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  1. Upon returning to her hotel room at the original Antlers Hotel. The poem was, initially ,published two years later in The Congregationalist, to commemorate the Fourth
  2. Also discovered. In addition, all Newton devices have infrared connectivity, initially ,only the Sharp ASK protocol, but later also IRA, though the Sharp ASK protocol
  3. Significant controversy, regardless of how trivial a subject it might, initially ,appear. Personal life He married Maria NYS (10 September 1899 – 12 February
  4. On Charleston. Lincoln became despondent when none of these plans, at least, initially , succeeded. Hooker was routed by Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville in May
  5. Mass concentrations (" mass cons" ) on the orbit was found to be greater than, initially ,predicted; over the course of the twenty-hour mission, the orbit was
  6. Among them are Zorn's lemma and the well-ordering theorem. In fact, Zermelo, initially ,introduced the axiom of choice in order to formalize his proof of the
  7. Alongside the Bolsheviks in both February and October revolutions, and were, initially ,enthusiastic about the Bolshevik revolution. However, the Bolsheviks soon
  8. Tchaikovsky a position as assistant director for his film Clear Skies. Tchaikovsky, initially ,showed interest, but then decided to concentrate on his studies and his own
  9. Of the Soviet Russia in 1918,One publisher he sought during the war, who had, initially ,accepted Animal Farm, subsequently rejected his book after an official at the
  10. His countrymen for perceived" arrogant" behavior. It was in Japan that the (, initially ,) disparaging nickname" Kurosawa Tenn"—"The Emperor Kurosawa"—was coined. "
  11. Salt The enigmatic John Salt is the primary male hero of Atlas Shrugged. He, initially ,appears as an unnamed menial worker for Haggard Transcontinental, who often
  12. Years in residence in both Washington’D. C., where he and his family, initially ,resided for most of the year, and at Band Breach. Until the end of his life
  13. 1934 riots, anarchists divided over a united front policy. In Spain, the CNT, initially ,refused to join a popular front electoral alliance, and abstention by CNT
  14. Separation of curium and americium was so painstaking that those elements were, initially ,called by the Berkeley group as (from Latin for madness). Initial experiments
  15. The court system is divided into at least three levels: the trial court, which, initially , hears cases and reviews evidence and testimony to determine the facts of the
  16. Figurative language, comprehension and inference. As people are often sized up, initially ,from their basic language skills, these studies suggest that people speaking to
  17. A usurper to the Achaemenid throne, and set out to defeat him. This campaign, initially ,against Bess us, turned into a grand tour of Central Asia, with Alexander
  18. Wi-Fi and optional 3G service or synced through the user's computer. AT&T was, initially ,the sole US provider of 3G wireless access for the iPad. On March 2,2011
  19. In Hollywood and had a play produced on Broadway in 1935–1936. After two, initially ,unsuccessful early novels, she achieved fame with her 1943 novel The
  20. Workers killed as a result of the Haymarket affair. Although it had, initially ,been conceived as a once-off event, by the following year the celebration of
  21. North Carolina, Tennessee,Kentucky, Missouri,and Arkansas) listened to, but, initially , rejected,the secessionist appeal. President Buchanan and President-elect
  22. And questioning if she loves her child. While in Juno (2007) a 16-year-old, initially , goes to have an abortion but decides to bear the child and allow a wealthy
  23. The" House of Weller ". Aruba has been under Dutch administration since 1636, initially , under Peter Stuyvesant. Stuyvesant was on a special mission in Aruba in
  24. Long, these units would be used to clear bomb sites. As the war progressed, initially ,to great German success, Speer continued preliminary work on the Berlin and
  25. A watershed event for Apple's success and a" masterpiece ". The Macintosh, initially ,sold well, but follow-up sales were not strong due to its high price and
  26. River barges under the many new railroad bridges. As a riverboat man, Lincoln, initially , favored those interests but ultimately represented whoever hired him. His
  27. The Bell company lawyers successfully fought off myriad lawsuits generated, initially ,around the challenges by Elisha Gray and Amos Dollar. In personal
  28. Of Saint Petersburg University were ordered to observe their students. Markov, initially ,refused to accept this decree and wrote an explanation in which he declined to
  29. Famous series of static films including Kiss, Eat,and Sleep (for which Young, initially ,was commissioned to provide music). We Hussein cites filmmaker Jonas Mesas
  30. Both kinds of life, amphi meaning“ both” and bio meaning life. The term was, initially ,used for all kinds of combined natures. Eventually it was used to refer to
  31. Archive" (" Red Beard" ), played by Minute. Although he resists Red Beard, initially , Sumoto comes to admire his wisdom and courage, and to perceive the patients
  32. Imprisonment. While three of the eight judges (two Soviet and one American), initially , advocated the death penalty for Speer, the other judges did not, and a
  33. Successfully averted with Britain. Lincoln's foreign policy approach had been, initially ,hands off, due to his inexperience; he left most diplomacy appointments and
  34. And replaced with 'we '. It was published in England in 1938,but Rand, initially ,could not find an American publisher. As with We the Living,Rand's later
  35. Choice; however, a turbocharged 230 hp (169 kW) version remained. The engine, initially ,fitted to the 200 quarto 20V of 1991,was a derivative of the engine fitted to
  36. Aggressive enough to prevail in the Valley Campaigns of 1864. Sheridan was, initially ,repelled at the Battle of New Market by former U. S. Vice President and
  37. Many activities that had previously been run by the central city. The city had, initially ,been divided into 15 stadsdelen. 14 of those had their own council, chosen by a
  38. Collegiality despite the absence of universal legal ties. Some bishops were, initially ,reluctant to attend, fearing that the meeting would declare itself a council
  39. Church of England (which until the 20th century included the Church in Wales), initially , separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1538 in the reign of King Henry
  40. Or any other discipline at the time of their selection. Selection was, initially ,limited to military pilots. The earliest astronauts for both America and Russia
  41. Russians in 1867 for $7.2 million. Alaska was loosely governed by the military, initially , and was administered as a district starting in 1884,with a governor appointed
  42. Of view. Preparation required longer than the two hours scheduled. Armstrong, initially ,had some difficulties squeezing through the hatch with his Portable Life
  43. Scott as sole writer. Eight additional pages were added per issue. These were, initially ,published under the banner of" ", which runs through November 2011. Am or am
  44. Panacea; therefore, the two traditions may have had more in common than, initially ,appears. Black powder may have been an important invention of Chinese
  45. Was confiscated by the Bolsheviks, and the family fled to the Crimea, which was, initially ,under the control of the White Army during the Russian Civil War. She later
  46. Although the telephone appeared to be an" instant" success, it was not, initially ,a profitable venture and Bell's main sources of income were from lectures
  47. Which was designed to promote the brand National. This campaign was designed, initially ,for Australia, where " National" was still the primary brand used by
  48. E. Lee as the pre-eminent general of the Confederacy. Epitaph Johnston was, initially ,buried in New Orleans. In 1866,a joint resolution of the Texas Legislature was
  49. Eugenics influenced the neo-aristocratic philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, who, initially , considered Schopenhauer his mentor. Animal welfare As a consequence of his
  50. 242Cm (which had been discovered previously). The half-life of this decay was, initially ,determined at 17 hours, which was close to the presently accepted value of

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