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  1. Generalised or localized sensory ataxia (e.g. a limb only) depending on the, extent ,of the neuropathic involvement. Spinal disorders of various types may cause
  2. Of this instrument have not been discovered, casting some doubt over the, extent ,to which this instrument was used. Persian abacus During the Achaemenid Persian
  3. And history, though it is used in almost every academic field to some, extent , For example, per capita GDP gives an approximation of the arithmetic average
  4. But nothing makes the scene go any faster. " Some controversy exists about the, extent ,to which Kurosawa's films of the Second World War period could be considered
  5. Portugal also expanded its territory behind the colony of Benguela to some, extent , but until the 19th century the inroads from Luanda and Benguela were very
  6. The Spanish C. N. T. as a revolutionary organization was undoubtedly to a great, extent ,responsible for this situation. The largest and most militant of these
  7. Versus lateral separation for a constant current. The calculation shows the, extent ,to which scanning-tunneling-microscope images of an individual atom are visible
  8. Is counter-productive and prefer voluntary forms of economic secession to the, extent ,possible. History and influences Classical liberalism is
  9. Of both" emphatic" and" neighborhood" vary in ways that echo (to some, extent ,) corresponding variations in the spoken dialects. Generally, the consonants
  10. About this system. Modern mathematics formalizes its foundations to such an, extent ,that mathematical theories can be regarded as mathematical objects, and logic
  11. On its morality; beliefs on the responsibility, ethical scope, and proper, extent ,of governmental authorities in public policy; and on the rights and
  12. Further processing. At the anode, oxygen is formed:: 2 O2− → O2 + 4 ex To some, extent , the carbon anode is degraded by the oxygen. The anodes in a reduction cell
  13. Of the cerebellum and/or of the spine; most cases feature both to some, extent , and therefore present with overlapping cerebellar and sensory ataxia, even
  14. Was borrowed from Iranian, notably Middle Persian or Parthia, and to a lesser, extent , (Classical) Persian., and Hellenistic Greek (Kamila has as origin the Greek
  15. Arose over the subject of Huxley’s eyesight. It was, and to a noticeable, extent ,still is, widely held that, for most of his life, since the illness in his
  16. How far would I have gone? ... If I had occupied a different position, to what, extent ,would I have ordered atrocities if Hitler had told me to do so? " Speer leaves
  17. Are locally considered dialects or separate languages depends on a large, extent ,on political factors, which can change over time. Linguists are divided over
  18. There are signs of increasing investments, and power cuts are reduced to the, extent ,that Albania is now exporting energy. Albania and Croatia have discussed the
  19. In Canada, supported by the burgeoning petroleum industry and to a lesser, extent , agriculture and technology. The per capita GDP in 2007 was by far the highest
  20. South," we ourselves would become the executioners of our own slaves. To this, extent ,would the policy of our Northern enemies drive us; and thus would we not only
  21. Which can change over time. Linguists are divided over whether and to what, extent ,to incorporate such considerations when judging issues of language and dialect.
  22. Toward 7. About himself, Dawkins continues that" I am agnostic only to the, extent ,that I am agnostic about fairies at the bottom of the garden. " Dawkins also
  23. Knows he is Spider-Man, and in #259 (Dec. 1984),she reveals to Parker the, extent ,of her troubled childhood. Other notable issues of the DeFalco-Frenz era
  24. Training in their field. Slavery was known in Ancient Egypt, but the, extent ,and prevalence of its practice are unclear. The ancient Egyptians viewed men
  25. A flattened adobe roof, beams of wood or metal should be assembled and span the, extent ,of the building. The ends of the beams should then be fixed to the tops of the
  26. She wrote The Fountainhead, Rand had turned against Nietzsche's ideas, and the, extent ,of his influence on her even during her early years is disputed. Among the
  27. Then travelling across the rough terrain of the Greek mainland (and to some, extent ,the coastal areas of Anatolia). Many of the islands are volcanic, and marble
  28. Development. Later, African sculptures were taken up by Picasso and to some, extent ,by Matisse. Similarly, the west has had huge impacts on Eastern art in the 19th
  29. Of neurons can vary. It has recently been discovered that the location and, extent ,of a neuron's AIS can be altered by the neuron's level of activity and that
  30. Feelings. Artists express something so that their audience is aroused to some, extent , but they do not have to do so consciously. Art may be considered an
  31. River, refusing to march further east. This river thus marks the easternmost, extent ,of Alexander's conquests. Last years in Persia Discovering that many of his
  32. By Italians to be dialects of the same language. As in many similar cases,the, extent ,to which the Italian varieties are locally considered dialects or separate
  33. To those who disagreed with her. However, some former FBI students believe the, extent ,of these behaviors has been exaggerated, with the problem being concentrated
  34. g. In radio broadcasts, formal lectures, parliamentary discussions, and to some, extent ,between speakers of different colloquial varieties. Even when the literary
  35. Eating behavior occurs in about three-quarters of children with ASD, to the, extent ,that it was formerly a diagnostic indicator. Selectivity is the most common
  36. Bush air services—an Alaskan novelty. Anchorage itself, and to a lesser, extent ,Fairbanks, are served by many major airlines. Because of limited highway access
  37. 4.6 ppm. *Cesium has no biological role, but can replace potassium to some, extent ,in the body due to having similar chemical properties. Thus, caesium compounds
  38. Such as non-linearity and noise ultimately degrade analog resolution to such an, extent ,that the performance of digital systems may surpass it. Similarly, as digital
  39. Exhibits some differences from Bahraini Arabic. It is also spoken to a lesser, extent ,in Oman. * Central Asian Arabic, spoken in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and
  40. Force, as long as it is in the defense of persons or property. The permissible, extent ,of this defensive use of force is an arguable point among anarcho-capitalists.
  41. Tends to lose the level of accountability found in individual ownership to the, extent ,of the number of owners—or make such accountability proportionately more
  42. Member of the gang, persistently condescended to by Alex, but respected to some, extent ,by his druids for his formidable fighting abilities, his weapon of choice being
  43. An open question whether these three strands share a common origin, or to what, extent ,they influenced each other. Alchemy in Greco-Roman Egypt The origin of Western
  44. Future world in which totalitarian collectivism has triumphed to such an, extent ,that even the word 'I' has been forgotten and replaced with 'we '. It was
  45. Of the Roman emperors had themselves depicted as pharaohs, though not to the, extent ,that the Ptolemies had. The former lived outside Egypt and did not perform the
  46. Had shown that general relativity incorporates Mach's principle to a certain, extent ,in frame dragging by gravitomagnetic fields, but he knew that Mach's idea
  47. Syndrome tend to perform better cognitively than those with autism,the, extent ,of the overlap between Asperger syndrome, HFA, and non-syndromal autism is
  48. Credited with being the first computer programmer Some biographers debate the, extent ,of her original contributions. Dorothy Stein, author of Ada: A Life and a
  49. Consonants and triggering the back allophone in all nearby low vowels. The, extent ,of emphasis spreading varies. For example, in Moroccan Arabic, it spreads as
  50. 48 states. This has changed for the most part in Anchorage and to a lesser, extent ,in Fairbanks, where the cost of living has dropped somewhat in the past five

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