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  1. Of the Karabakh clan" ) ## Aviation kerosene (supplying to Zvartnots, airport ,), held by Mikey Limited # Various basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar,wheat
  2. Intelligence arm Business * Aeropuertos y Services Auxiliary, Mexican, airport , operator * The International Civil Aviation Organization's code for Alaska
  3. Airport, an airport in Colombia, *St-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Water Aerodrome, airport ,in Canada. Stadiums *Alfonso López Puerto Stadium, football stadium in
  4. A municipality in El Salvador. Airports *Alfonso Pena International Airport,an, airport ,in Brazil. *Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport, also known as
  5. Transavia. Com, Martinair and Briefly. Schiphol was, in 2006,the third busiest, airport ,in the world measured by international passengers. Cycling Amsterdam is one of
  6. Are no direct scheduled flights to or from continental America or Europe the, airport ,can handle large narrow-body jets such as the Boeing 737 and Boeing 757.
  7. The airport to the metro system, and 2 express bus services connect the, airport ,to the port at Piraeus and the city center respectively. Eleftherios Denizens
  8. Turks, Bergen,Harbin, Saint Petersburg and. Transport Aarhus Airport, a local, airport ,of Aarhus, is located north-east of Aarhus, in Airstrip. The number of
  9. Assistance Force (ISAF). They are serving under German command protecting an, airport ,in Kunduz. Non-combat deaths The Armenian government’s stated efforts to
  10. International Airport, located in the north-east of the city, is the main, airport ,of Ankara. http://www.asti.com.tr/ Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal () is an
  11. Eastern Canada,15 major US centers, nine European airport s, one Asian, airport ,and four destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Edmonton's airport acts as
  12. Thessaloniki, Sofia,Belgrade, and Podgorica. The construction of a more modern, airport ,in Paprika started in 1934 and was completed by the end of 1935. This new
  13. Is located only seven kilometers (4.4 mi) from the Adelaide city center. The, airport ,is serviced by five international airlines in addition to domestic, regional
  14. Flight 801,a Boeing 747-300,crashes into the jungle on Guam on approach to, airport , killing 228. *2001 – Er wadi fire incident,28 mentally ill persons tied to
  15. There is an international airport in Ibadan. It is represented by the IATA, airport ,code ABD. Notable residents *Able Nathan (1927–2008),Israeli humanitarian
  16. Zealand). In March 2007,Adelaide Airport was rated the world's second best, airport ,in the 5–15 million passengers category at the Airports Council International (
  17. Aeroplanes, is being studied by the Catalan government as a possible future, airport ,for public aviation services. The nearest railway station is
  18. And the lives of prisoners in Andaman Islands. Infrastructure Airports The only, airport ,in the islands is VIR Bavaria Airport in Port Blair, which has scheduled
  19. Less than 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station. It is the biggest, airport ,in the Netherlands, the fifth largest in Europe, and the twelfth largest in the
  20. A Federal Standard 1037C terms *Kampala Airport, Mozambique,from its IATA, airport ,code *Aurora Public Library (Aurora, Ontario ), in Canada *Aurora Public
  21. Airport in Port Blair, which has scheduled services to Kolkata and Chennai. The, airport ,is under control of the Indian Navy. Daytime flying is allowed. Due to the
  22. Labor, fuel,airplanes, engines,spares and parts, IT services and networks, airport ,equipment, airport handling services, sales distribution, catering,training
  23. Aragon International Airport, also known as Palmate International Airport,an, airport ,in Colombia, *St-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Water Aerodrome, airport in Canada.
  24. Airport is the fourth and fifth busiest in Canada respectively. Calgary's, airport ,is a hub for Wester Airlines and a regional hub for Air Canada. Calgary's
  25. Where fifty to a hundred hippies greeted the Swami chanting Hare Krishna in the, airport ,lounge with flowers in hands. To further support and promote Bhaktivedanta
  26. Pacific Blue Airlines, QantasLink and Tiger Airways Australia. Adelaide, airport ,currently has direct flights servicing Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia ), Kuala
  27. Per hour, Of those 16,538,390 passengers,5,955,387 passed through the, airport ,for domestic flights, Railways,highways and ferry connections Athens is the
  28. Asian airport and four destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Edmonton's, airport ,acts as a hub for the Canadian north and has connections to all major Canadian
  29. Surrounding suburbs. * Houri Comedienne Airport is located from the city. The, airport ,serves domestics, many European cities, West Africa, the Middle East, Asia and
  30. Glass abridges and has the ability to cater for the Airbus A380. The, airport ,is designed to handle 27 aircraft simultaneously and is capable of processing
  31. In Paprika started in 1934 and was completed by the end of 1935. This is new, airport , which was later officially named" Airport of Tirana ", was constructed in
  32. 100-year history, once the costs include subsidies for aircraft development and, airport ,construction. One argument is that positive externalities, such as higher
  33. Of her support to India on the Kashmir issue. In November 2001 Kathmandu, airport ,went on high alert after threats that Bin Laden planned to hijack a plane from
  34. Residential areas to the west and northwest of downtown. Ames has a municipal, airport ,located southeast of the city. The current (and only) FBO is Hap's Air
  35. As of 2004,of which 31 had paved runways as of 2005. There is an international, airport ,at Luanda. International and domestic services are maintained by TAG Angola
  36. Which uses existing tracks on its last 70 km from Belgium to Cologne. The, airport ,that serves Aachen, Maastricht Aachen Airport, is located about 40 km away in
  37. Another term for Automated teller machine * Damage Innings Airport (IATA, airport ,code),in Queensland, Australia Apuleius (; sometimes called Lucius Apuleius;
  38. Is a hub for Wester Airlines and a regional hub for Air Canada. Calgary's, airport ,primarily serves the Canadian prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan and
  39. ACI) 2006 awards in Dubai. Par afield Airport,Adelaide's second, airport , located eighteen kilometers (11.2 mi) north of the CBD, is used for small
  40. Located in Barcelona, Toulouse,Perpignan, Reus, and Girona. The closest public, airport ,is Perpignan - Resales Airport, which is away and has short-haul services to
  41. Of the Year 2004" Award. An express bus service is provided, connecting the, airport ,to the metro system, and 2 express bus services connect the airport to the port
  42. And only) FBO is Hap's Air Service, a company which has been based at the, airport ,since 1975. The airport has four runways – 01/19,which is 5700x100 feet, and
  43. A pipeline from Magnum brought River Murray water to Adelaide in 1954 and an, airport ,opened at West Beach in 1955. An assisted migration scheme brought 215,000
  44. The town of Sparta, in the eastern Messoghia plain, some east of Athens. The, airport ,was awarded the" European Airport of the Year 2004" Award. An express bus
  45. The five hijackers, carrying knives and box cutters, had made it through the, airport ,security checkpoint. Flight 77 was scheduled to depart for Los Angeles at 08:10
  46. South-west of Aarhus. There have been plans for constructing a new, bigger, airport , for a long time, but so far, the plans have not been realized. Aarhus is served
  47. University of Technology, centered in Tehran. There is an international, airport ,in Ibadan. It is represented by the IATA airport code ABD. Notable residents
  48. Prior to its dissolution, Canadian Airlines was headquartered in Calgary by the, airport , Prior to its dissolution, Air Canada subsidiary Zip was headquartered in
  49. Prior to 4 July 2010 known as Wallace Airport). The primary runway at the, airport ,is in length and can accommodate moderate-sized aircraft. Services connect to
  50. S Air Service, a company which has been based at the airport since 1975. The, airport ,has four runways – 01/19,which is 5700x100 feet, and 13/31,which is 3492x100

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