion. Many militias and irregular forces adapt, civilian ,vehicles into AFIS (armored fighting vehicles) and troop carriers, and in
  48. Networks The avionics systems in military, commercial and advanced models of, civilian ,aircraft are interconnected using an avionics data bus. Common avionics data bus
  49. That he could preserve the Union, and William Tecumseh Sherman, then a, civilian , visited Lincoln in the White House during inauguration week and was" sadly
  50. Congress awarded the three astronauts a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest, civilian ,award in the United States. The bill was sponsored by Florida Sen. Bill Nelson

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