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  1. Orbiting the Moon was not left out of the Playboy prank, as a November 1969, calendar , featuring Dee Lind, Miss August 1967 had been stowed in a locker that Dick
  2. Shakespeare, English dramatist and actor (b. 1564) (according to the Julian, calendar ,) *1625 – Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange (b. 1567) *1702 – Margaret Fell
  3. Countries. Proposed reforms The following are proposed reforms of the Gregorian, calendar ,: * International Fixed Calendar (also called the International Perpetual
  4. In Hebrew, the month is called or () - the parallel month in the Jewish, calendar , * In Irish, August is known as, a modern rendition of Lughnasadh, from the god
  5. 1961 found another base 5,base 4 abaci in the Yucatán that also computed, calendar ,data. This was a finger abacus, on one hand 0 1,2,3,and 4 were used; and on
  6. With a length of 30 days. April was originally the second month of the Roman, calendar , before January and February were added by King NUMA Compiling about 700 BC. It
  7. The 10 Celestial stems, the 12 Earthly Branches, the unipolar calendar (moon, calendar ,and sun calendar ),the time calculation after year, month,day and chicken (
  8. Writer and actor (d. 1616) (traditional approximate birthdate in Julian, calendar ,based on April 26 baptism) *1598 – Marten Tromp, Dutch admiral (d. 1653)
  9. Recover in the early 2000s and were undefeated in Test matches through the 2004, calendar , year. This elevated them to second in the ICC Test Championship. Hopes that the
  10. The Carolingian Renaissance. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used, calendar ,in the world today. For decades, it has been the unofficial global standard
  11. Added by King NUMA Compiling about 700 BC. It became the fourth month of the, calendar ,year (the year when twelve months are displayed in order) during the time of
  12. Paul VI, and the shrine erected to him was dismantled. He was removed from the, calendar , and his future veneration was forbidden, though a handful of extremists still
  13. Dates are expressed in the Julian calendar , but ISO 8601 uses the Gregorian, calendar ,and astronomers may use a variety of time scales depending on the application.
  14. Apostolic Church on July 30. He is commemorated on July 1 in the modern Latin, calendar ,and in the Syriac Calendar. Latter-day Saints In the LDS church, the Chronic
  15. In Latin, because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman, calendar ,under Romulus in 753 BC, when March was the first month of the year. About 700
  16. Era" ). Later, in 1949,the People's Republic of China abandoned the Chinese, calendar ,completely and adopted 公元 (Tongan," Common Era" ) for all purposes
  17. Of Canterbury, who was instrumental in retaining Ælfheah's name in the church, calendar , After the 1174 fire in Canterbury Cathedral,Ælfheah's remains together with
  18. Politics, family life, business and history, as well as a comprehensive, calendar ,of events; Current, an entertainment guide; and the Communicator, a local high
  19. By the first year of his table, AD 532. When he devised his table, Julian, calendar , years were identified by naming the consuls who held office that year—he
  20. S organization skills and independent functioning. The use of a weekly/monthly, calendar ,at both home and school can provide the child with important information
  21. Feather) from Kawabata (cane),almanac (climate),from almenichiakon (, calendar ,) (for the origin of the last three borrowed words, see Alfred-Louis de
  22. Also gave it 29 days. Julius Caesar added two days when he created the Julian, calendar ,in 45 BC giving it its modern length of 31 days. In 8 BC it was renamed in
  23. As they had to avoid clashing with the annual festivals that followed the lunar, calendar , There was also a tendency for the four meetings to be aggregated toward the
  24. Feast of Jamal (" Beauty" ), the first day of the third month of the Bahá'í, calendar , (Bahá'í Faith) *National Day of Mourning, to commemorate workers killed
  25. Foundation, the Republic of China adopted the Mingus Era, but used the Western, calendar ,for international purposes. The translated term was 西元 (" Western Era" ).
  26. 1900,2000,etc.); In common use, ancient dates are expressed in the Julian, calendar , but ISO 8601 uses the Gregorian calendar and astronomers may use a variety of
  27. Five planets, the 10 Celestial stems, the 12 Earthly Branches, the unipolar, calendar ,(moon calendar and sun calendar ),the time calculation after year, month,day
  28. On the rotation of the Earth. Specifically, both Julian Dates and the Gregorian, calendar ,are used. TAI in this form was synchronized with Universal Time at the
  29. Found while his crewmates were on the lunar surface. In 2011,he put this, calendar ,up for auction. Its value was estimated by Reaction at $12,000-$16,000. While
  30. To label or number years used with the Julian and Gregorian calendar s. This, calendar ,era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of
  31. International Fixed Calendar (also called the International Perpetual, calendar ,) AV, or av may mean: Companies and organizations * Avaya, a company listed on
  32. Newly hired after their graduation from schools, on this day. *Japanese school, calendar ,also starts from April 1,although Nyugakushiki (entry ceremony for schools)
  33. Events *3114 BC – According to the Bloomsbury correlation, the start of the Maya, calendar , *1516 – The Treaty of Noon between France and Spain is signed. Francis I of
  34. Auction. Its value was estimated by Reaction at $12,000-$16,000. While the CMP, calendar ,was in full color, the lunar checklists carried black & white photocopies (
  35. A Newton note (or the notes attached to each contact in Names and each Dates, calendar ,or to-do event) could contain any mix of interleaved text, Ink Text, Shapes
  36. Were the only pre-conquest Anglo-Saxon archbishops kept on Canterbury's, calendar ,of saints. Ælfheah's shrine, which had become neglected, was rebuilt and
  37. 2 and 3 of the official Academy Awards Rules, a film must open in the previous, calendar ,year, from midnight at the start of January 1 to midnight at the end of
  38. As the" Righteous Forefather Abraham ", with two feast days in its liturgical, calendar , The first time is on October 9 (for those churches which follow the
  39. But was not widely used until after the Carolingian Renaissance. The Gregorian, calendar ,is the most widely used calendar in the world today. For decades, it has been
  40. Will occur, he can easily be referred to the visual calendar . Use of a visual, calendar ,can also be helpful in assisting the child to understand when regularly
  41. When a particular event will occur, he can easily be referred to the visual, calendar , Use of a visual calendar can also be helpful in assisting the child to
  42. Precursors to the launch of the crusades. From 2002 to July 2008 under Turkmen, calendar ,reform, the month of August was named after Alp Asian. The American Film
  43. Feast of Kamal (Perfection); First day of the eighth month of the Bahá'í, calendar , (Bahá'í Faith) *Liberation of Hail Selassie from slavery. (Rastafarian
  44. In many respects the city was effectively ‘ Macedonianized ’. Nomenclature,the, calendar ,and the currency (the gold stater, installed by Philip to capitalize on the
  45. Ten Calisthenic tribes, of the Boyle (there were ten months in the Hellenic, calendar ,). The epistases, an official selected by lot for a single day from among the
  46. Of the camp was recorded on the stone. Regular events *The Abensberger events, calendar ,begins in February with the Faschingsgillamoos carnival, which reaches its high
  47. Everything in the universe was created simultaneously by God, and not in seven, calendar ,days like a plain account of Genesis would require. He argued that the six-day
  48. Eastern Orthodox countries only began to adopt AD instead of the Byzantine, calendar ,in 1700 when Russia did so, with others adopting it in the 19th and 20th
  49. Holidays and observances *The first day of Thoth, the first day of the Egyptian, calendar , External links *http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/august/29 BBC
  50. Televised ceremony, most commonly in February or March following the relevant, calendar ,year, and six weeks after the announcement of the nominees. It is the

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