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  1. In such a magnetic minimum (minimum-B) trap; in November 2010,the ALPHA, collaboration ,announced that they had so trapped 38 antihydrogen atoms for about a sixth of a
  2. Andersson produced her single" Peter Pan" in September 1969 – her first, collaboration ,with Benny & Bjorn, as they had written the song. Later Andersson produced
  3. On the citation platform, arming subscribers with powerful search tools and, collaboration , notification, and change-management functionality. *ANSI, in partnership with
  4. Fatso. The personal relationships and Andersson and Slaves' songwriting, collaboration ,has led quite naturally to the very close co-operation which the four friends
  5. All of which hit number 1 in 1966. Andersson also had a fruitful songwriting, collaboration ,with Lapse Berghain, with whom he composed his first Svensktoppen entry "
  6. The concept of a uniform space in general topology, as a by-product of his, collaboration ,with Nicolas Bourbaki (of which he was a Founding Father). His work on sheaf
  7. Government policy, as the content of the Platform is usually developed in close, collaboration ,with the party's parliamentary leadership as well as the factions. However
  8. On 22 July 2010,and brought with it both new programming content and a, collaboration ,of existing news and current affair productions and resources. The ABC launched
  9. Singers and founder of the Polar Music label. He saw potential in the, collaboration , and encouraged them to compose more. Both also began playing occasionally with
  10. Say ", eventually recorded by The Hep Stars. He also had a fruitful songwriting, collaboration ,with Lapse Berghain, with whom he wrote several songs and submitted" He
  11. War II, even directing the famous Resistance journal, Combat. On the French, collaboration ,with Nazi occupiers he wrote:" Now the only moral value is courage, which is
  12. That it is the result of a POD. The sequel clarifies this as the result of a, collaboration ,of Einstein and Planck in 1901,resulting in the theory of" rhea tics ". Henry
  13. Website maintained by Ryukyu University Digital Archives Research Center in, collaboration ,with Kurosawa Production. Anaheim University's Akira Kurosawa School of Film
  14. In almost all votes and making speeches that echoed the party line. Lincoln, in, collaboration , with abolitionist Congressman Joshua R. Giddings, wrote a bill to abolish
  15. Salazar leased bases in the Azores to the British, despite his previous, collaboration ,with Germany. The occupation of these facilities in October 1943 was code named
  16. Of a favorite writer of his, Georges Simenon, it was the director's first, collaboration ,with screenwriter Yugo Fukushima, who would later help to script eight other
  17. Surface of the planet is inhospitable. * The James Bluish and Normal L. Knight, collaboration ,A Torrent of Faces, set in the future where a trillion people inhabit the Earth
  18. And he helped transform Lerner into his protégé. Lerner and Loewe's first, collaboration ,was a musical adaptation of Barry Conners's farce The Patsy called Life of the
  19. Played' during any sprint/iteration. These tests are created ideally through, collaboration ,between business customers, business analysts, testers and developers, however
  20. Anywhere in the world. He wrote an essay against capital punishment in, collaboration ,with Arthur Koestler, the writer, intellectual and founder of the League
  21. The energy spacing between levels. This argument, which was made in 1913 in, collaboration ,with Otto Stern, was based on the thermodynamics of a diatomic molecule which
  22. Was led by Dr Jeff Peak all and Dr Daniel Parsons at the University of Leeds in, collaboration ,with the University of Southampton, Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada
  23. For the City of Adelaide was created to facilitate the state government's, collaboration ,with the Adelaide City Council and the Lord Mayor to improve Adelaide's image.
  24. And much of the visual style of Tarkovsky's films can be attributed to this, collaboration , Tchaikovsky would spend two days preparing for Yukon to film a single long take
  25. Tour around the world. Hopkins has also written music for the concert hall, in, collaboration , with Stephen Barton as orchestrator. These compositions include The Masque of
  26. But no evidence to indicate anything beyond friendship and professional, collaboration , Although Vivaldi's relationship with Anna Giro was questioned, he adamantly
  27. As a result of their participation in a communist resistance group and the, collaboration ,with the Axis occupation. The third group, about 10 percent of the population
  28. For Carnival in 1772 and premiered on 29 January. Here Salary returned to his, collaboration ,with the young Bothering who crafted an original plot. La fair would feature
  29. Other European territories. In 2008,Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, in, collaboration , with Universal Music Group Sweden AB, released SingStar ABBA on both
  30. With the opening of Front Side Bus (FSB) architecture as well as Geneses,a, collaboration ,project with IBM for coprocessors connected through PCI Express. * Various
  31. Furnace (RV 711) was presented. Some of his later operas were created in, collaboration ,with two of Italy's major writers of the time. L'Olympiad and Capone in Utica
  32. Checking, and grammar checking. Starting with version 2.8.0,Abi Word includes a, collaboration ,plugin that allows integration with Biolab. Net, a Web-based service that
  33. Were relocated to the downtown campus, and new programs, such as a biomedical, collaboration ,with the University of Arizona were established in downtown Phoenix. The
  34. Chile The President of the Republic exercises the administrative function, in, collaboration , with several Ministries or other authorities with ministerial rank. Each
  35. For building their metallic pyramid. *In Larry Given and Jerry Pournelle's, collaboration ,Oath of Fealty (1982),much of the action is set in and around To-dos Santos
  36. Worldwide. The album produced the hit singles:" Me Against the Music ",a, collaboration ,with Madonna;" Toxic"—which won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording;" Every time
  37. The Albany Congress in 1754 when Benjamin Franklin proposed an intercolonial, collaboration ,that resembled the Articles. Starting in 1775,the Second Continental Congress
  38. Next turned to Giambattista Cast as a librettist, a more successful set of, collaboration ,flowed from this pairing. In the meantime The Monte would begin work with
  39. Expo 2009,work. Com allows work users to upload documents for sharing and, collaboration , Culture Corporate Apple was one of several highly successful companies founded
  40. August 31, 1918 – June 14, 1986) was an American lyricist and librettist. In, collaboration ,with Frederick Loewe, he created some of the world's most popular and enduring
  41. In providing a Mac-only online portal which they called world, developed in, collaboration ,with America Online and designed as a Mac-friendly alternative to other online
  42. To be a realistic depiction of life. Vadim Yukon Tchaikovsky worked in close, collaboration ,with cinematographer Vadim Yukon, and much of the visual style of Tarkovsky's
  43. In 1764. From 1763 to 1767 he studied geology under Jean-Étienne Guitar. In, collaboration ,with Guitar, Lavoisier worked on a geological survey of Alsace-Lorraine in
  44. Included concepts such as archetypes, the collective unconscious and with the, collaboration ,of pioneer theoretical physicist (and Nobel laureate),Wolfgang Pauli
  45. Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHOLIC) and http://www.nasa.gov NASA, in, collaboration , with the Forest Department and the Land Information Center (LIC) of the
  46. That stellar matter would certainly be ionized, but that was the end of any, collaboration ,between the pair, who became famous for their lively debates. Eddington
  47. In 1995,the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) started the BOT USA Project in, collaboration ,with the Botswana Ministry of Health in order to generate information to
  48. A short list of candidates to choose from. This process is accomplished through, collaboration ,with and consent of ecclesial representatives (see Ecclesiastical
  49. To its product line. In December 2004,French company OK S. A., makers of 3D, collaboration , software,was acquired. This acquisition added 3D technology and expertise to
  50. Included many other well known people. In 2007,he continued his long term, collaboration ,with The Simpsons by voicing Russ Cargill, the main antagonist of The Simpsons

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