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  1. The beautiful statue. The god's tears then stained the quartz purple. Another, variation ,involves the titan Rhea presenting Dionysus with the amethyst stone to preserve
  2. Small country, Albania is distinguished for its rich biological diversity. The, variation ,of geomorphology, climate and terrain create favorable conditions for a number
  3. Or archaeological. Biological anthropologists are interested in both human, variation ,and in the possibility of human universals (behaviors, ideas or concepts
  4. As a chimeras creature that sees all times as one. His name is probably a, variation ,of Abraham. In Amsterdam, there is a coffee shop named" Abraham. " In the East
  5. Under pressure from the clock at the end of the first session of play, missed a, variation ,leading to an almost forced draw, and allowed Kasparov to adjourn the game with
  6. Increases, but less variation is possible. Sexual reproduction allows more, variation , but is more costly. Often there is no strict alternation between the
  7. November 2010,she became an American citizen. Influences on popular culture A, variation ,of a White Russian made with skim milk is known as an Anna Kournikova. Anna's
  8. Multiple such optical axes. Geology and Geophysics Seismic anisotropy is the, variation ,of seismic wave speed with direction. Seismic anisotropy is an indicator of long
  9. Retained many of the Aramaic letter forms. The Syriac script was a cursive, variation ,of Aramaic. It is unclear whether the Arabic ahead was derived from Batman or
  10. S military prowess. In modern Hungary and in Turkey" Attila" and its Turkish, variation ," Still" are commonly used as a male first name. In Hungary, several public
  11. The artist Georges Seurat, that employs dots that are spaced in a way to create, variation ,in color and depth in an attempt to paint images that were closer to the way
  12. This is typical of the newer classifications, though there is some slight, variation , and in particular the Torriceliaceae may be divided. Under this definition
  13. Relative to the capability of the agent. Minsky describes a more congenial, variation ,of Lambek's" abacus" model in his" Very Simple Bases for Computability ".
  14. From northern and southern Indiana have different styles. " Regional lexical, variation ,The most obvious regional difference is in local signs. For example, there are
  15. Of Burma. Much of Adelaide was bushland before British settlement, with some, variation ,– swamps and marshlands were prevalent around the coast. However, much of the
  16. Variable is partitioned into components attributable to different sources of, variation , In its simplest form ANOVA provides a statistical test of whether the
  17. For mental retardation has been reported as anywhere from 25 % to 70 %, a wide, variation ,illustrating the difficulty of assessing autistic intelligence. For ASD other
  18. Is advantageous in that it permits efficient population increases, but less, variation ,is possible. Sexual reproduction allows more variation , but is more costly.
  19. Darius' canal between the Nile and the Red Sea introduced considerable, variation ,in opinion. Under the Roman Empire, the Don River emptying into the Black Sea
  20. As the interviewee becomes more comfortable with the interviewer. This type of, variation ,is characteristic of the diglossia that exists throughout the Arabic-speaking
  21. To a nearby pine-tree. Marshal' blood turned into the river Marshal. Another, variation ,is that Apollo played his instrument (the lyre) upside down. Marshal could
  22. The wettest areas in Europe, receiving some rain annually. The seasonal, variation ,is not quite as great in the coastal area. The higher inland mountains receive
  23. A study of skull elements from the Cleveland Lloyd site found wide, variation ,between individuals, calling into question previous species-level distinctions
  24. Public-ness" <" multitude,public" ), and the Qaddafi-specific, variation ," people's republic" ( lit. " Masses-ness" <" the masses ", pl. Of, as
  25. Of fifths and uses single buttons for chords * The Belgian bass system is a, variation ,used in Belgian chromatic accordions. It is also arranged in a circle of fifths
  26. Km/s. This corresponds to a speed of around 0.05 c. There is surprisingly small, variation ,around this energy, due to the heavy dependence of the half-life of this
  27. Countries such as France is over 8 t/ha. Variations in yields are due mainly to, variation ,in climate, genetics,and the level of intensive farming techniques (use of
  28. Whatsoever. He proposed the either drag hypothesis to explain a lack of, variation ,in astronomical observations. His use of two plane mirrors of metal, forming
  29. Of nature, anthropology,and geography are another example of studying human, variation ,across space. Polo's travels took him across such a diverse human landscape
  30. And the committee expected it would be replaced by an accented À in the French, variation , so the @ was placed in position 0x40 next to the letter A. The control codes
  31. For by solar radiation and current theories of gravitation. The possible, variation ,in the gravitational constant based on radiometric measurements is of the order
  32. May be gathered and published as articles or monographs. Due to the interest in, variation , anthropologists are drawn to the study of human extremes, aberrations and
  33. Of analog signaling is that any system has noise – i.e., random unwanted, variation , As the signal is copied and re-copied, or transmitted over long distances
  34. The factor, partialling out (excluding) other factors from the total nonerror, variation ,". Partial eta squared is often higher than eta squared, : \text \eta^2 = \franc.
  35. And compositions of asteroids can be inferred from their light curves (their, variation ,in brightness as they rotate) and their spectral properties, and asteroid
  36. The projected shadow, which is shortest at noon, when pointing due south. The, variation ,in the tip’s position at noon indicates the solar time and the seasons; the
  37. Partial eta-squared): Partial eta-squared describes the" proportion of total, variation ,attributable to the factor, partialling out (excluding) other factors from
  38. Are Video Relay Service (VRS) calls, while others are text calls. In either, variation , communication assistants translate between the signed/typed words of a
  39. The three main algal Phyla, have life-cycles which show tremendous, variation ,with considerable complexity. In general there is an asexual phase where the
  40. From country to country and from region to region within a country. The, variation ,in individual" accents" of MSA speakers tends to mirror corresponding
  41. Inclusions) have a dominant alignment. This alignment leads to a directional, variation ,of elasticity wave speed. Measuring the effects of anisotropy in seismic data
  42. Modulation index It can be defined as the measure of extent of amplitude, variation ,about an modulated maximum carrier. As with other modulation indices, in AM
  43. As anthropologists increasingly also study Western subjects, particularly, variation , across class, region,or ethnicity within Western societies, and other social
  44. Particles. Most americium (III) halves form hexagonal crystals with slight, variation ,of the color and exact structure between the halogens. So, chloride (AmCl3)
  45. Responses on a numeric scale * Sensitivity analysis – the study of how the, variation ,in the output of a model depends on variation s in the inputs * Sequential
  46. To understand the processes of human communications, verbal and non-verbal, variation ,in language across time and space, the social uses of language, and the
  47. Axioms of set theory, they imply the axiom of choice and are implied by it. One, variation ,avoids the use of choice functions by, in effect, replacing each choice
  48. On the whole the best fitted live ... and considering the amount of individual, variation ,that my experience as a collector had shown me to exist, then it followed that
  49. Family with discussion of different kinds of variability including individual, variation , polymorphic forms, geographical races, variation influenced by local
  50. 1864: http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/38597 On the phenomena of, variation ,and geographical distribution as illustrated by the Papilionidae of the Malayan

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