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  1. Decreasing the drug's effectiveness. Research has shown that the bacterial, protein ,Lexa may play a key role in the acquisition of bacterial mutations giving
  2. A lysine residue. Such modifications can also determine the localization of the, protein , e.g., the addition of long hydrophobic groups can cause a protein to bind to
  3. Acacia leaves, known as Belgian bodies, which contain high concentrations of, protein , These nubs are produced by the acacia as part of a symbiotic relationship with
  4. Enzymes * Adenosine deaminate, an enzyme involved in purine metabolism * Ada (, protein ,), an enzyme induced by treatment of bacterial cells Video games * Ada (
  5. Antibodies, immunoglobulin-binding protein s" attack" antibodies. Protein A, protein ,G, and protein L are examples of protein s that strongly bind to various
  6. Protein has two binding sites for ATP - the active site is accessible in either, protein ,conformation, but ATP binding to the inhibitor site stabilizes the conformation
  7. Because of the virus' ability to change their coats rapidly. Because this, protein ,gp120 is necessary for the HIV to attach, it does not change across
  8. To grains. These are divot plant seeds, and both contain exceptionally complete, protein ,for plant sources. Besides protein , amaranth grain provides a good source of
  9. Are major" honey plants" for beekeepers. Solid ago produces relatively high, protein ,pollen, which helps honey bees overwinter. Some members of the Asteraceae are
  10. Lakes and ocean shores in these areas brought in great volumes of essential, protein , Collectively, these new methods of farming and fishing inaugurated a human
  11. Severe malnutrition of the Amerindians, who were used to a diet fortified with, protein ,from the sea. (check status 20100312) The twin-island nation's agricultural
  12. Of China at one time, have chop sea, or have" fried vegetables and some, protein ,in a thick sauce,"" eight different sweet and sour dishes," or" a whole
  13. Receptors were shown to activate at least one subfamily of mitogen-activated, protein ,kinases. The actions of adenosine are often antagonistic or synergistic to the
  14. A protein by a kinase can activate this cascade such as the mitogen-activated, protein ,kinase cascade. ATP is also used by acetylate cycle and is transformed to the
  15. Blood is bound by protein , while the rest remains in the active, ionized state;, protein ,binding is concentration-dependent. Saturation of binding sites leads to more
  16. Is Pyz-Phe-boroLeu, and MG132 is Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-al. To aid in the analysis of, protein ,structure, photocrosslinking amino acid analogues are available. These include
  17. Do not contain a complete set of amino acids, and thus different sources of, protein ,must be used. Amaranth too is limiting in some essential amino acids, such as
  18. Membrane lipids are a common form of signal transduction. Phosphorylation of a, protein ,by a kinase can activate this cascade such as the mitogen-activated protein
  19. Adequate diets for salmon and other carnivorous fish can be formulated from, protein ,sources such as soy, although soy-based diets may also change in the balance
  20. Of the protein , e. g., the addition of long hydrophobic groups can cause a, protein ,to bind to a phospholipid membrane. Some nonstandard amino acids are not found
  21. Glyco protein s. This type of modification allow the reversible targeting of a, protein ,to a membrane. For example, the addition and removal of the fatty acid politic
  22. Proteins" attack" antibodies. Protein A, protein G, and, protein , L are examples of protein s that strongly bind to various antibody isotopes.
  23. Of magnesium greatly decreases the dissociation constant of ATP from its, protein ,binding partner without affecting the ability of the enzyme to catalyze its
  24. Proteins, known as kinases, share a few common folds; the, protein ,kinases, the largest kinase super family, all share common structural features
  25. Translation and involves the step-by-step addition of amino acids to a growing, protein ,chain by a ribosome that is called a ribosome. The order in which the amino
  26. Acids, such as leucine and throne. Amaranth may be a promising source of, protein ,to those who are gluten sensitive, because unlike the protein found in grains
  27. Poisonous to multicellular life because of the interaction of arsenic ions with, protein ,this. Arsenic and its compounds, especially the trioxide, are used in the
  28. Source of protein to those who are gluten sensitive, because unlike the, protein ,found in grains such as wheat and rye, its protein does not contain gluten.
  29. Salmon. In addition, as carnivores, salmon require large nutritional intakes of, protein , protein which is often supplied to them in the form of forage fish.
  30. These modifications are often essential for the function or regulation of a, protein ,; for example, the carbonylation of glutamate allows for better binding of
  31. Post-translational modification, which is modification after translation during, protein ,synthesis. These modifications are often essential for the function or
  32. Regulating the HPA axis. About 50–80 % of salicylate in the blood is bound by, protein , while the rest remains in the active, ionized state; protein binding is
  33. Subtropical and some tropical regions, and # Its seeds are a good source of, protein , rich in essential amino acids such as lysine, while being a poor source of
  34. DNA. Binding to protein s Some protein s that bind ATP do so in a characteristic, protein ,fold known as the Roseann fold, which is a general nucleotide-binding
  35. Of indigenous culture, and because it is very palatable, easy to cook, and its, protein ,particularly well suited to human nutritional needs, interest in grain amaranth
  36. Because unlike the protein found in grains such as wheat and rye, its, protein , does not contain gluten. According to a 2007 report, amaranth compares well in
  37. Reactions. ATP analogs are also used in X-ray crystallography to determine a, protein ,structure in complex with ATP, often together with other substrates. Most
  38. And both contain exceptionally complete protein for plant sources. Besides, protein , amaranth grain provides a good source of dietary fiber and dietary minerals
  39. Dismutase, ( a few cases),senataxin () and vesicle associated, protein ,B (). Of these,SOD1 mutations account for some 20 % of familial MND cases.
  40. Only one of which binds the second substrate fructose-6-phosphate (F6P). The, protein ,has two binding sites for ATP - the active site is accessible in either protein
  41. Are used in cases where chemical or crystallographic analysis of a peptide or, protein ,cannot conclusively determine the identity of a residue. UK is sometimes used
  42. Is required for the synthesis of amino acids, which are the building blocks of, protein , Some plants rely on ammonia and other nitrogenous wastes incorporated into the
  43. Addition, as carnivores, salmon require large nutritional intakes of protein , protein ,which is often supplied to them in the form of forage fish. Consequently
  44. The enzyme. SOD1 mutations may increase the propensity for the enzyme to form, protein ,aggregates which are toxic to nerve cells. Pathophysiology Skeletal muscles are
  45. The catkins of some alder species have a degree of edibility and may be rich in, protein , Although they are reported to have a bitter and unpleasant taste, they are
  46. With these types of drugs. Aspirin is known to displace a number of drugs from, protein ,binding sites in the blood, including the antidiabetic drugs dobutamine and
  47. Form is changed, a tolerate can become an immunogen. *Immunoglobulin binding, protein ,- These protein s are capable of binding to antibodies at positions outside of
  48. Contains an antiporter, the ADP/ATP translocate, which is an integral membrane, protein ,used to exchange newly-synthesized ATP in the matrix for ADP in the
  49. The ribosome, which catalyzes the attack of the amino group of the elongating, protein ,chain on the ester bond. As a result of this mechanism, all protein s made by
  50. Of popular marine species, combined with a growing demand for high quality, protein ,encourages agriculturists to domesticate other marine species. Production

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