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  1. Senses the changes taking place in Jean Grey, and returns to Earth to help and, resume ,leadership of the X-Men. Shortly thereafter he battles his pupil after she
  2. After making contact with the target, the lead hand is retracted quickly to, resume ,a guard position in front of the face. The jab is recognized as the most
  3. Is called personhood. The possession of brain activities, or capability to, resume ,brain activity, is a necessary condition to legal personhood in the United
  4. Following the death of Bucky Barnes in the Fear Itself miniseries, would, resume , his Captain America identity in a sixth volume of Captain America, by writer Ed
  5. Utah to obtain statehood, and that at some future date, the practice would soon, resume , Nevertheless, the 1890 Manifesto provided the church breathing room to obtain
  6. To international standards were promised at Carat when the decision to, resume ,production was announced. Natural hazards: occasionally severe earthquakes;
  7. Because of impending overflow, and Control-Q (ON," transmit on" ) to, resume ,sending, persists to this day in many systems as a manual output control
  8. 10, 1985. 21st century On July 5,2005,it was revealed that Coca-Cola would, resume ,operations in Iraq for the first time since the Arab League boycotted the
  9. Activities of the cell, which had been considerably slowed down during M phase, resume ,at a high rate. This phase is marked by synthesis of various enzymes that are
  10. Prohibit visits by US warships. Visits by US naval vessels were allowed to, resume ,by Henry's Government. 1990 — Cook Islands – France Maritime Delimitation
  11. Is not possible or not desired, the player may instead create a new PC to, resume ,playing the game. Adventures, campaigns,and modules A typical Dungeons &
  12. For the trend, which is expected to continue. In fact Armenia is expected to, resume ,its positive population growth by 2010. According to Birthright Armenia website
  13. Sworn into office. El Salvador is also the very last Latin American nation to, resume ,diplomatic relations with Cuba. Mexico Cuba had held good relations with Mexico
  14. Exists of Valderrama playing at club level. In the following sections we, resume ,his football career at club level. Union Magdalena: 1981-1984 Carlos Valderrama
  15. 28, 2005,Barry said in an interview with Editor and Publisher that he will not, resume ,his weekly column, although he would continue such features as his yearly gift
  16. The return address in a stack frame. Once the function returns, execution will, resume ,at the return address as specified by the attacker, usually a user input filled
  17. More likely explanations. And Boris never got support from his faculty to, resume ,his research. In 30 June 1991 the National Cold Fusion Institute closed after
  18. In February 1999 and integrated its operations on August 31, 1999,but did not, resume ,hub operations in San Jose. American discontinued most of Reno Air's routes
  19. When the season ended. The following season, the Cardinals were able to, resume ,operations because the Steelers merged with them in a team referred to as
  20. States that have abolished conscription therefore still reserve the power to, resume ,it during wartime or times of crisis. In the United States, conscription,also
  21. Little pollen and is dominated by fern spores. Normal pollen levels gradually, resume ,above the boundary layer. This is reminiscent of areas blighted by modern
  22. In 1990,he gathered radical members of the old M. N. L. F. who wanted to, resume ,armed struggle for an independent Islamic state and in 1991 established the Abu
  23. On one company's definition of a certain job. Certification stands about the, resume ,and the professional reference by being an impartial, third-party endorsement
  24. He goes first to Ireland with his mother, then to the European continent to, resume ,his former profession of gambler, though without his former success. He never
  25. Germinate and grow vegetative, then become dormant during winter. They, resume ,growing in the springtime and mature in late spring or early summer. This
  26. Perhaps calming his fears by a metaphorical interpretation, compelled him to, resume ,his instructions. He settled at Pegasus, where he numbered among his pupils
  27. Itself has been dated to 1624. Teaching In one legend, Bodhidharma refused to, resume ,teaching until his would-be student, Dazu Hooke, who had kept vigil for weeks
  28. Most of the company's ships were seized by Japan in 1941 and services did not, resume ,until 1946. Robert Dollar was a later shipping magnate, who became enormously
  29. Own 35-yard line. * Following a safety, the scoring team may choose for play to, resume ,in either of the above ways, or it may choose to kick off from its own 35-yard
  30. Approaches the caller and meets him or her to walk side by side. After it both, resume ,normal play. While it may seem like a break time or a dance, the Canada is
  31. In the late autumn of 1984 the United States and the Soviet Union did agree to, resume ,arms control talks in early 1985. The poor state of Chernenko's health made
  32. After all alveolar and interdental consonant, so that new, duke,Tuesday, resume ,are pronounced, * æ-tensing in environments that vary widely from accent to
  33. Within the squares as the cavalry approached, and to return to their guns and, resume ,fire as they retreated. Witnesses in the British infantry recorded as many as
  34. And rites were therefore banned. Only after the 1990s,did the ceremony, resume , As it is now considered a veneration of Chinese history and tradition, even
  35. In his heart. His surgery was doing so well that his doctors said that he could, resume ,his concert touring in November. He performed sold out shows at the Blue Note
  36. The revolts which had broken out in the desert, but when he returned to, resume ,control, he found his cousin too powerful to be superseded. He returned to the
  37. Laverne and roadie Hoagie, and frees the tentacles. Purple Tentacle escapes to, resume ,his quest to take over the world. Since Purple Tentacle's plans are flawless
  38. Walk with the ball, carry it, or to double dribble (to hold the ball and then, resume ,dribbling). Various violations are generally called" fouls ". Disruptive
  39. Retains its meaning but Control-Q is replaced by a second Control-S to, resume ,output. Code 127 is officially named" delete" but the Teletype label was "
  40. The motion of the trustee. Pursuant to the dismissal, creditors will typically, resume ,pursuit of state law remedies to the extent a debt remains unpaid. In Chapter
  41. Would become apparent later—a brand of cigarettes, ( Chesterfield). Camp would, resume ,visiting war amputees during the Korean War and Vietnam War. He toured Vietnam
  42. To stop business and work when it is time for the Friday prayer events but may, resume ,after the prayers, which normally last for 30 to 45 minutes. In Saudi Arabia
  43. In December 2006 Amway was one of the first companies to receive a license to, resume ,direct sales. However, the law forbids teachers, doctors,and civil servants
  44. Following a field goal, the non-scoring team may choose for play to, resume ,either with a kickoff as above, or by scrimmaging the ball from its own 35-yard
  45. Also created. This expansion prompted Bark Karma to demand that the Red Army, resume ,their offensives, in order to crush the Panther groups definitively. However
  46. The company filed Chapter 11 in 1970). Many stocks that are delisted quickly, resume ,listing as over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. In the overwhelming majority of
  47. Top 10 and 1Xtra's Best of the Week at 5am and 6am before daytime programs, resume ,on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra. Sunday evenings include a magazine show
  48. Measures to be taken by the offending Party before the Secretariat will, resume ,cooperation or recommend resumption of trade Bilateral sanctions have been
  49. The Communists issued an ultimatum in April 1949,warning that they would, resume ,their attacks if Li did not agree within five days. Li refused. Li's attempts
  50. Before the interrupt occurred is restored so that the interrupted process can, resume ,execution in its proper state. User and kernel mode switching When a transition

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