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  1. Were told who their spouse was to be. There were also marriages based on mutual, consent ,of both sexes. In some areas, when a daughter reached a marriageable age, her
  2. Attempts to have sexual activity with another person under the age of, consent ,* attempts or causes bodily injury to another person with a deadly weapon.
  3. Can show that he or she reasonably believed the victim was over the age of, consent , However, where such a defense is provided, it normally applies only when the
  4. Requests an abortion. Other jurisdictions may require that a woman obtain the, consent ,of the fetus' father before aborting the fetus, that abortion providers inform
  5. As Canada allow for close in age exemptions. In Canada the unfettered age of, consent ,is 16,but there are two close-in-age exemptions: minors 14-15 may have sex
  6. The mid-19th century, * Marriageable age — not all countries have an age of, consent , but a number of those jurisdictions (including Kuwait),it is a defense if
  7. Age of puberty for marriage to be between twelve and fourteen but acknowledged, consent ,to be meaningful if the children were older than seven. There were authorities
  8. Grant's promotion to commander of the Union Army. He obtained Congress's, consent ,to reinstate for Grant the rank of Lieutenant General, which no officer had
  9. Social (and the resulting legal) attitudes toward the appropriate age of, consent ,have drifted upwards in modern times. For example, while ages from 10 to 13
  10. No mention of an earlier Lydian king named Lattes. While the phrase age of, consent ,typically does not appear in legal statutes, when used in relation to sexual
  11. Test its suitability for Indian conditions. Lord Carbon, the Viceroy, gave his, consent ,to the event. 1910–1950 The 1930s saw the transformation from high-priced road
  12. When a person attempts to apply such force, or threatens to do so, without the, consent ,of the other person. An injury need not occur for an assault to be committed
  13. If the children were older than seven. There were authorities that said that, consent ,could take place earlier. Marriage would then be valid as long as neither of
  14. Outside the rules of the game is not legally recognized as a defense of, consent , In Scottish Law, consent is not a defense for assault. Arrest and other
  15. States The doctrine that no man can cast off his native allegiance without the, consent ,of his sovereign was early abandoned in the United States, and on July 27, 1868
  16. Misdemeanor to" ravish" a" maiden within age," whether with or without her, consent , The phrase" within age" was interpreted by jurist Sir Edward Coke as meaning
  17. The prior acts of the several states, to which the states gave their voluntary, consent , and until those obligations were fulfilled, neither nullification of the
  18. Have caused his property to be confiscated. A reduced sentence required the, consent ,of all four of the occupying powers, and the Soviets adamantly opposed any such
  19. Initiated a campaign in 1885 to petition legislators to raise the legal age of, consent ,to at least 16,with ultimate goal to raise the age to 18; the campaign was
  20. Such retention was done against subscribers' wishes, or without their, consent , Under the scheme, consumer service personnel received bonuses worth tens of
  21. From jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Traditionally, across the globe, the age of, consent ,for a sexual union was a matter for the family to decide, or a tribal custom.
  22. With the much younger Nathaniel Branden turned into a romantic affair, with the, consent ,of their spouses. Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957,was Rand's magnum opus.
  23. Most subtle and unscrupulous of Peter's servants. The return Alexei would only, consent ,to return on his father solemnly swearing, that if he came back he should not
  24. To the other person. * Close-in-age—while most legislation dealing with age of, consent ,sets a single age under which sexual relations are illegal, some jurisdictions
  25. Terms of natural rights, while limiting the state was based (for Locke) on a, consent ,theory. In the 19th century, classical liberals led the attack against statism.
  26. Countries, it is set at onset of puberty instead of a fixed age. The age of, consent ,varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Traditionally, across the globe, the
  27. To choose from. This process is accomplished through collaboration with and, consent ,of ecclesial representatives (see Ecclesiastical Commissioners). The monarch
  28. Any civil office, to which he has been appointed by and with the advice and, consent ,of the Senate ... shall be entitled to hold such office until a successor shall
  29. The marriage. It should be noted that Judges honored marriages based on mutual, consent ,at ages younger than seven, in spite of what Gratin had said; there are
  30. Consent is a complete defense to assault. In other jurisdictions, mutual, consent , is an incomplete defense, with the result that the misdemeanor is treated as a
  31. His only son, Albert Frederick was still a mere youth. The duke was forced to, consent ,to a condemnation of the teaching of Slander, and the climax came in 1566 when
  32. Two years later, seizing the person of the king, they compelled their rivals to, consent ,to the erection of a regency representative of both parties. On attaining his
  33. Is the minimum age at which a person is considered to be legally competent to, consent ,to sexual acts. The European Union calls it the legal age for sexual activities
  34. Still as any intentional physical contact with another person without their, consent ,; but in the majority of the United States and in England & Wales and all other
  35. Case being the Operation Spanner case. Legally recognized good reasons for, consent ,include; surgery, activities within the rules of a game (Mixed martial arts
  36. The campaign was successful: by 1920,almost all states had raised the age of, consent ,to 16-18. Social (and the resulting legal) attitudes toward the appropriate
  37. Of the game is not legally recognized as a defense of consent . In Scottish Law, consent ,is not a defense for assault. Arrest and other official acts Police officers
  38. A piece of literary work this is a signal that the creator of the work does not, consent ,to anyone to using it unless they agree not to copy it, hence if it is used
  39. Platform. Lincoln rejected the idea, saying," I will suffer death before I, consent ,... to any concession or compromise which looks like buying the privilege to
  40. Severe measures in preventing Agrippina from forming friendships, without his, consent , As a member of the imperial family, Agrippina was expected to display
  41. In some jurisdictions, including Brunei and India, it is an exception to age of, consent ,laws if the accused can show that he or she is legally married to the other
  42. Town, as Strabo has it, but was afterwards colonized by Salesians, with the, consent ,of Gyves, king of Lydia, around 700 BC. It was occupied by the Persians in 514
  43. Ensi by marrying the goddess Ivanna, legitimising the rulership through divine, consent , Initially, the monarchical legal (LU man, gal great) was subordinate to the
  44. Appear in legal statutes, when used in relation to sexual activity, the age of, consent ,is the minimum age at which a person is considered to be legally competent to
  45. Applied as his teaching assistant; instead, the couple were engaged, without, consent , of the family. They were married at King's Chapel on May 22, 1830; he was 30
  46. Assault" since it can be considered a double inchoate offense. In some states, consent ,is a complete defense to assault. In other jurisdictions, mutual consent is an
  47. Council, AD 1123. In the East abbots, if in priests' orders and with the, consent ,of the bishop, were,as we have seen, permitted by the second Nicene council
  48. Siege and blockade of Rome in 409,came to terms with the senate. With their, consent , he set up a rival emperor, the prefect of the city, a Greek named Prices
  49. Is provided, it normally applies only when the victim is close to the age of, consent ,or the accused can show due diligence in determining the age of the victim (e.
  50. Instead requires intentional touching and the absence of a reasonable belief in, consent , Scotland In Scots Law, assault is defined as an" attack upon the person of

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